Best Tesla Model 3 RHD Mats (Buying Guide for UK, AUS, & NZ)

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 07/02/22 •  14 min read

Sooner or later, you notice that everyone online is talking about left-hand drive floor mats.

In researching the topic, I found ZERO articles outlining the best RHD floor mats for your Model 3. So I knew I had to do something about it.

I will be covering the best ones for the continent of Jeremy Clarkson — who said 

Americans drive on the wrong side of the road. 

I’m a huge fan, by the way.

I’ll also be sharing the best ones for the Australian region so you won’t have to worry about the shipping costs and the additional waiting time to have them delivered. 

If you happen to be in New Zealand, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered as well.

What to Look For in a Floor Mat for the Tesla Model 3

The carpet mats that come with the Model 3 are not that great when it comes to being weatherproof.

On top of that, they get dirty pretty easily — and can’t be cleaned pretty easily. 

To make things “easier,” Tesla sells all-weather floor mats separately. 

Tesla all-weather floor liners are somewhat expensive, and there are not many options to choose from. In fact, there’s only one option to choose from. 

Its overall aesthetics are not that great, and its design makes it hard to wipe off the dirt that gets stuck in the crevices. 

This is when I activate my Sherlock mode to find you the best floor mats at the best price. 

I looked at dozens of aftermarket RHD all-weather floor mats for Tesla Model 3 and selected the best ones based on the following criteria: 

✅ Quality
✅ Price
✅ Weight (effect on the range)
✅ Durability
✅ Aesthetics

I did consider the BougeRV all-weather floor mats as they were one of the first aftermarket all-weather floor mats. 

However, they didn’t make it to the list as the price couldn’t be justified in my books. 

Their looks were also quite tacky, to be honest. The groves were quite weird — even though shaped like the Tesla logo. 

Tesla OEM Model 3 RHD Mats for the UK

You can buy floor mats for your Model 3 from Tesla, and you have two options. 

Either go for the carpet mats, similar to the ones that came with your Model 3 from the factory, or go with the all-weather floor mats, which you have to buy separately. 

Selling stuff separately used to be an Apple thing, but what do I know, I’m not a billionaire. 

The simple carpet ones are not really worth it, unless yours are torn apart and you would want an OEM replacement.

For better protection, all-weather mats are your best option.

They are lightweight and offer perfect fitment to your Model 3. 

When it comes to being spillproof, these Tesla all-weather floor mats do a great job. 

Then there is the logo itself — you get a Tesla logo for spending a lot of £££.

However, there is a slight hitch when it comes to cleaning them as the dirt and debris can get stuck in the grooves, and you have to take the mats out to clear the dirt with a hose. 

The price point for these Tesla mats is a major drawback, as many other aftermarket floor mats offer the same quality, if not better, at a lower price. 


✅ Great fitment
✅ Lightweight
✅ Spillproof
✅ Weatherproof


❌ Expensive
❌ Not easy to wipe the dirt 

Overall Best Tesla Model 3 RHD Mats for the UK: TAPTES

When it comes to overall best, TAPTES all-weather floor mats take the lead. 

They offer great quality and fitment at a very reasonable price.

One of their pros is that they have no tacky logo and they look pretty decent — close to the OEM look.

The material is quite flexible without any grooves, making it much easier to clean compared with the factory ones. 

It’s made of top-quality odourless (TPR+XPE) rubber integrated into a three-layer configuration with some other compounds to make the final product more durable. 

The material used is pet-friendly, so you can leave your pets in your vehicle without worry. 

When it comes to warranty, you get a one-year warranty from the seller, which makes it an even better deal.

Its weather protection is also very good. 

However, in extreme winters, it might not cope that well. You might see discolouration after it takes a lot of beating from the snow. 

The anti-slip material on the back of the mats keeps it well tucked; you won’t have to keep on adjusting them. They will fit like a glove. 

Their biggest plus is that you get the premium look and quality for half the price. 

The biggest challenge, however, is that they run out of stock all the time. 


✅ Premium look
✅ Inexpensive
✅ Great fitment
✅ No tacky logo
✅ Solid one-year warranty
✅ Pet-friendly & flexible material
✅ Odourless
✅ Three layers of protection
✅ No slippage 


❌ Not suitable for extreme winters
❌ Runs out of stock often

Overall Best Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats for Australia: X-Car All-Weather Rubber Mats

So what happens when you order a random all-weather floor mat for your Tesla Model 3 in Australia? 

Well, it won’t fit well in your footwell. 

It’s because most floor mats are meant for the LHD (left-hand-drive) Model 3.

Even if you buy one of the expensive ones, the fitment on the driver’s side would be terrible. 

This is why I have taken the liberty of finding you the best all-weather RHD floor mats for your Model 3 in Australia. 

After doing my research, I wanted to put the 3D MAXpider Kagu floor mats on the list, but the ones being sold in Australia have a fitment issue. 

Spending hundreds on something that doesn’t fit is not very smart, which is why I had to think again.

The only product that fits well turns out to be one of the most inexpensive, X-CAR, and the cherry on top is that it offers free shipping within Australia since the retailer is based in Melbourne.

The product itself is quite unique, with a patented bottom to make it stick to the carpet underneath so it won’t go all over the place. 

It’s made of a three-layer material, which gives you the protection you need while being flexible.

The looks, however, are a bit bland. The groove pattern could have been better, but you can’t ask for everything in something that is this cheap. 

The good thing about the texture is that it looks like carbon fiber, which makes up for the weird groove pattern. 

The major downside of these X-CAR mats is the coverage. 

The area on the sides of the footwell is not covered completely — and that is an area prone to dirt from your shoes. 

In most premium mats, the area of the wheel well is covered quite high up, but not in this case. 

A plus for these mats is that they don’t hinder the front and rear sliding of the seats. 

You can move the front seats without any hindrance, which does become a problem in some aftermarket floor mats. 

The material used is TPV (thermoplastic vulcanised rubber), which is environmentally friendly, so you can leave your pet inside the vehicle without worry. Just put your Model 3 in Dog Mode and you’re good to go. 

The texture of the material is shaped concavely to prevent scratch damage and slippage. 

You’ll also be surprised to know that these floor mats come with a sixty-month warranty from the manufacturer, but make sure to ask about the warranty from the seller.

Their waterproof ability is also great, so you won’t have to worry about coffee spills as I do. 

Overall, these X-CAR all-weather floor mats give you everything you need at a very low price — much lower than most other aftermarket all-weather floor mats.

You can’t find any other floor mats that offer so much at a cost lower than this.


✅ Inexpensive
✅ Free shipping in Australia
✅ Perfect fitment
✅ Have sixty-month warranty
✅ Scratchproof
✅ Spillproof
✅ Gives a carbon fiber look
✅ Made of environmentally friendly material
✅ No hindrance to the front seat movement 
✅ No slippage


❌ Not the greatest coverage on the sides
❌ The design of the grooves is not that great

Overall Best All-Weather Floor Mats for New Zealand: T1A Tesla Model 3 All-Weather Floor Mats

Getting RHD mats in Australia is in and of itself a hassle, and it doesn’t get any easier finding RHD all-weather floor mats in New Zealand at a low shipping cost.

With all the research I’ve done, I found one product with the lowest shipping cost — T1A — at $20. 

It’s not the cheapest, but it’s pretty inexpensive compared with others.

Now the only problem with these mats is that they are not 100% meant for the RHD.

However, when you flip them over (they are alike on both sides), you can get them to work. 

You do get a lot of other benefits from these mats, including a lifetime warranty. 

The all-weather protection of these latex mats is also exceptional. You can put them to the test, and they will pass with flying colors. 

As the design has more in-depth in the center area, the chances of spill mess are also low as the mat contains most of the liquid within its crevices. 

However, the overall coverage on the sides could have been better.

These floor mats are easy to clean as they don’t let dirt stick to them. You can easily wipe off all the dirt and debris from the mat using a garden hose.


✅ Lifetime warranty
✅ Low shipping cost
✅ Durable material 
✅ All-weather protection
✅ Inexpensive
✅ Good fitment
✅ Easy to clean


❌ Not 100% RHD (but fits)
❌ Not the best coverage

Runner Up All-Weather Floor Mats for New Zealand: EXCEL LIFE RHD Floor Mats

Now, these have no problem with fitment as these are tailor-made for the right-hand-drive Tesla Model 3. 

The only major downside to these mats is the higher shipping cost, which is about $30 more than the T1A all-weather floor mats as of this writing.

The price point is also higher compared to T1A; however, you get both the front and the back trunk mats along with the cargo mats.

This means you get the whole floor protection package for your Tesla Model 3.

Meanwhile, if you were to buy a different brand of floor mats, you would only get the front and rear seat floor mats at about the same price. 

However, it would have been better if we had the option to buy only the floor mats. 

When it comes to warranty, you get a lifetime warranty on these. 

Their fitment is also great, so you won’t have to worry about gaps as there won’t be any. 

The seller also gives you the liberty of sending it back if you aren’t satisfied with the product.

If the package comes wrinkled, it is advised to use a heat gun or hair dryer at maximum heat to flatten the wrinkled surface. 

And voila, you have neat-looking all-weather floor mats for your Model 3. 

There are some customer reviews that mention that the mats are not sitting flush with the floor. In case you experience this, you can use velcro tape to help keep it in place. 

The materials used on these EXCEL mats are TPE, which tends to be flexible yet gives a sturdy aspect overall. 

It’s eco-friendly, so you won’t have to worry about offensive odors or toxic fumes.

These mats are easy to clean and are easily removable.

You can wash all the dirt and debris with a garden hose, and you will be good to go. 


✅ Great fitment
✅ Lifetime warranty 
✅ Include front and rear trunk mats 
✅ Include cargo mats
✅ Easy to clean 
✅ Easy to remove 
✅ Odourless
✅ Environment friendly
✅ All-weather protection is good


❌ Expensive shipping
❌ No separate option for the front seat and rear floor mats
❌ A bit on the expensive side overall

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all-weather floor mats from the United States fit on the RHD Model 3?

No, they don’t. The rear might not have a problem, but the front side will have fitment issues as the US market sells LHD floor mats. 

The only mats that fit the RHD Model 3 are T1A, which happens to be LHD but since you can flip them over (the underside being the same as the top side), you won’t feel much difference. 

You have to get RHD floor mats for your Tesla Model 3 to get perfect fitment. The LHD ones won’t fit perfectly, and even if you buy the premium ones, you will end up with gaps that will sooner or later become an eyesore. 

Are all-weather rubber mats for the RHD Tesla Model 3 worth it?

Yes, they are 100% worth it. They provide a sleek finish and great aesthetics while being weatherproof and spillproof. You won’t have to worry about those pesky stains as the all-weather rubber mats prevent them from leaving stains. 

No matter what weather you have outside, bring in wet shoes with dirt on them, and bring snow along—with a single water hose treatment, your mats will come out as if they were still new. 

I have reviewed dozens of RHD all-weather floor mats for the Model 3 and have come to the conclusion that only a few are worth buying. I selected the best ones based on cost, shipping, quality, aesthetics, etc., so you can get the best bang for the buck no matter where you live. 

Are more expensive Tesla Model 3 all-weather floor mats (RHD) worth it?

No, they’re not. You can get the same quality, if not better, for less than these premium all-weather floor mats. You don’t have to spend a premium to get quality. During my research, I found great quality at a decent price.

Final Thoughts: Best Tesla Model 3 RHD Mats

After going on Sherlock Mode to find the best Tesla Model 3 RHD mats, I have concluded that more expensive does not mean better.

You can get quality stuff without getting ripped off. 

If you own an RHD Tesla Model 3, you have to make sure that the floor mats you get are specifically made for RHD models. 

The carpet mats that you get from the factory don’t do justice when it comes to weather protection and stain protection, so make sure to find yourself good RHD all-weather floor mats.

If you want something close to an OEM finish, I would recommend the TAPTES, which also happens to be the best option for those residing in the UK.

If you want the best bang for the buck, X-Car all-weather rubber mats would be the go-to choice. This is the best option available in Australia. 

If you happen to be in New Zealand, T1A would be a good choice to avoid spending hundreds on shipping costs. 
However, if you want to have all the floor liners for your Tesla Model 3 in New Zealand, you have EXCEL Life which gives you all the liners at a very competitive price.

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