Best Tesla Model Y Car Cover: 5 Outdoor and Indoor Options Reviewed

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 06/22/22 •  13 min read

I have carried out in-depth research on so many covers that I have lost count. 

After all this research, I have debunked several myths that have been bugging car owners for a very long time. 

Let me give you one example.

There’s a lot of talk around the waterproofness of a car cover, but you should never go for 100% waterproof covers. Here’s why:

If there’s no room for the moisture to escape the paint surface, there will be no breathing room left — thus, your clear coat will suffocate and die. 

Most manufacturers use “waterproof” as a marketing term, but no car cover is entirely waterproof.

The good ones will be water-resistant, not waterproof, even though their ads state they are. 

Before we dive deep into each car cover brand for your Model Y, let’s learn a few things about these covers and how the material affects their performance. 

Tesla Model Y Car Cover Review: Materials & Budget

You can find car covers for as low as $20 or as high as $1,000+.

I found the cheaper ones not worth it as they are made of cheap, single-layer nylon fabric (parachute-like), which tends to be more waterproof than water-resistant.

This means that it may end up destroying your clear coat, not to mention cause scratches on your paint. 

The expensive option is only for bragging rights since the quality is not justified by the price (my friends have been there, believe me).

So what if you can get the same materials that premium covers use for much less? That would be a win-win. 

That’s where I come in.

Inner layer

Most high-end car covers use a thick multilayered woven fabric for the inner layer, such as nylon fleece, cotton flannel, polycotton, etc.

Some covers even use pure cotton for their inner lining. 

On the other hand, cheaper covers have spunlace cotton for their inner layer, which tends to be a little more abrasive.

In choosing a car cover, the inner layer should be thick enough to absorb all moisture and allow room for that moisture to escape. 

It should also be soft enough to prevent scratches while handling. 

Outer layer

The outer layer of premium covers is mostly made of multilayered fabric (with polyester) with special water-resistant coatings. 

Polypropylene and nylon fabric (single layer) are not a good option for the outer layer. These are mostly used in cheaper options. 

The outer layer should be strong enough to protect your Model Y from environmental damage. It should have UV protection for outdoor use and should allow moisture to escape. 

Now without further ado, here are the best Tesla Model Y car covers.

Overall Best Car Cover for Tesla Model Y: Farasla Outdoor Car Cover

Out of all the car covers, Farasla got my attention as it uses some really good materials like those found in premium covers but at a very reasonable price. 

The Farasla Outdoor Car Cover has three layers of protection for your Model Y. 

The outer layer is made of woven polyester, which is good. Furthermore, an extra layer of thermoplastic urethane is present, which means extra breathability and water-resistant characteristics. 

The inner layer is made of cotton flannel, which is again a better material than the spunlace cotton that cheaper covers use. 

These materials give you good protection against scratches and ding damage. 

Another benefit of the Farasla cover is that it has an opening for your charging port, letting you charge your Model Y with a car cover on.

However, make sure that the temperature does not get very high. The cover does have a ventilated mesh for better airflow, but be cautious. 

If you live in an area where the outside temperature is very high, it’s best to charge it without the cover to make the cooling fans do their job better.

I also have to include the storage bag in its list of benefits. You can simply fold the cover and store it neatly in your trunk. 

On the negative side, fitment may be a problem, especially for Performance models with a spoiler in the back and bigger wheels. 


✅ Great quality
✅ Premium materials
✅ Reasonably priced
✅ Has a storage bag
✅ Three layers of protection
✅ Opening for charging port
✅ Ventilated mesh for better airflow when charging 


❌ Fitment may be problem for Performance models

Best Tesla Model Y Outdoor Car Cover: Kayme 6-Layer Car Cover

You know what’s better than three layers of protection?

Six layers of protection.

When it comes to accomplishing the job at a very low price, the Kayme 6-layer cover does just that.

The cover has a thin cotton layer underneath, but its product description does not specify what materials were used. 

When it comes to being waterproof, I would say it’s more than optimum because it leaves almost no room for breathability. 

So when you use this cover for a long time, you have to make sure that your Model Y does not have any moisture on it. 

With the reflective material on top, you would get a nice cool cabin in hot summers. Not the coolest, but it would surely prevent heat from coming into the cabin by a lot.

Another benefit of its reflective material is that you will get better UV protection.

It also comes with reflectors that will let passing cars know that your Model Y is parked there. 

You do get a storage bag as well, but it’s a bit too thin, and putting in the cover might be a little extra work.

Another plus is that you get a zipper on the driver’s side for easy access to the front seat when the cover is on. 

The major downside of this cover is that it doesn’t give you the ability to charge while the cover is on as there is no opening for the charging port. 

However, you should avoid charging when this cover is on as it offers no breathability and can cause overheating. 


✅ Inexpensive
✅ UV resistant and heat resistant
✅ Has door zipper for easy access to the driver’s seat
✅ Six layers of protection
✅ Great outdoor protection
✅ Has reflectors to let passersby know your car is parked there during the night
✅ Comes with a storage bag but very thin


❌ A bit too waterproof (no breathability)
❌ No charging port access
❌ No breathable mesh to allow for charging with the cover on

Best Tesla Model Y Car Cover for Rainy Weather: CoverMaster Gold Shield 

CoverMaster Gold Shield is made of all the good layers I have been looking for.

It’s got five layers, three of which are polypropylene and the remaining two are made of microporous film for breathability and a cotton fleece for the inner layer to make it soft.

Now this is a recipe that works well. 

On top of the good materials, you also get a free lock and cable, antenna patch, and storage bag, which is really nice. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

The thing that makes this one of the best is its lifetime warranty. 

In terms of protection, you get rain, snow, UV, and a degree of hail protection as well. 

On the downside, however, as this cover is not 100% waterproof and has room for breathability, some water might get trapped underneath it. 

So make sure that you don’t let the cover stay on your car for a long time. 

If you’re leaving your vehicle parked outside, ask your family or friends to take the cover off every now and then. 

In the scorching heat, this cover will deteriorate. Make sure to ask the seller about its warranty claims before making the purchase. 

In terms of charging, you can’t charge with the cover on as it does not have an opening for the charging port, and there’s no zipper on the driver’s side either. 


✅ Great-quality material
✅ Water-resistant 
✅ Breathable
✅ Comes with free lock and cable, antenna patch, and storage bag
✅ Lifetime warranty
✅ Good weather protection


❌ No pocket for charging port
❌ No zipper for driver’s side access
❌ Not suitable if you’re parking outside for weeks and not driving
❌ Not suitable for extreme heat

Best Budget Tesla Model Y Car Cover for Hot Regions: Neverland 300D

Even though the seller advertises this product to be rainproof, it’s not. 

It’s advertised as made of a thick material, but it’s not.

After it rains my vehicle still gets very wet. Even after I make sure that the car cover is on properly and there’s no holes or rips. Somewhat disappointed.

Erik Thompson

And you’d ask, why would I put this in the list of one of the best covers?

Well, excluding the fact that it is not rainproof and is made of thin material, it’s actually a good product, which is why I chose it for the best cover if you’re looking for something that will bear all the heat from the sun.

Not only does it keep away all the heat, but also it gives Model Y owners everything they are looking for in a car cover. 

An opening for a charging port? Check.

A zipper for the driver’s side? Check.

And you might be wondering about breathability so it won’t get hot when charging? Check. 

And on top of all these, it’s really inexpensive. It’s the cheapest and most durable Model Y car cover that you can get.

In slight rain, it will protect the surface of your Model Y from getting wet, but when it’s raining cats and dogs, it won’t stand a chance.

What I meant to say is that I love cats and dogs. I love it when cats and dogs are everywhere. I won’t stand a chance and give in to the cuteness. 


When it comes to wind protection, it has a strap to hold it in place, so you don’t have to worry about the cover flying off into the sky. 

For safety, it has reflectors to prevent passersby from hitting your Model Y at night. 

Neverland also provides a storage bag that you are never going to use. 

Now let’s talk about its drawbacks. 

After going on full Sherlock mode, I found out that it’s made of materials that are not that good. 

The zipper can get damaged easily as it can get stuck into the cover material and ruin the whole thing. 

Here’s what some Amazon customers have to say about the product: 

I didn’t realize it would literally be like a nylon cover. Pretty sure it’s not gonna breathe. Had to put another cover underneath to prevent scratching. Quality is decent, just not thrilled at material. You get what you pay for.


Zipper was damaged, and is inoperable 


Another con for this cover is that when you put it on your Model Y and it has got some surface dust, your car will get scratched pretty easily. So only use it when the surface of your vehicle is clear of dust. 


✅ Inexpensive
✅ Has zipper for the driver’s side
✅ Has opening for charging port
✅ Breathable mesh to prevent overheating when charging
✅ Comes with storage bag
✅ Keeps heat away
✅ Has reflectors 
✅ Has strap to keep it in place
✅ Durable


❌ Not quite up to expectations
❌ Not good for heavy rain
❌ Not made of thick material 
❌ Zipper can get jammed 

Best Indoor Car Cover for Tesla Model Y: Xipoo Fit Tesla Model Y Car Cover

These indoor covers are one of the best-looking ones, no doubt — and they come with a very reasonable price tag.

However, I found it weird that the seller markets this product for outdoor use when they are clearly not made for outdoors. 

Here’s what a user said,

Car cover didn’t protect my car from anything. After washing my car. The car cover didn’t protect my car from dust, water, sun. Absolutely nothing!


Only if Ronnie had asked me before making his final decision. 


You can use it outside for show, but it won’t be waterproof as much as outdoor covers — or any proof for that sake. This is meant for indoors. 

It doesn’t come with a charging port opening though. 

However, the snug fit is something to compliment on. These covers look so good that you might just end up lifting them a little bit for charging. 

We can agree that a little revealing like below looks very sexy.

Credit to

So just lift it a little for charging and enjoy that bare area that comes to light.

One of the pros of this Xipoo car cover is its ability to stretch, giving a sick look when covering the whole Model Y. 

The stretch is reversible up to 15%–20%, after which it can deform, so make sure you’re not stretching it too much. 

This cover also offers UV protection that prevents sun damage to the paint of your Model Y.

For Tesla owners who are very particular about sustainability, this cover claims to be eco-friendly. 

But because of the fabric, it’s highly unlikely that it will give you any rain protection. 


✅ Looks cool
✅ Great for indoors
✅ Offers UV protection in case you want to use it outside
✅ Stretchable material provides glove-like fitment 
✅ Eco-friendly


❌ Not weatherproof as advertised
❌ No charging port access

Final Thoughts

After all the research, I have come to the conclusion that you should not waste your hard-earned money on premium car covers; they won’t last as much as advertised.

With the same amount of money, you can buy a couple of non-expensive covers whenever you feel like it. 

All the covers in my list are made of the same materials used in premium covers (except for Neverland 300D), so you can have premium-like quality without having to spend a premium. 

Your best bet is from Farasla

If you’re looking for an indoor car cover, Xipoo will do a great job. 

If you want something on a budget, Neverland 300D will give sufficient protection for outdoor use, although you would have to be careful not to slide it on your car’s paint surface with dust on it. 

For something 100% waterproof, go for Kayme

For winters, rain, and snow, your best option is CoverMaster.

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