100+ Gift Ideas for Tesla Owners

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 08/29/22 •  16 min read

Any gift given with love and care becomes a great gift, even if it’s just a smile.

Today, I’ll be looking at some amazing gifts that Tesla owners would love to have — from the most inexpensive ones to the most expensive.

So grab a cup of coffee, as I will take you through every possible gift you can give a Tesla owner. You will surely enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing. And the end result — the receiving end will enjoy receiving. 

But before we go into the gifts, let’s set some groundwork for understanding what a great gift is. 

Something you would love to have but might not spend on yourself, and that can include both wants and needs.

For example, I want a new turbo for my car, but I have been deliberately delaying getting one. 

Spending on a turbo is somewhat unnecessary but definitely worth it — which is why it’s an awesome gift for car enthusiasts. 

Where would the old one go? 

Several things can be added to a Tesla to get the best ownership experience. 

But getting all the stuff can be somewhat challenging as it requires both time and money.

A souped-up Tesla can cost you somewhere around $30K on top of the MSRP. 

Which is where you can come into the picture and make things easier — at least a little bit. 

To make sure that the Tesla owner loves your gift, you need to select the right one from a broad set of great possibilities. 

Which is where I come in. 

After all the research I’ve done on every product you can put on a Tesla, you can now make an informed decision. 

Instead of giving you a hefty list of thousands of products and a whole book on it, I cherry-picked the best ones in each category, keeping budget and quality in mind. 

I hope you have your coffee now; let’s get started. 

I’ve classified the gifts into five categories: 

Caution: Lots of accessories ahead! 

Simple and Inexpensive Gifts for Tesla Owners

Gift Cards

No matter what gift you end up giving, always put a gift card with it. 

There are a couple of things you can mention there just for fun. For example:


The glass roof is an amazing thing to have, but the sun can be a little too harsh on summers, which is why you need a sunshade on the glass roof. 

Most Tesla owners don’t have a sunshade for the roof, which is why it can be a great gift to show how much you would like to protect them from environmental harms. 

Even though the roof is UV resistant, it’s still best to have a sunshade.

It can help minimize eyestrain and give a relaxing ride. 

Here’s one for the Model Y to give you an example. 

You can also get similar ones for other models. 

All-Weather Floor Mats

Teslas don’t come with all-weather floor mats; you only get simple carpet mats from the factory. 

If someone you know has recently received their order, these can be a great gift as most Tesla owners would buy these sooner or later. 

There are a lot of options in the market for all-weather floor mats.

As everyone would have their own preference on what design would work best, you would really have to know the other person’s taste to nail this. 

The LHD TAPTES all-weather floor mats are my personal favorite as the design is very decent and there’s no tacky logo that’s an eyesore. 

TAPTES also manufactures all-weather floor mats for RHD Tesla models, so you don’t have to worry about fitment for UK and Australian models. 

Tesla Key Card/Key Fob Holder

A key chain is one of the most inexpensive gift examples. 

You can get them a very inexpensive card holder for the Tesla key card or a key fob cover.

Prank Gifts for Tesla Owners 

Owner’s Manual 

If this Tesla owner is somewhat oblivious when it comes to the technical aspects of a Tesla ownership, then this is the best prank gift you can give. 

Just make a hard copy of the owner’s manual and wrap it in a huge box and cover it with some amazing gift wrap. 

To make the box heavy, you can put in some bricks. 

Power Bank 

Give them a tiny power bank and you can go like,

“Yeah, in case you are out of charge, this should come in handy. You know I really want to look out for you.”

Or you can gift them a small power generator.

Or maybe a big one. 

Range anxiety is a real thing, especially on long commutes, so you can go like,

“Look, range anxiety is not good for your health, and I can’t help but give you something that will prevent you from having it.”

So here it is, a gas-powered generator, aka power bank, for your Tesla.

Stop a Tesla from Moving 

This is really fun. 

You can trick the AI into thinking that it’s actually in a no-entry zone by making a white circle around it. 

White spray can be used, but to make it kind of a ritual, use white salt.

Because, you know, for the demons. 

Window Tints 

Now there are some strict laws in different states on how dark your tint can be. 

You can send some dark tints or, even better, help your Tesla buddy install them and say,

“Woah, the tint looks amazing.”

And wait for their first ticket. 

“Stealing the Tesla” Prank 

Now this is something that requires a lot of groundwork. 

You need a couple of things and some hardware knowledge to be able to pull this off. 

Make sure not to drive it for more than 15 minutes; otherwise, the title will be “stealing Tesla prank gone horribly wrong.”

So how does it work? 

It basically works on the principle of relay attacks. 

You take the signal from the phone as a key and relay that signal to the car parking outside, and you’re good to go. 

Only if it were that simple. 

There’s a lot of work that goes behind this. 

If you want to learn more about this and plan your grand heist, here’s a YouTube video from Donut Media that will walk you through the initial phase. 

A ready-to-roll device will cost you $15,000.

However, if you have the hardware knowledge and can make your own device, you’ll pay only $20.

Exhaust for Tesla

This is something that can really freak them out. 

If you happen to drive their Teslas once in a while, why not surprise them with this cool gadget that makes a Tesla sound like it’s got an engine? 

What? Tesla with an engine swap. 

I leave the rest to your imagination. 

Special, Expensive Gifts for Tesla Owners 

Moveable Tesla Screen

The movability of the center console screen is one of the best things you can add to a Tesla to make it much easier to reach. 

Sometimes it can get really frustrating to reach out to the screen while driving, dangerous even. 

This is where this amazing Tesla screen swivel mount comes in handy. 

It is the kind of accessory that most Tesla owners don’t know the benefit of.

However, the newer Model X and S models are coming with moveable screens. The Model Y and Model 3 also have this screen in their latest models.

If the Tesla owner has an older model (pre-2021), you can gift them with this accessory.

It will help them realize how easy it could have been only if they had it in the first place.

Automatic Tesla Frunk 

For an electric car that can drive itself and not have an automatic frunk is really a bummer. 

However, there are companies offering Tesla owners the delight of having an automatic frunk. 

Most owners wouldn’t have it installed as this is one of those things that they would love to have but might not prefer spending money on. 

And if you’re paying attention, you would know right away that this is an amazing gift and would definitely be appreciated. 

A couple of companies such as EVOffer and Hanshow are working on this automation. 

Tesla Front License Plate Holder 

Some states require you to have a front license plate, so this holder will surely come in handy when you’re traveling to a state where it’s mandatory. 

Now there are a number of front license plate holders available, but I would recommend Quick Bandit

The quality is top-notch, and the design is pretty cool. 

This is something that any Tesla owner would love to have but might not spend a premium on because it’s a little on the expensive side for a license holder. 

Tesla Pressure Washer

A good pressure washer can make life so much easier. 

If the Tesla owner is a DIY person, you can’t go wrong with this one. 

There are a bazillion choices when it comes to pressure washers, but I found the best one in terms of price and quality, Sun Joe SPX3000.

It will not only help them with cleaning their Tesla but also make every other cleaning job so much easier. 

So it’s a very practical gift for Tesla owners.

Tesla Air Compressor

Flat tire anxiety can be a real thing. 

More so if you’re a Tesla owner. 

Not to mention the range anxiety that’s already there. 

As Tesla requires low-profile tires, you can’t really opt for run-flat tires that can become a nightmare if they get stuck in the wilderness during the night. 

♪ In the middle of the night, in the middle of the night. ♪

Ahem. An air compressor can help reduce that anxiety and help get you out of a pinch in case of a small puncture. 

Waiting for Tesla roadside assistance is not always the best option, and most Tesla owners prefer to have some sort of tire repair kit, along with an air compressor. 

Another benefit of an air compressor is that it can keep the tire pressure at its optimum, which, in turn, helps with better range and better handling. 

After reviewing dozens of options, I found AstroAI Air Compressor to be the best one for your gift.

Legendary, Superexpensive Gifts for Tesla Owners

These are the most legendary gifts that will make any Tesla owner so happy you will see a lot of jumping.

Body Kits

I have yet to find someone who doesn’t like these sick wide-body kits. 

Credit to Performance Speedshop

For every enthusiast, these wide body kits are the pinnacle of joy and accomplishment. 

These kits personalize the owner’s experience and make a vehicle stand out. 

If you want to go all out on your gift and the person is an enthusiast, you can’t go wrong with this one. 


Wheels and Tires

You can never have too many tires while owning a Tesla. 

It would be a great treat to have a set of tires lying around in the garage before the first ones are completely worn out — which they would sooner or later.

Gifting a new set of tires would be an amazing idea, and no matter the person, the feat will be appreciated. 

To know what tire size the Tesla owner has, you can take a peek at the numbers that are indicated on the tires. 

To know more about the numbers, you can refer to this article I wrote. 

The last digit will let you know what tire size you would need. 

Depending on their order, the lower trims can have either a 19-inch or 20-inch wheel. The top-of-the-line variants are equipped with 21-inch wheels. 

Speaking of tires, you can also go a step further and get them wheels as well. 

For a Tesla owner, carbon fiber wheels are a treat as they are made to be lightweight and can increase the range by a significant number. 

If you’re a Tesla owner as well, you can also gift yourself some nice wheels, but make sure to come up with a great excuse. 

Gold Vossen wheels on the Model Y. Credit to Motor 1

Suspension (Coilovers)

If the Tesla owner likes to scrape the side skirts on the road, then a set of coilovers would be an awesome gift. 

It not only gives them a lot of levies to play with the ride height, camber, toe, etc. but also increases the overall appeal of their vehicle. 

There are a couple of high-end coilovers available in the market. I’d recommend that you avoid the cheaper options as they can seriously affect the handling. 

They would give a very bumpy ride compared with the expensive ones, and don’t ask me how I know. 


If you really care for the Tesla owner you are gifting to, you can show it by giving the ultimate protection for their possessions as well. 

PPF helps protect the vehicle’s paint from rock chips, snow, and other environmental damage. 

A complete PPF wrap from a professional is going to cost you more than $5,000. If you don’t have a budget for this, you can have it applied only to the front bumpers and on the side of wheel wells as these are the areas that get damaged the most. 

Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl wraps are plenty out there, but if it’s for a gift, customized wraps are the way to go. 

During my extensive research on vinyl wraps, I found the Arlon wraps to be one of the most inexpensive yet very customizable. 

If you have a certain design in mind, then get the Arlon wrap and print the graphics of your choice — the sky’s the limit. 

Sound System

The sound system on a Tesla can really use an extra subwoofer. 

If the Tesla owner has an SR+ model (not the Performance one), you can give them a great audio experience by giving them a better sound system.

You can give them either an amplifier and subwoofer or a DIY harness that plugs the inactive speakers on their Tesla so the surround sound experience is enhanced by multiple folds. 

For the amplifier, the Alpine KTP-445U is the way to go. As for the subwoofer, you can go for the 8-inch Pioneer

It will be a great treat for the bass lovers out there. 

Complete Solar Setup 

A complete solar setup at home is what every Tesla owner would want to have. 

Going off-grid not only gives you a sense of freedom, but the savings that come with it are something to droop for. 

If you have a good budget for the gift or if it is for your spouse, then having a complete solar setup would be the best addition you can have for the house. 

Were you able to find the right gift?

If the options above are still not enough, I’ve made a list below from which you will surely find something

List of Accessories Tesla Lovers Would Like to Have

Tesla car cover (different for each model)

Tire repair kit (can significantly reduce flat tire anxiety)

Spare tire for Tesla (no more flat tire anxiety)

Jack pads (to avoid battery damage)

Wall charger (perfect for the garage)

Tire hub removing tool (easily removes the hub)

Trailer hitch (if it’s not included in the order)

Yoke steering wheel (for Model 3 and Y owners)

Ambient lighting for the cockpit/cabin

Stickers (I will leave this one to your imagination)

Bike racks (for those who love mountain biking)

Roof rack (for those who love to travel)

Seat covers (definitely worth it when you have pets, especially dogs)

Front lip spoiler (if you don’t want to go all out on full body kits) or a sporty option

Rear diffuser (great body kit alternative)

Mud flaps (gives a rally look, I mean protects the vulnerable painted areas from chipping)

Chrome delete kit

Trunk coolers or frunk coolers (perfect for adventure-loving Tesla owners)

Lumbar support or back care cushions

Steering wheel tray (for the foodie)

Performance pedals (for the speed junkie)

Sunglasses holder

Automatic garage door opener (for the lazy people out there)

Memory foam neck pillow and blanket)

Bed kit (for Camp Mode)

Tesla Hotwheels (for the child at heart — make sure to get the same model and color)

RC drift car with Tesla shell (make sure to get the same model shell for the big child at heart)

Final Thoughts 

So after giving you 50+ things and 100+ ways you can go about them, it’s time we part ways. 

Just kidding, I will be at your service — always. 

If you’re like my cousin who can never make a decision, just do an eeny, meeny, miney, mo.

But make sure not to do that over the legendary section — and definitely not near the solar panels or you might have to resort to this. 

Credit to Reddit 

Hope the special person will like your gift!

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