5 Best Tesla Model 3 Jack Pad Adapters to Protect Your Expensive Battery

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 03/24/21 •  12 min read

Did you know that damage caused by lifting your Model 3 incorrectly isn’t covered under warranty?


Reason being ignorant shops have damaged many Teslas by lifting them via the side rails — or worse, the battery.

For you to avoid unfortunate damage during tire rotations or whenever your car is lifted,

I spent more than 20 hours researching the best Tesla Model 3 jack adapters available.

Surprisingly, I found some owners questioning if jack pad adapters are even worth it.

I’ll answer this question briefly below before getting into my top picks and the questions I wish I’d known before making a decision.

Are Jack Pad Adapters Worth It? These Model 3 Owners Said…

Why doesn’t Tesla use these if they are so important is my main question


Indeed a valid question; if jack pads were that necessary, Tesla would’ve used them too.

The simple answer is that they’re not necessary; you may jack up your Tesla just fine without using them.

But what if you or your mechanic from a repair shop mistakenly ends up damaging your $30,000+ battery just because he jacked up at the wrong location?

Sounds NOT awesome, right? That’s why I say jack pads are necessary and a worthwhile investment.

The jack pads/pucks are optional but they make placement of a jack and contact patch loading pretty much fool proof through all stages of the lift. The consequences of it going wrong on a £15k battery pack is pretty eye watering.

We have had need for our car to be jacked up by non Tesla personnel on three occasions and our jack pads have paid for themselves in peace of mind alone several times over.


By employing jack pads, anyone who is lifting the vehicle will have a very distinct and specified contact point for the jack, reducing the chances of the vehicle being mistakenly lifted from the battery.

Another advantage of using jack pads is that they provide a more solid lifting point and lessen the likelihood of the jack falling out, which can help prevent damage to the paintwork, especially on the side skirts.

Metallic vs. Plastic Pads: What Are the Benefits?

Metallic jack pads are seen as longer-lasting choices.

While this is true, plastic jack pads should also last years — usually outlasting your Model 3 ownership — and most people find them good enough for what they need.

Plastic, and in particular rubber, brings the benefit of added friction, avoiding slippage and reducing the risk of battery or paint damage.

Metal, on the other hand, is more expensive and heavier and, due to its own weight, may struggle to stay inside the jacking point without a force being applied.

To counter this, however, most metallic jack pads are made of lightweight aluminum,

and one ingenious product even includes a magnet to hold the pad in place.

Ultimately, material choice is a personal preference. Both materials will get the job done in a safe and reliable manner.

Tip: Every Tesla model shares the same jacking point dimensions. Model 3 jack pads below should fit the Model S, X, and Y.

As the Model Y has a different manufacturing process, some customers find it tends to have a slightly looser fit.

Best Tesla Model 3 Jack Pad Adapter Overall: Teslapucks

As a brand that emerged to create jack pucks for Teslas, it’s no surprise they’re the most popular choice among the pack.

If you’re looking for a practical, affordable choice to protect your car whenever it’s lifted, look no further than these pads.

The pads have a rubberized coating to prevent metal damage, and they were invented by a Tesla owner in a quest to protect his own vehicle.

Unfortunately, some customers complain about a disgusting tire smell, though.

Solution? Let these pads be in the sun for a few days to reduce this stinky annoyance.

According to one particular review, these do seem to fall loose on the Model Y as I warned earlier in the article.

They fit the Model 3, Model S, and Model X vehicles perfectly, though.



✅ Most reviewed product in its category
✅ Very affordable for a four-unit package
✅ Hard vulcanized rubber protects battery and paint
✅ Includes mesh storage bag


❌ Potentially disgusting tire smell

Runner-Up Model 3 Jack Pads: BASENOR

Although less popular than Teslapucks, BASENOR offers a no-compromises jack pad set at an even more affordable price tag.

If you’ve spent more than 20 minutes looking for Tesla accessories on Amazon, you’re probably familiar with this brand’s quality.

The jack pad’s fit is so precise that a customer accidentally drove around, forgetting to remove the pads from his Model 3’s underbody…

They stayed in place through bumps and sharp corners!

Customers are amazed by the fast shipping and responsive customer service as well, which is a differentiator.

The tire smell issue isn’t as prominently mentioned on this product. Whether it’s due to fewer reviews overall remains a question.

Overall, this is a must-have accessory for DIYers or non-DIYers alike.

Although not all shops are ignorant on the subject (some even refuse to work on Teslas without pads), not all will have a set available at all times to protect your vehicle.

Take matters into your own hands. Order a pack and keep them in your frunk for when shops need it.



✅ Established Tesla accessories brand
✅ Very affordable for a four-unit package
✅ Rubber protects battery and paint


❌ No storage bag included
❌ Potentially disgusting tire smell
❌ May not hold on to the chassis

Premium Tesla Model 3 Jack Pad Adapter: Reverse Logic

tesla model 3 jack pad adapter

This Tesla Model 3 jack pad adapter set isn’t cheap, but it justifies its higher price tag with three characteristics:

  1. Its unique, low-profile design allows for taller jacks to lift your vehicle.
  2. Its silicone O-ring and low-density polyethylene washers offer superior protection compared with traditional rubber or aluminum.
  3. Its magnetic top firmly attaches the jack pad adapter to the chassis regardless of whether a force is being applied.

The magnet, in particular, is an interesting feature not seen in other products, and it makes an audible click when it’s properly inserted, making for a smooth user experience.

Unlike O-rings, the magnet ensures the product continues to function even if the jacking point deteriorates.

You’re paying for these benefits, though, as the product demands a premium. It isn’t available on Amazon for Prime customers to take advantage of, so you’ll have to get it via eBay or directly from their website.

Aside from its four-pack, the jack pads come available in a two-unit package.

If you rarely need more than two lifting pads, the two-unit variant may be what you’re looking for.



✅ Magnetic top to attach to chassis
✅ Low-profile design for taller jacks
✅ Silicone O-ring
✅ LDPE washers for superior protection compared with rubber
✅ US-made


❌ Expensive
❌ Not available on Amazon
❌ Two-unit package includes no storage bag

Budget Aluminum Jack Pads for Model 3: Yuangang

With four different colors, these jack pads bring the ideal trifecta:

A metallic core, rubber liners for additional protection, and a reasonable price.

Although one particular customer said the O-ring split prematurely, most customers are happy with the product as proven by its perfect, five-star Amazon rating.

It has many Model Y owners raving about its fit too.

If you own a Model Y and are looking for quality jack pads with a great fit, these may be your safest best.

They fit the rest of the Tesla lineup as well, of course.

The high-quality bag to keep your pads organized is also a big plus many customers appreciate.



✅ Interesting color options (black, silver, blue, or red)
✅ Perfect, five-star rating
✅ Made of lightweight, durable aluminum
✅ Loving bag to keep pads organized


❌ O-ring may split prematurely

Tesla Model 3 Jack Pad Adapter on a Budget: CPROSP

Although these jack pads still do what they’re supposed to — and do so at the lowest price possible — some customers claim the product is “too soft,” doesn’t stay in place, and shares the peculiar odor of competitors customers complained about.

For the practical man or woman who wants to spend as little money as possible, this one is worth a look.

Despite being the cheapest, however, I wouldn’t say it offers the best value. For a few extra dollars, you could get one of the higher-quality Tesla Model 3 jack pad adapter sets listed above.



✅ One of the most affordable options available
✅ Works as intended
✅ Good fit (measurements picture included for consumers’ peace of mind)


❌ May get squashed easily
❌ Questionable durability
❌ No storage bag included

How to Select the Best Jack Pad Adapters for Model 3

When each product seems like the perfect choice, it can become overwhelming to at last pull the trigger. 

Having that in mind, let me walk you through a brief Model 3 jack pad adapter buying guide. We’ll address some important factors that can influence your ultimate decision.

Your Usage

If you think you’ll have to use your jack pad adapters frequently because you drive a lot, it’d be best to go for the high-quality or, in other words, the expensive ones.

On the other hand (most Model 3 owners will fall in this category,) if you’ll rarely have to use them, there is no point in spending a lot of bucks. Just buy some regular ones that can come in handy at the time of emergency.

Lock-in Mechanism

Most good-quality jack pad adapters will feature a lock-in mechanism that will employ either a magnet or an o-ring. 

This lock-in mechanism will make sure that the jack never slips while lifting the car and damages the car.

Weight and Color 

This might come as a surprise to you, but different jack pad adapters differ significantly in weight.

You’d want to prefer the lighter ones as per the experiences of the community, heavier jack pad adapters sometimes slip from place even with the lock-in mechanism.

The reason for including color too as a consideration is that sometimes mechanics from repair shops or even you might forget to remove it from the vehicle.

This can damage the body of your car as the jack pad will fall off once you hit that pedal a bit aggressively.

A bright-colored jack pad adapter will catch your eye, and you’ll never leave it on the car.

Low-Profile vs. High Profile

Before buying a jack pad adapter, first check the clearance that your jack offers. If not enough clearance is left between the jack and the car, you’ll want to go with a low-profile jack pad adapter.

Otherwise, go with the high-profile one.

How Do You Jack Up a Model 3?

The official jacking procedure can be found on the Model 3 Owner’s Manual:

tesla model 3 jack pad adapter

Follow the steps below to lift Model 3. Ensure that any non-Tesla repair facility is aware of these lifting points.

1. Position Model 3 centrally between the lift posts.

2. Position the lift arm pads under the designated body lift points at the locations shown.

WARNING: DO NOT position the lift arm pads under the Battery or side rails, as shown in red.

3. Adjust the height and position of the lift arm pads to ensure that they are correctly located.

4. With assistance, raise the lift to the desired height, ensuring the lift arm pads remain in their correct positions.

5. Engage any lift safety locks. Follow the lift manufacturer’s instructions.

Source: Model 3 Owner’s Manual, 2020.44

Remember to place your brand-new jack adapters on the jacking point before lifting your vehicle as you would any other.

Here’s a visual example if words and images aren’t clear enough:

Process starts @ 2:02. Watch from the beginning to see the entire setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a regular jack fit under a jack pad?

Yes, in most circumstances, regular jacks will work with most jack pads or jack adapters. The Tesla Model 3 has a ground clearance of about 4.5 inches (115 mm) with a jack pad installed, so if you use a hydraulic trolley, there won’t be any problem.

But if you employ a bottle or scissor jack, you might have to consider the profile of your chosen jack pad adapters again.

How do you get a Tesla Model 3 into Jack Mode?

Unlike the Model X and S vehicles that have an air suspension, the Model 3 has no air suspension system nor “Jack Mode” available.

Does the Tesla Model 3 come with a jack?

No. Passenger vehicles rarely include a jack as a standard feature.

How long do Tesla Model 3 tires last?

Under normal circumstances, the Model 3’s factory tires are expected to last 40,000 miles.

Tesla’s Model 3 Owner’s Manual recommends tire rotations every 6,250 miles to even out wear between all four tires.

Can Costco change Tesla tires?

Yes, just make sure they have a set of jack pad adapters like the ones described above.

Some Costco facilities may refuse to work on your Tesla if they don’t have a way to do the job while protecting your car’s chassis and battery.

Our Tesla Model 3 Jack Pad Adapter of Choice

To lift your vehicle and ensure non-Tesla repair shops protect your expensive battery, order a set of Teslapucks.

As cheesy as the brand name sounds, and although an inexpensive product, I was impressed by its build quality.

Hundreds of people can’t be wrong about the product: it works like a charm — and for a deal of a price.

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