The Ultimate Guide to Tesla Model 3 Voice Commands

By Muhammad Hassan •  Updated: 01/03/23 •  7 min read

Do you enjoy asking Siri, Alexa, or Cortana to get simple tasks done for you?

Well, now you can do the same in your Model 3 courtesy of Tesla Model 3 voice commands.

tesla model 3 voice commands
Credit to Tesla

So if you’re interested to know what you can and cannot command your Tesla, hop in!

Why Should You (Emphasis on “Should”) Prefer Voice Commands Over Manual Procedure?

Below are a few reasons why you should prefer using voice commands to carry out basic things such as turning on AC, playing music, etc. over manual procedures:

#1 Manual Procedures Make You Lose Focus on the Road

Yes, you can perform everything with a few taps on your 15″ horizontal Tesla Model 3/Y screen to your right. 

But doesn’t it take your focus away from the road? It’s hazardous! 

We aren’t just talking about your life; there are other people’s lives at stake if a driver does negligence on the road.

So keep your focus on the road and make it a habit to use voice commands more often.

#2 Great If You Aren’t Much Tech Savvy

If operating the Tesla Model 3 screen confuses you, then you’ll absolutely love the voice commands feature.

No more endless tapping on the screen to get to the desired setting!

Just say a few words and Tesla will take care of it by itself. It’s not like there is any limit to what you can and cannot ask your Tesla to do (of course, limited to its normal functions).

Gotta enable the seat heating or open the glove box? Just give the command.

Here’s how you can enable the Tesla Model 3 voice command:

  1. Keep the right thumb scroll button on the steering wheel or microphone button on your tesla screen pressed and wait till a green circular icon appears.
  2. Speak and give your command.

Boom, it’s all done!

Major Tesla Model 3 Voice Commands: A List That’ll Make Your Life Easier

While there is no limit to what you can command to your Tesla, here are some of the major voice commands that can really simplify carrying out the normal functions of your car. 

No more distractions!

Apps and Settings Voice Commands

Have you ever wanted to search for something on Google while driving, like who won last night’s football match, or to check out the weather at your destination?

If yes, just say any command following the script below:

Car Control Voice Commands

Want to perform any control-related functions? Say any command along the line of the ones listed below:

You got the gist, right?

Climate Controls Voice Commands

There are almost 72 climate control-related commands according to Sara from the SaraJAwesome YouTube channel that you can give to your Tesla! Some examples are as follows:

Let Sara teach you the other 68 commands:

Navigation-Related Voice Commands

Voice-controlled navigation is undoubtedly Tesla’s most remarkable feature and certainly adds excellent value to Tesla’s pilot system. 

All you have to do is tell Tesla where you want to go. You can also direct Tesla to perform modifications like zooming in/out on the map or changing the map view.

Here are some examples to give you an idea of what sort of navigation-related commands you can give to your Tesla:

Tesla Phone Voice Commands

You can also make phone calls and text messages to anybody on your contacts list. All you need is to direct Tesla by repeating the following voice commands:

  1. Call “any contact number you’ve saved like home or office.”
  2. Send a text message to hubby, etc.

Check out this short YouTube video and learn how to send a message via voice command:

So interactive!

Media-Related Voice Commands

Wanna listen to your Spotify playlist or stream a movie on Netflix? Follow the following script:

Easter Eggs Voice Commands

Below are some of the unusual (rather dirty) voice commands otherwise known as the hidden Easter Eggs that direct Tesla to perform certain features such as opening the charge port, turning on the seat heater, etc.

Let’s learn 11 of them from the Daren Yoong YouTube channel:


Tesla Model 3 Voice Commands Not Working? Here Are Possible Solutions

Tesla isn’t listening to you? Well, it can have multiple reasons… Let’s discuss the root causes and devise a remedy.

Installation of New Updates

Tesla constantly gets over-the-air updates to improve your experience. 

However, there have been frequent complaints regarding malfunctioning voice recognition after installing new updates.

Is this the case with you as well? Well, not a big deal… Just give your Tesla voice recognition a scroll button reset and it’ll fix the issue.

Having said that, your Tesla’s voice recognition may also fail if you haven’t installed the latest over-the-air update in your Model 3. 

In case you have already reset the voice recognition set to default but still, Tesla isn’t listening to you, well, it might be a software glitch, so wait until another update comes.

But in case this issue is quite persistent and happens to you after every OTA update, then you must report your feedback to Tesla to cure this software bug. 

Minor Glitch in Understanding

Tesla’s voice recognition system may also glitch, recognizing a few words you spoke and not others, which is normal. 

If you happen across this minor glitch, just repeat the command and stress a little more on previously unrecognizable words.

Do You Have a “Thick Accent”?

Tesla applies its incredible tech prowess in its voice recognition software by taking little snippets from your voice recordings, which helps it recognize your natural accent. 

But in case you are a guy with a thick accent, it may cause a little friction, thus making Tesla unable to understand your command. 

However, it’s not a thing to worry about either. Just talk to your Tesla more because the more you’ll communicate with your Tesla, the better its AI recognizes your accent and speaking style.

Check out this incredible video and know what Jack did when his Tesla didn’t understand his voice command:

It solved the underlying problem!

Final Thoughts: Tesla Model 3 Voice Commands

You’re never going to say “open the charging port,” are you? I bet it’ll always be “open the butthole!” 😆

Well, whatever you say, the Tesla Model 3 voice commands will not disappoint you.

I’d highly encourage you to use voice commands as much as possible because it’s simply a great driving habit, especially if you’re driving a Tesla.

Having to do each task through the screen does deviate your focus from the road, and it’s a security risk — no matter what anyone says!

With that said, I hope you guys found this guide fun and knowledgeable. If you want more knowledge about the Tesla Model 3… well, the whole blog is at your service!

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