XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS: Ultimate Protective Film for the Model 3

By Muhammad Hassan •  Updated: 01/29/22 •  9 min read

This is an unbiased analysis of XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS for Model 3 owners.

I read dozens of forum posts and watched YouTube videos to learn all I could about this product, from features to real-world consumer feedback.

All things considered, I have a favorable opinion of this product. Model 3 owners who were initially hesitant ended up appreciating the ULTIMATE PLUS on their vehicles. It is sleek and simple to keep clean, and it almost vanishes on most surfaces.

If you want to give your Model 3 a slick glossy finish, this is a terrific bargain.

Let’s go through all it has to offer so you can make an informed decision and be content with it. Here’s what we’ll be talking about:

  1. Overall looks and style
  2. Consumers’ case studies
  3. Wrapping instructions
  4. Maintenance checklist from experts
  5. And more…

Let’s get into it.


XPEL is one of the most sought-after brands in the Tesla community when it comes to PPF wraps.

Both the STEALTH and ULTIMATE PLUS films are highly appreciated; the differentiating factor is whether you like a matte satin look or a glossy look.

I have already covered XPEL STEALTH in detail, so now we’ll be looking at the ULTIMATE PLUS and what it brings to the table.

Whether you want to keep your vehicle’s flat factory finish intact or you just want to upgrade the look of your car, if you like the glossy look, XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS is hands down the best way to go.

There are no downsides to this product, except that it’s a bit expensive (almost 10% of what your car is worth). However, it’s a one-time figure that can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Customers absolutely love this film and the final result it procured. Let’s discuss this PPF film a bit more in detail to see whether it’ll fit your bill or not.


The images below will speak for themselves if you like the glossy style.

This self-healing PPF film blends nicely with most surfaces while maintaining the car’s factory finish.

The color remains OEM; however, the polish unmistakably distinguishes it from a crowd of similar Teslas.

Let’s take a look at some image examples to get a better concept of how your car may appear after ULTIMATE PLUS’s installation:

XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS on a blue Model 3. Credit to Seattle ClearBra
XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS on a black Model 3. Credit to elvar
XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS on a red Model Y. Credit to Seattle ClearBra
Side-by-side comparison: STEALTH vs. ULTIMATE PLUS. Credit to Freedom 101

XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Case Studies From The TMC Community



I took my Model 3 to Chicago Auto Pros who first performed a two step paint correction, then put on a full XPEL Ultimate wrap, and lastly applied a Gtechniq HALO coating on top of the ppf.

Knowing I was spending $8,400.00 to have all of this done I was a bit anxious to say the least… until I saw the final result. When I arrived to pick up my car I was seriously blown away by how good it looked. It was noticeably better than when I took delivery. The peace of mind I have now knowing the paint is protected from small rocks and bugs and that I can wash it without worrying about scratches and swirls is very pleasing.

Seattle ClearBra


Red Tesla Model Y the guys just completed for a great client.

The team installed the following:

Xpel ULTIMATE Plus clear bra paint protection film
Xpel PRIME XR window tint, 30% front side windows and 70% on the rears
Gloss black painted emblems

The full coverage clear bra was installed on all painted panels along with the lights, tail lights, b-pillars. The interior screen already had a satin finished film applied, so they didn’t need to cover it. Our client will be returning soon to do the door sills as a set of lighted Model Y doorsills were installed.

Installation: Professional Or DIY?

Professional wrapping services are always more costly than what you’d spend on DIY. 

However, if you’re not experienced enough, you might end up messing up the whole thing, costing you both time and money.

So if you think you can handle this job, I’d highly encourage you to do it yourself as it’ll help you save some bucks. 

If you’re not worried about money, though, it’d be better to go for professional service, whether or not you can do it yourself.

While researching on YouTube, I found this very helpful YouTube channel, Renoson Auto Films, that has published the whole installation process in separate videos.

For DIYers, this is hands down the best source to learn this craft:

  1. What you’ll need to instal XPEL PPF to Tesla Model 3
  2. To Headlight
  3. To Foglight
  4. To Hood
  5. To Fender
  6. To Door Panel
  7. To Mirror
  8. To Bumper (Part 1)
  9. To Bumper (Part 2)
  10. To Rocker Panel

3 Maintenance Advice From XPEL Experts

The most typical stumbling block that owners face after installing PPF film is determining how to maintain it.

Should they wash their car or not? Are there any special products?

After having the XPEL clear bra PPF installed on his Model 3, one owner expressed some similar questions. Here is what he asked:

1. Is it ok to do touchless car wash and it won’t damage the film or install in any way? I remember the Xpel guys were saying it is ok to wash? any problem with the exposed lines (where the PPF ends)?

2. Should I use wax products for cleaning rather than washing? Xpel provided a list of recommended wax products

3. Should I use bug and tar remover regularly or on a weekly basis for affected areas?


Here is XPEL’s response:

1. Yes, touchless car washes are okay. The thing you want to avoid with car washes is getting a high pressure washer / sprayer at least a foot away from the edges. The touch free washes are okay.

2. For cleaning, use any car wash you want as long as it doesn’t contain a petroleum product. Other than that, you’re good to go. We recommend using our XPEL Rinse-Free Car Wash for cleaning. Once the car is clean, the very best thing to use to maintain Clear Bra is to use our Ceramic Boost Spray or to have a full on Ceramic Coating installed like our FUSION PLUS.

3. Use Bug & Tar remover when only absolutely necessary. It’s recommended to use a Detail Spray as the first course of action for cleaning as it’s not as harsh as the Bug & Tar remover.

XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Third-Party Thoughts

The following are the most honest and straightforward XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS reviews I found on YouTube.

If you want to listen to other third parties (and what their thoughts are on XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS), you’ll definitely enjoy these.

Installation: 1:30 | Final look: 6:46
Final look: 3:19

How Much Does Tesla Model 3 XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Cost?

If you plan to hire a professional, the shop’s quotation should include both material and labor costs.

Quotes ranging from $4,500 to $6,000+ for complete wrap services should not come as a surprise.

You’ll need 5′ x 60′ of cloth (or three 60″ x 20′ rolls) to cover the entire automobile, allowing room for error. That brings the material cost alone to $3,600.

The firm also provides pre-cut kits, which might save the DIYer a lot of time, but the price can run into the hundreds of dollars, making the expenditure equal to having a professional shop do it for you.

Specifically, the following are the rounded pricing (as of this writing) of the different pre-cut kits required to fully wrap your Model 3.

Pre-Cut KitPrice
Bumper Kit$443
Full Hood, Fender, and Mirror Kit$838
Rear Bumper Kit$484
Luggage Area Kit$81
Trunk Lid Kit$443
A-Pillar Kit$112
B-Pillar Kit$37
Rear Fender and Door Kits$2,454 ($1,227 each side)

You’re better off buying three 60″ x 20′ rolls and cutting it yourself—or simply finding a service that will wrap your car for you.

XPEL offers a map with approved installers listed to assist you in finding reliable shops near you.

Does XPEL Have A Warranty?

From the date of installation, XPEL provides a 10-year guarantee. Defects like yellowing, staining, cracking, blistering, and delamination will be covered under this guarantee.

This guarantee only applies to professionally installed wraps that were done in accordance with the XPEL installation requirements.

You can find more information here.

Alternative Paint Protection Strategy

Ceramic Coating

I saw a YouTube comment asking:

“What would you recommend to get the most protection for the least $$ options?”

The answer is ceramic coating. Here’s the best ceramic coating for the Model 3:

AvalonKing’s Armor Shield IX


✅ Recommended by professionals
✅ Includes all installation tools
✅ Awesome tutorials to make your work easier
✅ Best word of mouth from the Tesla community

❌ Not as shiny as other competitors

>>Learn everything about ceramic coating along with more product choices

Other Products to Consider


XPEL tint applied on windows. No percentage specified. My guess is 20%. Credit to FISHEV / Tesla forums.



✅ Easy-to-use dealer locator
✅ Has installers worldwide
✅ Exceptional sun and heat protection, even at lighter tints
✅ Lifetime transferable warranty
✅ Brand with long-standing record of quality

❌ Newer product, yet to be tested long-term in real life

>>Learn everything about the tints for Model 3 along with more product choices

Wrapping Up: Tesla Model 3 XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Review

Ultimately, whether you want to give your Model 3 a smooth finish or simply protect the original paint with a cool wrap, look no further.

If properly cared for, this self-healing wrap can last up to 10 years. Though costly, this one-time investment can help you keep your car’s resale value intact for a long time.

As long as you have a budget that allows you to spend several thousand dollars, the overall contentment of the community, favorable ratings from YouTubers, and fantastic visual samples prove that the XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS wrap is a bang for the buck.

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