Best Car Wax for Tesla Model 3 That Doesn’t Harm Tesla’s Paint Job

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 11/04/22 •  9 min read

A car wax works like a charm, be it in harsh weather, bug splatter, or something else.

But what car wax to choose for the Model 3? Any specifics, or will the usual good-for-all car wax work? Isn’t the Model 3’s paint too delicate to even handle wax?

Like almost every other Model 3 owner, you must’ve got these doubts in your mind too. 

So after hours of research and fact-checking, here I am addressing all your waxing-related queries and giving you some of the best car wax products that will not only deliver a mirror-like shine to your Model 3 but also maintain its beautiful paintwork.

Sounds compelling? Let’s hop into it.

Waxing: Is It Safe for Tesla Model 3’s Paint?

Get your mood up as it’s completely safe to wax your Tesla Model 3 body! Well, this ain’t an argument of an unaware — I come here with undeniable proof:

This is what Tesla claims regarding preserving the cosmetic appearance of Tesla’s body:

Tesla’s paint surfaces can be sometimes treated with good quality polishes including:

So yeah, wax it up every time you wash your Tesla without any worry — well, because it’s Tesla recommended!

Waxing Tips Before You Get Started

Stop! Before you get your hands red from waxing your Tesla Model 3, follow these waxing tips to avoid any misfortune:

Now without any further ado, let’s hop into the meat of this article by discussing some exquisite Tesla Model 3 car wax products on the market.

Best Car Wax for Tesla Model 3

Best Overall:

Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax

Product Overview

Chemical guys butter wet wax! recommend highly.


The car wax market is dominated by a stellar product: Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax.

Chemical Guys’s effective composition method surely provides an unrivaled glossy shine and deep wet look to your Tesla Model 3’s slim body.

Exquisite ingredients like carnauba, polymers, and resins enable the deep gloss of a paste wax in an easy-on, easy-off, long-lasting blend.

That’s what I used recently and it’s like glass 


It’ll simply melt on your Tesla Model 3’s body like butter, acting as a protective layer against the harsh impacts of the environment (thus called the Butter Wet Wax.)

This ultra-protective buttery smooth coating of wax repels water marks, bird droppings, and road tar and produces an excellent screen against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.

Even though Chemical Guys claims their product to have higher longevity than other typical car waxes, there’s been naysay by some customers on this.

Apparently, it doesn’t last more than one or two weeks!

FYI that wax won’t last much. Maybe a week or two.


Here’s another review hinting at a similar con:

It does make a car look absolutely amazing for about a week though. But yeah I’ve always had it lose any kind of hydrophobic properties after about a week.


The best way to use this car wax is to treat it as a quick detailer. It’ll last you two weeks, and the best part is it’ll only take 15 minutes tops to do the entire vehicle.

Ultimately, the Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax is probably what you need If you wash your Tesla frequently and are looking for a car wax that is affordable and easy to apply and gives you an awesome finish.


✅ Extremely affordable
✅ 100% carnauba formula 
✅ Easy to use
✅ Provides a winning shine


❌ Doesn’t last long

Runner-Up Car Wax for Tesla Model 3:

Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions

Product Overview

I use Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions graphene spray wax and it’s been great. Their ceramic spray wax is also very good.” 


This extremely affordable car wax from Turtle Wax earns the runner-up spot in the Model 3 car wax arena. 

Their patent-pending graphene-infused spray wax shields your Tesla’s paintwork by creating a tighter web of protection against water stains, mud, grime, and other sorts of environmental and chemical pollutants.

Its versatility in application undoubtedly increases the product’s value by allowing it to be used on both wet and dried paint as a protective layer or as simple upkeep after a regular Tesla wash.

Feel free to use it on all exterior surfaces, be it glass, headlights, trim, or wheels, and anytime, directly under hot, blazing sunshine or cool, breezy shadow.

To have incredibly long-lasting results in case you use it as a coating, apply it after you’ve cleaned your Model 3 and let it rest on the surface for 24 hours.

There’s been a positive buzz about this product all around, except for a few customers who have repeatedly mentioned the presence of streaks and blotches after full-fledged waxing that need to be removed by a moist microfiber cloth with extra effort.

Check out this YouTube video from the Auto Detailing Podcast channel to have a much clearer insight into the product:

A bit hard application, but It does work like a charm!

I would definitely recommend this if you are testing new organic formulas and don’t bother a little extra effort with the repetitive usage of wet towels.


✅ Extremely affordable
✅ Graphene-infused spray
✅ Provides a glossy finish


❌ Leaves a few streaks and blotches (though can be removed with a moist microfiber cloth but requires extra effort)
❌ Cumbersome application of damp towels again and again

Notable Mention:

Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax

Product Overview

Meguiar’s is an esteemed brand in the car wash soap, polish, and wax lineup. 

They exclusively use sophisticated technology to serve you with the cutting-edge Hybrid Ceramic Wax for the protection of your Tesla paint that requires absolutely no rubbing, curing, buffing, or mess. 

Courtesy of their advanced SiO2 hybrid technology, this car wax spray delivers ceramic protection and durability beyond conventional wax. 

Applying this ceramic wax on paintwork is as easy as rinsing off your Model 3. 

Per Meguiar’s, make sure your Tesla body isn’t heated up and is cool enough to touch. 

They also prohibit users from any direct application of the wax to the paintwork of cars under the hot blazing sun — thus, it’s best to work under shadows, and don’t forget to shake the spray bottle well before use.

I just used this coating for the first time and am thrilled with the results and ease of use. It’s worth it. We’re going on 3 weeks 700 miles


The Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax enjoys a good reputation in the community overall, but a few customers complained about the product’s longevity. They pointed out that this wax may show positive results in the first weeks but slope down your expectations in the long run.


✅ Easy to apply
✅ Sio2 hybrid tech ceramic
✅ No buff, rub, or cure required
✅ A little expensive considering its utility


❌ Can’t apply it under the sun
❌ Provides best results until two weeks only

How to Protect Your Tesla Model 3 Paint for Long

Paint Protection Films (PPF)

Paint protection film protects your original paint from rock chips and most damage. It functions as a thin and visible barrier. This is undoubtedly a pricey route, but for a premium vehicle like the Model 3, spending some extra bucks for its safety is definitely not a bad idea.

>>To learn all about the Tesla Model 3 PPF, its cost, DIY tips, best film brands, and more, head over to our Tesla Model 3 PPF ultimate guide.

Ceramic Coating

While paint protection film (PPF, commonly known as clear bra) protects your original paint from rock chips and most damages, ceramic coating functions as a thin glass layer. It does not provide as much impact protection as PPF. 

But it does make your Model 3 easier to clean while also giving it a gleaming, new-car look that many people adore.

>>To learn all about the Tesla Model 3 ceramic coating, head over to our roundup of the best ceramic coatings for the Tesla Model 3.

Final Thoughts: Best Car Wax for Tesla Model 3

Ultimately, Chemical Guys, Turtle Wax, and Meguiar’s come out as the best Model 3 car wax options available in the market.

Chemical Guys being the trending product of the Tesla wax-loving community rules the leaderboard. And why wouldn’t it? It’s cheap and easy to use, and of course, it’s 100% carnauba!

Turtle Wax is also a good option for people who love trying new innovative technologies in the market. It might take some extra effort, but the result will be according to your liking.

Last but not least comes the lazy man’s heaven, Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax. Its cutting-edge quality and sophisticated tech enable you to wax out your whole Tesla in a little time without requiring any buff, rub, or cure. 

In case you are into long-term solutions and don’t buy the cheap stuff, you can always count on expensive options like ceramic coating and paint protection films.

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