Does The Tesla Model 3 Come With Floor Mats? Answer Explained

By Nicki Schill •  Updated: 12/26/21 •  7 min read

Winter is upon us, and for any drivers in snowy cities, you know what that means?

Slushy, dirty snow and ice are about to be tracked into your vehicles no matter how hard you kick your boots off before entering.

It’s just the name of the game when it comes to winter driving, but it’s one of the reasons you need to get yourself some floor mats if you want to stand a chance at keeping your vehicle remotely clean.

For new Tesla owners, you might be a little surprised to learn:

The Rear-Wheel Drive Model 3 (previously known as Standard Range Plus) does not come with floor mats, only the higher trims do. And even such higher trims come with floor mats that are OK at best.

In fact, they’re considered an accessory for additional purchase, which is a bit of a bummer for something that’s usually included standard in most vehicles.

But there are exceptions, so let’s break down which models come with what and some of your options for getting mats for your Model 3.

Which Model 3 Trims Have Mats?

Good news for those opting for the China-made Tesla Model 3 SR+.

Earlier in 2021, Tesla announced that these vehicles would start to come standard with floor mats.

New owners waiting for delivery were notified via text, which David Cao, a soon-to-be SR+ owner in Australia, showed in a tweet.

does the tesla model 3 come with floor mats

A quick check on the Tesla website also shows that Long Range and Performance Model 3s in Canada and the United States both come with standard interior floor mats as part of their comfort options.

does the tesla model 3 come with floor mats

This Reddit conversation confirms that for LR and P models in North America, you’re good to go, but for now, it looks like North American buyers of the Standard Range, aka the Rear-Wheel Drive trim, are out of luck for receiving floor mats free of charge.

Not sure about the situation in your country? Your best bet is to go to the Model 3 design studio on your country’s Tesla website and double-check within the “comfort” section of the Interior > Feature Details.

Hopefully, Tesla gets the hint and soon makes the mats standard across all Model 3s because they really do help keep your vehicle looking tidy.

3 Reasons Why You Need Floor Mats in Your Tesla Model 3

There are a number of benefits to equipping your Model 3 with floor mats:

1. It Looks Good

Floor mats improve the look of your interior. You can even customize them to match your style or the other finishes you chose in the cabin. 

2. Protects Your Carpet

If you’ve got kids or pets or if you like to spend time in nature, you’re bound to track in dirt, sand, ice or snow. Maybe you eat and drink in the car and are known to spill a thing or two. Floor mats are there to protect your car’s floor from those messes, all while making it easier to clean up. Simply take the mats out for a good scrubbing.

3. Helps Preserve Your Tesla’s Value

If you plan on reselling your Model 3, having those floor mats can help you down the line as buyers might get turned off with stained or scuffed floors. Mats keep that flooring looking new, which is great for when you want to sell.

All that to say about floor mats, there are a few options out there if you’re shopping for new ones, and all the experts agree that it’s best to go with all-weather.

All-Weather Mats Are All-Stars

The mats that come standard with Tesla are made of fabric and don’t offer the kind of moisture protection that’s required in wet or snowy conditions.

The best reason to look into all-weather mats is simple—no one likes stepping into a puddle.

All-weather mats are usually made of plastic or rubber and have these nice grooves in them to pull water away from your feet, saving you from that dreaded feeling of a wet foot.

Even with the announcement that the Model 3s coming out of China will now have those fabric floor mats, users will most likely be upgrading to all-weather mats for any real sort of floor protection.

All those reasons listed above for getting floor mats really only apply to all-weathers as they save you from spills, can easily be removed and rinsed off, and keep the carpet nice and fresh underneath.

Now that you’ve narrowed it down to all-weather mats for your Model 3, let’s take a look at the best options available.

Best Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats

We’ve done a lot of research already on the subject, and you can see the complete rundown of all the best mats on the market in this article.

Here, we’ll highlight the best of the best, starting with the overall winner:

Best Overall: 3D MAXpider

With an already-established track record in the Tesla community, these mats boast a perfect fit for your Model 3 with 95% coverage and are really easy to clean.

3Dcarmats Ko shows how these mats go from filthy to sparkling in under five minutes.

Looking like brand new after cleaning — I’d say!

Based on the Amazon reviews alone, these mats are a winner across the board for ease of use and durability, and with two size ranges to choose from, you’ll be sure to get a good fit.

Best Budget-Friendly Option: TAPTES

These mats are the most cost-effective choice that also checks off a lot of boxes in other categories.

Known as a clone or knockoff of the 3D MAXpider but without the 3D logo, these mats offer a good fit at a lower price point.

They have a couple of drawbacks, though, one being the long shipping times on these mats and users noting their below-average customer service if you do run into any issues.

Most Durable Option: TuxMat

These premium full-coverage mats even protect up the walls of your vehicle with an added lip to the mat.

Proudly made in North America, these mats also come with a lifetime warranty.

If you are worried about durability and plan on really putting your mats through the ringer, these are still a solid choice at a decent price point.

OEM All-Weather Floor Mats

Last but not least, you can always go the route of sticking with Tesla’s very own all-weather mats.

If you want to keep up appearances and get those Tesla logos on your interior as much as possible, then take a look at the Model 3 all-weather interior liners from Tesla.

They’re made of a unique thermoplastic elastomer material that Tesla is proud to say is 100% recyclable.

Users note these keep up with the 3D MAXpiders, and for a little less money, they might just be the right option for you.

Summing It Up

Even though Tesla has decided to keep the RWD, SR Model 3s matless for now in North America, Teslas made in China at least have us thinking that maybe they’ll follow suit here soon enough.

It’s best to think about upgrading those floor mats anyway to all-weather options, and now you know which ones to look at.

Happy shopping and get those mats in before the snow really starts flying!

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