Best Tesla Screen Protectors for Every Need (Anti-Glare and Fingerprints)

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 12/06/21 •  15 min read

Glare, fingerprints, and scratches—these are just some of the reasons why you need a quality screen protector for your Tesla.

Regardless of your reason, this article will help you pick the best one for your car.

After examining more than 50 product reviews, reading through dozens of forum threads, and watching 14 YouTube videos, I was able to pick six Tesla screen protectors that the community recommends the most.

Before we dive deep into the products, let’s answer the following very important questions first. 

Why Does Your Tesla Touch Screen Need a Protector?

Any touchscreen device without a screen protector is vulnerable to scratches, cracks, and even breakage.

The most important and one of the most used parts of your Tesla is the touch screen. It serves a very important role in your car’s total operation, which is why it must be protected.

6 Signs That You Need A Tesla Screen Protector:

  1. You have pets or kids in the car.
  2. Your phone has a screen protector, and you want to do the same without your car’s screen.
  3. Other people (friends/uber riders/visitors) touch your screen.
  4. The glare of the screen is bothering you.
  5. You worry about making permanent scratches directly on the screen.
  6. You have oily/dirty fingers that leave fingerprints that are difficult to remove.

Matte vs Glossy Finish: Which One Is Best for You?

There are two popular types of Tesla screen protectors: Matte and Glossy

There is a long discussion among Tesla owners on which one is better, so I summarized their differences below to help you decide what to pick.

best Tesla screen protector
Matte versus glossy. Credit to jim0266


Matte looks covered with frost and prevents glare, while glossy is slightly clear. The difference in clarity is very small and almost unnoticeable.

The diffusion of light by the matte protector is what reduces the glare on the screen from the sun, including bright lights.

If glare is not your concern and you want the highest clarity, a glossy protector is your best choice.

Untinted Windows

If your windows and windshields are clear and your screen attracts all sorts of lights, a matte protector is a big help. 

The reflections of the sun on high noon and the lights at night can cause a lot of problems when looking at your screen, and a matte screen protector fixes this problem. 


Colors can be affected by the anti-glare properties of matte screen protectors. Keep in mind though that the color difference between glossy and matte is very small, and only people with perfect eyesight can notice the difference.

Smudge Resistance

Matte is coarser than the glossy protectors. Smooth surfaces like the glossy protectors are prone to fingerprints and other stains, so if you want to have an always good-looking and tidy screen, a matte protector is for you.


Both matte and glossy protectors are durable, especially when manufactured by a reputable company, so you can’t go wrong with any of the two.

Choosing between the two boils down to personal preferences, tastes, and habits. Both the matte and the glossy screen protectors provide ample protection for your Tesla touch screen.

You can also get more information about matte versus glossy screen protectors in this video:

Comparison Between Matte And Glossy Screen Protectors Using Elon Accessories

Here Are The Best Tesla Screen Protectors Products Avaiable Today

Mentioned below are recommendations that we found to be the best for you and your Tesla based on other owners’ recommendations.

Model 3/Y 15” Touch Screen (Overall): Abstract Ocean – Matte

Abstract Ocean is a popular brand offering a variety of Tesla aftermarket accessories. 

Its matte screen protector is the favorite in the Tesla community for many reasons, including ease of installation, glare reduction, fewer fingerprints, and finger-gliding smoothness, among others.

It also comes with an all-in-one microfiber screen cleaner that makes the protector easy to clean and maintain.

best Tesla screen protector
Credit to: Khoa Phan

One of the main reasons why it became a favorite is its easy-to-install feature. It comes with an installation frame that easily snaps onto the screen, making a seamless and effortless fitting.

Installing a screen protector is already hard on smartphones, and with the 15″ Tesla screen, it can be more arduous without the installation frame. 

I had a glossy screen protector and I had a problem watching videos during charge stops. The installation frame helps ensure proper placement. It fixed the glare problem and I just love it!

Lewis Edwards

“Gloss is just not working under Atlanta’s sun and after using the matte from AO, I love it. I don’t have fingerprints anymore!”

Michael Buckingham

Compatible With:

Tesla Model 3 & Y (3rd Gen)


✅ Recommended by most Tesla owners
✅ Reduces glare and fingerprints
✅ Easy for fingers to touch and glide
✅ Very easy to install
✅ Comes with a microfiber cleaner


❌ Due to its high demand, it’s only sold on the Abstract Ocean website and has limited availability on Amazon

Model S/X 17″ Touch Screen (Overall): Abstract Ocean – Matte

The Abstract Ocean 17″ matte screen protector is a bigger version of the above 15″ and has similar qualities and properties.

Unlike other manufacturers that focus only on 15″ screen protectors for Tesla’s most popular and successful Model 3, Abstract Ocean makes their customers happy by providing a bigger version for Model S and Model X (pre-refresh) owners. 

This is a good sign that the company is not only all about money but also about customer satisfaction.

best Tesla screen protector
Credit to Abstract Ocean

The 17″ matte screen protector provides scratch and shock resistance that will not easily shatter and an oleophobic coating that lessens fingerprints. 

Similar to its 15″ sister, the 17″ Model S and Model X screen protector comes with a wet cleaning wipe, dry cleaning cloth, dust grabbers, and an installation frame.

In the video below, YouTube user QTechTV has this to say when installing the 17″ screen protector: 

“I’ve been looking for a screen protector for quite some time and from my research, Abstract Ocean has been one of the more popular out there.” 

He further claims that AO fixes the gaps on the edge and says that “this is by far the best product I used.

Installation Procedure Starts @ 3:12

Compatible With:

Tesla Model S & X (up until 2020)


✅ Trusted Tesla aftermarket accessories brand
✅ Scratch- and shock-resistant
✅ No gaps on edges


Limited supply due to its high demand

Runner-Up Tesla Screen Protector for Model 3/Y:

Spigen Tempered Glass – Matte

Spigen is another brand of screen protectors loved by the Tesla community. Its anti-glare and anti-fingerprint feature is rated almost perfect by Amazon customers, having 4.7 stars out of 5.

The Spigen Model 3 & Y screen protector is made of very durable tempered glass rated at 9H hardness. 9H hardness means that it’s as hard as corundum, a point below diamond, which is hardest at 10H. 

What’s unique about the Spigen tempered glass screen protector is its EZ Fit installer that provides auto-alignment for effortless installation. All you have to do is press and slide to fit the protector into your Tesla dashboard touch screen. 

In addition, it includes cleaning materials like wipes and a squeegee.

You can see how easy it is to install the Spigen protector in this video:

Installation Procedure @ 4:56

“I love this screen protector. It is very easy to install and looks really awesome.”

Mel Torment

I was not into a screen protector but after watching a video review and how good the Spigen is, I had to get one. It was super easy to install and looks really great. Highly recommended to the community.

Scott Dulgarian

Although it’s matte, it preserves the original screen brightness and is as clear as a glossy one without allowing glare and fingerprints. 

The touch and glide responsiveness is super smooth and guaranteed without delay.

Add me to the list of people who love Spigen. The template was really worth it and I installed it in seconds with no issues. The glare was totally reduced. 


Compatible With:

✅ Tesla Model 3 & Y 


✅ Features EZ Fit for seamless installation
✅ Made of high-quality tempered glass rated 9H in hardness
✅ Eliminates glare and protects the surface from fingerprints


❌ Not compatible with Tesla Model S and X

Best Budget Tesla Screen Protector:

Carwiner Matte Screen Protector

The Carwiner screen protector is an affordable option for Tesla owners who need cheaper but high-quality anti-glare protection. 

Aside from anti-scratch and fingerprint protection, this matte screen protector is also compatible with polarized sunglasses so you won’t see rainbows on your screen.

The matte protector may reduce a bit of clarity, but it’s more preferred than the glossy one due to its anti-glare feature, which is an issue for most Tesla owners.

Credit to

The matte screen protector from Carwiner has been working great for me. I can barely tell that I have it installed on my screen. What I love most is the absence of distortion even when I’m wearing polarized sunglasses!


The Carwiner screen protector is also a big help in preventing accidents because of the absence of glare on your screen even when viewed sideways. 

Similar to pricier competitors, it’s made of 9H rated tempered glass, ensuring hardness and durability.

Tesla owner Nick Magnuson is super happy with the Carwiner.

“I struggled for three months with the high gloss until I ordered this matte,” he said.

Unlike other leading brands, the Carwiner screen protector has no special installation feature but comes with step-by-step video instructions on how to install it so that even if you are not online to check YouTube instructions, you can install it right away. 

My screen is extremely clean after I installed the Carwiner protector. I also discovered that an alcohol wipe can remove minor smudges and totally clean the protector. I just followed the video instruction and I was very happy with the end result. 


Compatible With:

✅ Tesla Model 3 and Y 


✅ Highly affordable while having a premium quality
✅ Made of highly durable tempered glass rated 9H in hardness
✅ Comes with a step-by-step installation video


❌ The matte finish may reduce screen quality a little bit
❌ Not available for 17″ screens

Notable Mention Tesla Screen Protector: 

Topfit Tempered Glass (Available for both Model S/X & Model 3/Y)

Topfit is another brand of Tesla aftermarket accessories that should not be left behind especially when talking about top screen protectors. 

Founded by a Tesla owner and also a Tesla superfan, Topfit produces top-quality screen protectors for Models 3, Y, S, and X. So whatever Tesla model you may have, they have both 15″ and 17″ screen protectors.

Unlike any other top-quality screen protectors though, this touchscreen protector from Topfit does not come with any installation aid like the installation frame of Abstract Ocean, the step-by-step installation video of Carwinder, and the EZ Fit feature of Spigen. 

Topfit advises customers to install a protector similar to installing a mobile phone protector. 

The Terminal City Tesla YouTube channel shows you how it’s done:

Installation Procedure Start @ 0:58

Topfit is the best choice if your concern is mainly the fingerprints. I’ve been using the matte finish and I can say nothing but great. It reduces glares and the surface is really smooth for your fingers.


The Topfit screen protector is also a proven product that has been around for more than five years. 

I bought my first Topfit screen protector around five years ago and I experienced no problem whatsoever. As long as you installed it perfectly, it will last. 


Topfit is a really popular Tesla screen protector brand, and because of this, lack of supply is an issue in the United States and North America.

Compatible With:

Tesla Model 3 and Y (15”)
Tesla Model S and X (17”) 


✅ Available for both 15″ and 17″ touch screens
✅ Company is founded by a Tesla owner and a meticulous Tesla superfan, so each product is carefully tested.
✅ Lasts more than 5 years


❌ Not always available in North America
❌ Some customers find it difficult to install

Premium Pick Tesla Screen Protector:

Elon Accessories

Don’t get confused; Elon Musk is not the owner of Elon Accessories. 

Elon Accessories is founded by another Tesla owner and superfan Ram Gangisetty from Silicon Valley.

The Elon Accessories Tesla Model 3 and Y screen protector is not the cheapest on the market but one of the most popular products used and recommended by the Tesla community.

The EA screen protector became popular after it was given as a gift to Tesla owners during its earlier days. To date, it’s still one of the favorite Tesla accessories gifts that a Tesla owner can receive.

best Tesla screen protector
Screenshot from Elon Accessories Screen Protector Install & Review

The fingerprints were terrible but I did not buy a screen protector until a friend suggested this one from Elon Accessories. The glare was never a huge issue for me but after having the EA protectors installed, all I can say is WOW! My issue with fingerprints was totally eliminated and the glare disappeared too. The higher cost is not an issue when you are happy with the product. Highly recommended! 

Ira Kravitz

The EA screen protector features a bubble-free easy installation that can be done by any adult. 

It also comes with custom-made (not generic) guide stickers for maximum adhesion while you are trying to align the protector to the screen.

Elon Accessories founder Ram Gangisetty has an installation video of this product. Feel free to check it out down below.

Installation Procedure Starts @ 0:49

I highly recommend the screen protector from Elon Accessories. It really deflects fingerprints and your finger will glide smoothly.”


Compatible With:

✅ Tesla Model 3 and Y (15″)


✅ Made of multi-layer and shatter-proof tempered glass
✅ No issue with polarized sunglasses and sun effects
✅ Comes with high-stick custom stickers


❌ It may not be affordable to some Tesla owners.ed with the OEM

The Right Way to Clean and Maintain Your Tesla Screen Protector

Now that you know the best Tesla screen protectors and what to buy, the next thing you should do is to care for and maintain them so your investment will not be wasted. 

How To Make Your Screen Protector Last In 5 Easy Steps

  1. Make sure to clean the front surface of your Tesla screen protector. Most, if not all, of the above products come with wipes. It’s recommended you use factory-supplied wipes and cleaners unless it’s specified that you can use other cleaners like alcohol wipes.

    As an alternative, use dishwashing soap and water. Avoid vinegar or any similar cleaners with strong chemicals like acid and other abrasive cleaners. Apply a mixture of soap and water to the screen and wait for 15 seconds to work its way down. Wipe the mixture with a sponge and then buff and wipe it with a clean soft cotton cloth.
  2. Clean the sticky side and corner of the screen protector. The edges of your monitor can become sticky due to dust and other particles, and this can be easily cleaned using packing tape.

    Wash your hands thoroughly and cut thin strips of packing tape with the size that can fit the screen edges. Once you cut enough for all sides, stick the tape and gently remove them. Make sure all the sticky particles come out with the tape. Repeat the process until all sticky particles are removed.

    You may also wipe the edges with a wet cloth and then with a soft, dry cotton cloth after.

    With both sides of your tempered glass screen protector clean, your Tesla touch screen will look like new again.
  1. Don’t leave your pet or kid unattended inside your car. Not only is it dangerous for them, but also it can cause some damage to your car’s accessories, and the most vulnerable is your touch screen.
  1. Always put drunk friends or family in the back seat away from your touch screen.
  1. If you’re using your car in a ride-sharing business like Lyft or Uber, limit customers from touching your screen or any gadgets and instrumentations inside your car.

Final Thoughts: Best Tesla Screen Protectors for Every Need

Regardless of the model of your Tesla and the size of your touch screen, Abstract Ocean’s 17″ and 15″ Inches screen protectors offer the best value in terms of glare limitation, fingerprints deflection, surface smoothness, durability, and price. They are really worth the investment.

However, if you are on a budget and need a high-quality screen protector that performs almost the same as Abstract Ocean but at a lower price, the Carwiner Matte Screen Protector definitely fits the bill.

Consider your needs and budget when choosing the best Tesla screen protector to buy. If you are living in areas where glare is always a problem, then go with the product that performs well in reducing glare but costs cheaper.

Regardless of your choice, I am confident any of the six products above will definitely make you happy as many Tesla owners have already experienced.

Zac Ludicrous

Mechanical engineer by profession. TSLA shareholder before the hype. EV enthusiast all day long. Zac enjoys learning about the future of battery technology, autonomy, and EVs. He considers Tesla Model 3 the most important vehicle of the 21st century -- and is in a quest to improve the ownership experience of every Model 3 owner he possibly can.

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