Where Is the Odometer on the Tesla Model 3? (Including Latest Software Update)

By Nicki Schill •  Updated: 11/26/21 •  5 min read

Lots of Tesla drivers out there are boasting about the miles driven in their vehicles, putting to rest any fears of range anxiety that might still be circulating.

Take this Model S that boasts over 600,000 miles driven. The owner considers driving a hobby, which must be nice. 

We all know how fun the Tesla is to drive, and some of you are really putting the rubber on the road.

All those miles add up though, so how are these drivers checking to see what their mile status is?

After all, some of you with corporate accounts might be able to write those miles off for business, and for the rest of you, keeping track of miles driven is necessary for staying on top of any maintenance that needs to be scheduled on the vehicle.

Well, checking in on your odometer seems like a logical place for you to know how many miles you’ve driven.

So where do you find the odometer on the Tesla Model 3? 

It’s on the main touchscreen display.

How to access the odometer from the main display

On your main screen, at the bottom of the left-hand side of the panel, you should see three dots.

Swiping to the left will open up an odometer screen that will show how many miles you’ve driven on your last charge.

From here, you can scroll up and down to find your current mileage reading.

Here’s a quick video on how to open up your odometer from the touch screen.

Tutorial starts @ 0:11

Also, you’ve got your usual customizable Trip A and Trip B functions like other vehicles if you want to see how many miles a favorite destination is. 

If you’re looking to reset those trips, here’s a tutorial video on how to rename and reset.

From the same menu, the three dots will open up your customization options.

The odometer is also on the Tesla app

Scrolling down to the very bottom of the Tesla app on your phone will bring up the odometer reading as well.

where is odometer on tesla model 3
Image credit to Alex Sibila

The current odometer reading is at the very bottom, along with some other standard info about your vehicle like the VIN and the current software version.

Here’s a full walkthrough video of the entire Tesla app (it’s amazing what you can control from the phone).

Locating the Odometer @ 10:04

It’s very handy to be able to access your mileage from two points so that you can always know where you’re at.

I’m still having trouble accessing the odometer

Some users complain about not being able to locate the odometer or swipe properly from the three dots on the main screen.

If you’re still not able to see the odometer or the screen just isn’t populating right, the easiest way to fix that is normally a reboot.

Lots of common bugs happen to the navigation main screen, and more often than not, a quick soft reboot will have you up and running. 

Here’s our guide to performing both a quick reboot and a hard reset

With either method, your screen should repopulate, and the swiping function will activate so you can get to the odometer reading.

Kind of frustrating to have to swipe through screens to access the odometer when other vehicles used to have it permanently in front of the steering wheel on the dash.

But if you’re just looking for a quick glance at your miles driven, it’s simple enough to navigate to.

For those of you needing to keep a detailed track of your miles logged, you might want to look at a third-party app designed for recording your trips.

Other ways to track miles

Unfortunately, there’s no way to get the odometer reading from the Tesla main screen to permanently stay up while you’re driving.

This thread on Reddit talks about that frustration, but there is an app called Teslafi that also captures the odometer reading and much more.

This third-party app lets drivers dive deep into their vehicle’s data.

It tracks a lot of the obvious stuff like speed and distance, but because of its GPS data, it layers in things like elevation change and weather conditions so you can optimize your driving behavior. Pretty wild.

But as you can see from the interface screenshot below, it’s got your odometer reading in the top right as well as your estimated range. 

On the downside, the interface is a bit raw and not the easiest to navigate.

Besides the outdated app, you might be worried about data privacy by allowing Teslafi to integrate into your vehicle. Before you sign up, check out our full review of Teslafi here.

where is odometer on tesla model 3

Another useful trip journaling app is TezLab

We did a review on this app too, and with its updated design, it’s a much more user-friendly app that gives you a detailed look into your trip and mile data.

You can quickly make sense of the data, whereas Teslafi needs a bit of decoding on your part. 

Users love how accurate the range predictor is on TezLab, and it will educate you on what you’ll actually get in terms of range.

Another plus is that TezLab is a free app. You’ll be paying $5 a month for Teslafi.

Final Thoughts: Where Is the Odometer on the Tesla Model 3?

There you have it, fast and simple ways to locate the odometer on your Tesla Model 3, along with a couple of paid options for logging trips if you want to get more information on your driving behavior. 

Happy driving! Who knows, maybe you’ll be the first Tesla driver to hit that million-mile mark. Now you’ll know where to find the odometer screen to prove it

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