Best All-Weather Tesla Model 3 Car Covers in 2022 (Buying Guide)

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 01/06/22 •  10 min read

To keep your car looking shiny and new at all times, it must be kept free of dirt, dust, leaves, and—don’t you forget—bird gifts. 💩

For this purpose, a reasonably priced Tesla Model 3 car cover that protects your car indoor and outdoor is warranted.

Below are some of the best options available today, depending on your use case and budget.

What to Look for in a Tesla Model 3 Car Cover

Many factors will influence your final choice when selecting the car cover that fits your needs:

Car cover protection type

Is your car regularly parked outside or in a garage?

Do you live in a hot area, or is your area more prone to rain or snow?

No car cover will protect your vehicle from every environmental condition.

Despite many “waterproof” product claims, all affordable models have customers reporting some degree of water leakage.

For polyester-made exterior layers (like Farasla’s cover), the material isn’t truly 100% waterproof.

It is just protective enough for modest rain or snow but can’t be completely submerged underwater or exposed to strong weather conditions for long periods of time.

As such, a small number of customers report finding their cars wet despite being covered.

For cotton exterior layers and thin fabric materials (like ROCCS’s cover), water leakage is even more of a recurring complaint.

A thin fabric Model 3 car cover is ideal for dry conditions only.

Truly waterproof alternatives that offer the most protection come at a higher cost with thicker material and treated surfaces (like the one found in Covercraft’s).

Also, all car covers will protect against exterior scratches.

But be careful: Without a sufficiently soft interior material, tiny particles from dirt may cause paint scratches under modest winds.

Lastly, sun/heat, dust, and wind protection can be achieved with all the options recommended unless otherwise stated.

Dings and hail protection are out of the question as no conventional car cover will protect your vehicle from such damage.

Machine washable and dryable

Being able to wash and dry your car cover at home is underrated.

Remember you’re protecting your car from dirt. Naturally, the cover will need to be washed often with frequent use.

If washing your car cover becomes a hassle, it defeats its purpose (you’re better off washing your car periodically).

Unfortunately, very few brands disclose this aspect of their product.

Comments suggest most car covers cannot be machine dried, and some can’t even be machine washed.

As a rule of thumb, the lower the durability, the lower the chances of the product being washable and dryable.

This is because the chemicals and the movement the cover goes through naturally accelerate their deterioration.

A quality product may outlast your car ownership, while cheaper alternatives have a life span of several months under daily use.

Best Tesla Model 3 Car Cover Overall: Farasla All-Weather

Farasla’s cover earns the “best overall” spot for a reason: It’s made with the Model 3’s peculiarities in mind.

With a soft interior layer, this cover is less prone to paint scratches.

(Under modest winds—along with particles you may not see and Tesla’s paint quality issues—scratches are surprisingly common.)

This cover comes with a charging port opening and a vent for the battery cooling fan (options not available in universal covers).

And with a custom-made design, customers feel the covers “fit like a glove” on their Model 3.

However, precisely due to its snug fit, this cover lacks leeway to fit vehicles with roof racks or bulky exterior aftermarket products.

(It does appear to fit factory-style spoilers up to 2″ tall, so Model 3 Performance owners should be safe.)

At half the cost, this product reportedly has a similar quality to Tesla’s car cover, according to customers.

The only customer complaints we found were a “dirty cover” and a “bag full of mold.”

Make sure to validate the product’s cleanliness before using it and consider taking it to a Laundromat or commercial washing machine to wash it thoroughly the first time around.


Fits: All Model 3 years and trims, except cars with bulky racks or aftermarket products.
Model Y cover also available.

✅ Perfect fit

✅ Soft interior layer less prone to paint scratches

✅ Comes with charging port opening and ventilation for battery cooling


Ideal for: Indoor or dry outdoor use

❌ So precise that exterior accessories (e.g., racks and spoilers) may prevent fit

❌ Bag and cover may come dirty or with mold

❌ Not 100% waterproof despite being advertised as such

Runner-Up Tesla Model 3 Car Cover: ROCCS

Some users find covers with charging port access but no door access impractical.

This is because they believe they have to open the door to unplug their car.

Although Tesla has alternatives to remove the plug (holding the charging cable button, pressing the rear door handle slightly, or clicking the trunk button above the license plate), this car cover is the only product discussed with both door and charging port access. Most options have one or the other.

With its affordable price tag, it will certainly appeal to a lot of people, especially those who plan to use a cover every now and then and, as such, aren’t looking for the most durable alternative.

As discussed, the water resistance of products like this is debatable. Many users report leakage (possibly due to strong rain or cover deterioration).

Whatever the reason, if rain is your concern, this isn’t the product for you.

Lastly, the mechanism that prevents wind from lifting your car cover isn’t user-friendly according to many customers.

Expect a learning curve the first time you use this product.


Fits: All Model 3 years and trims

✅ Comes with a charging port opening and ventilation for battery cooling

✅ Only option with both charging and door access

✅ Affordable


Ideal for: Dry outdoor use

❌ Not 100% waterproof despite being advertised as such

❌ Complex mechanism to prevent lifting

❌ May not be as durable

❌ May cause paint scratches

As the #1 best-selling brand, Kayme offers universal car covers in different shapes and sizes at reasonable prices.

Due to its universal design, the fit, although great, won’t be perfect.

This is a plus for Model 3 owners with roof racks and other aftermarket products (e.g., side skirts, front lip spoilers) as many customers report successfully covering their vehicle with such add-ons.

Reviews suggest Kayme’s A2 size fits the Model 3 well, and the A5 size fits the Model Y.

Enough convincing evidence of fit with other Tesla models wasn’t found.

(Kayme’s size chart suggests A3 may fit the Model S, but customers report that the cover isn’t wide enough.)

Although there is no available mesh for cooling the battery or port opening for charging (only a zipper for door access), it’s hard not to mention a product with a reasonable price tag and 6,000+ ratings (4.3-star average).


Fits: Sedans 186″ to 193″ long.
A5 size available for Model Y.

✅ Very affordable

✅ Established brand with thousands of positive reviews

✅ Cotton interior layer less prone to paint scratches

✅ Leeway for exterior aftermarket products


Ideal for: Dry outdoor use

❌ Not 100% waterproof despite being advertised as such

❌ No charging port or mesh for battery cooling

❌May not be as durable

❌ May cause paint scratches

Best Tesla Model 3 Car Cover on a Budget: BougeRV All-Weather

If rain isn’t an issue and you want to avoid paint scratches, this fabric-made car cover is a great alternative.

BougeRV, like many brands, falls short of expectation with its “waterproof” claims as many users complain that this cover may not even deserve a “water-resistant” title.

But as all three layers of material are soft, the likelihood of scratches is slim to none.

(There are still a rather tiny number of customers reporting scratches made by the cover’s plastic buckle under windy conditions.)

Tesla Model 3 car cover next to another tesla.
Tesla Model 3 covered. Credit to Fernand.

You get what you pay for, though. Many customers report short durability (as low as 3-6 months under regular use).

And despite including an anti-lifting device, the cover may fall off easily.

For the reasons above, this car cover is ideal for short-term or infrequent use and for dry regions with light winds.

Despite this, with openings for battery cooling and charging, an affordable price tag, and a one-year warranty, BougeRV takes the spot for the best budget Tesla Model 3 car cover.


Fits: All Model 3 years and trims

✅ Affordable

✅ Comes with charging port opening and ventilation for battery cooling

✅ 1-year warranty

✅ Made 100% of soft layers to avoid paint scratches


Ideal for: Indoor or dry outdoor applications (with light winds)

❌ Not waterproof at all

❌ Weak anti-lifting device

❌ Not as durable

Highest-Quality Waterproof Tesla Model 3 Cover: Covercraft WeatherShield HP

Tesla Model 3 Car Cover from Established Brand  Covercraft.
Model 3 covered with Covercraft’s product. Credit to akira3d.

Founded in 1965, Covercraft is a car cover brand with a long-standing record of quality.

Backing their products with four- or six-year warranties, they take pride in having the most durable Tesla Model 3 car cover on the market.

Its thicker and treated material provides the best protection against weather conditions, and with the average car ownership length close to the five-year mark, this cover may outlast your Model 3 ownership.

Forum discussions second the brand above all others (including Tesla itself) and confirm three to five years of regular use without issues.

This cover isn’t affordable, though. Quality comes at a price.

Of all options, this cover is the only one with many customers validating it can be machine washed and dried.

Combine that with its multi-year durability and its remarkable word of mouth, it isn’t hard to see why Covercraft is the way to go for long-term, frequent, and all-weather use.

For maximum protection, consider adding the charging cutouts option so you can keep your Model 3 protected while it’s being charged.


Fits: All Model 3 years and trims. Products available for many models.

✅ Most durable

✅ 4- to 6-year warranty

✅ Easily machine washable and dryable

✅ Established brand with a long-standing record of quality


Ideal for: Indoor and outdoor use

❌ Most expensive

❌ No side door access

Notable Mention: Model 3 Outdoor Car Cover by Tesla™

Typically, as the original manufacturer, Tesla-made accessories earn a spot in our buying guides.

In this case, it didn’t.

With alternatives that seem to do the same thing at half the cost and premium options that have proven to be easier to wash and extremely durable, there are only two rational reasons to purchase Tesla’s car cover:

  1. To continue supporting the company and its mission
  2. To make Tesla’s logo visible even when your car is covered

Best Car Cover for Tesla Model 3? Here’s Our Choice:

For indoor use and if you have no exterior aftermarket products and don’t intend to install any, Farasla offers the best value.

For outdoor use on a regular basis, I’d second Covercraft.

It’s hard to argue against a company that has been around for 55+ years and backs their product with a four- to six-year warranty.

We were impressed by their website’s buyer experience and the remarkable word of mouth they’ve earned in the Tesla community.

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