5 Sporty Tesla Model 3 Rear Diffusers Guaranteed to Turn Heads

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 01/12/21 •  10 min read

A body can make a HUGE difference in making your Tesla Model 3 look sporty. Grab some side skirts, a front lip, a rear spoiler, and—to complete the look—a rear diffuser.

Sporty Tesla Model 3 (rear diffuser and spoiler). Credit to TheNumberOneD.

We compiled the best Tesla Model 3 rear diffusers available on the market today to help you turn heads on the streets and visually back up your Model 3’s instant acceleration.

But first things first.

What’s The Purpose of a Rear Diffuser Anyway?

To put it simply, a rear diffuser prevents a car from flying.

Prime examples of why you should put a rear diffuser on your Tesla

That’s the simple and unscientific definition, but this is a rear diffuser’s practical purpose in a racetrack.

At high speeds, a rear diffuser increases the downforce of a vehicle, increasing its grip and reducing its aerodynamic drag.

But with a vehicle as aerodynamic as the Model 3 (and with its low center of gravity due to battery weight), a wheelstand is unlikely to happen.

So in everyday life, its real purpose is just aesthetics.

Race cars use it, and vehicles looking for a sporty appearance adopt it too. It just looks cool.

If you have an engineering background like me or have any interest in the physics principles behind the benefits of a rear diffuser, geek out with Engineering Explained:

Demonstration included @ 4:08.

Best Overall Tesla Model 3 Rear Diffuser: Maxton Rear Valance

Tesla Model 3 rear diffuser by Maxtor (USA)

If you’re a fan of minimalistic designs, you’re going to love this rear diffuser.

Often called as the OEM’s twin, Maxton’s rear diffuser is what you get for a sporty but simple look.

It’s available in three different colors: gloss black, carbon black, and textured black. You can choose either one to make an appropriate combination with your car’s factory paint.

The build quality is sturdy too. This diffuser is manufactured using ABS plastic that’s used widely in automotive parts due to its high strength.

The installation procedure is quite straightforward too (definitely a DIY project). You’ll just need some tap rivets along with double-sided adhesive tape. 

Matt from the Matnetik YouTube channel walks us through the whole procedure while sharing his two cents about the product:

Installation starts @ 1:08.

I really dig the idea of using an adhesion promoter to get optimum results. I recommend using it in the installation process no matter what diffuser you get.

There weren’t many negative comments about this product. However, I did find some owners unhappy with side splitters.

If you’re also skeptical about them, you can just cut them off. Sure it’ll void the warranty, but you can get the aesthetics of your liking.

This owner actually did it.

Tesla Model 3 rear diffuser being cut by Model 3 owner.
Image Credits: Kpeng

I also found some owners worried over its visibility on lowered Model 3s because of it being really low-key. After some research, however, I can safely say that it’s indeed visible on lowered fitments. No issues there! 

All in all, if you’re a price-conscious Model 3 owner, you can’t go wrong with Maxton Rear Valance. Everything about this product seems to be perfect.


Fits: Model 3 2017–2021

✅ Available at a very reasonable price

✅ Looks good

✅ Awesome build quality

✅ Easy to install


❌ Side splitters may annoy you.

❌ Not very noticeable on a lowered Model 3

Premium Pick: Unplugged Performance Ascension

Review starts @ 3:10 / Aerodynamics Discussion Starts @ 6:26

The last Tesla Model 3 rear diffuser comes from a brand known for its performance-focused Tesla modifications: Unplugged Performance.

Looks are subjective, of course, and the first time I saw this rear bumper and diffuser kit, I reckoned, “There’s no way I’m going to recommend that.”

But to be honest, the design grew on me as I looked at it more closely.

It gives the Model 3 a wider appearance that some owners will appreciate.

And in my opinion, it makes the rear look closer to the Model S to some degree.

I’m not associated with Unplugged Performance in any way, but their name always comes up when I research Tesla performance and exterior aerodynamic improvements.

Thousands of Tesla owners in forums and other online communities rave about the quality of their products.

Quality doesn’t come cheap, though. And understandably so.

The company claims their products are made with the same materials and equipment and in the same factory as million-dollar race car body panels.

You’ll have to pay a premium compared with the China-made alternatives on this list.


Fits: All Model 3 years and trims

✅ Replaces your rear bumper and cuts weight in half

✅ Aerodynamics and performance-focused brand

✅ Available in fiberglass and reinforced plastic as less expensive options


❌ Expensive

Best Budget Tesla Model 3 Rear Diffuser: JC Sportline A Style

JC Sportsline has been a carbon fiber manufacturer for many premium automakers since 2007.

Their carbon fiber rear diffuser comes at an extremely reasonable price.

According to buyers of this Tesla Model 3 rear diffuser, it is relatively easy to install and fits perfectly without removing the bumper.

Watch its installation process and end result on VLADSWTF’s YouTube channel:

Installation starts @ 1:45. End result can be seen @ 0:00 and 9:20.

The set includes screws and tape for quick installation out of the box.

But you may consider getting rubber washers, alternative fasteners, and some extra traceless double-sided tape to secure the rear diffuser in place without scratching your original bumper.

You may also want to raise your vehicle using car ramps if you plan on installing the diffuser yourself.

Given that it’s manufactured overseas, expect the product to be shipped within 2–3 weeks and delivered somewhere closer to the 2-month mark.

For the quality and price, it’s worth the wait for most people.

Keep in mind that this Model 3 rear diffuser fits only the 2016 to 2021 models.

And looking in-depth at the differences between the 2019 Model 3 and the refreshed model (late 2020 and 2021), the rear bumper design is the exact same.

I have yet to see a newer Model 3 with this diffuser installed, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this product fits every year model just fine.


Fits: Model 3 2016–2021

✅ Established brand

✅ Very reasonably priced for real carbon fiber

✅ Relatively easy installation

✅ Great fitting


❌ May require extra installation tools

❌ Shipped from overseas

Runner-Up Tesla Model 3 Rear Diffuser: MCARCAR KIT Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser + Splitter (Flat Design)

tesla model 3 rear diffuser by mCARCAR

With a thinner design and ribs that don’t protrude too downward, this MCARCAR KIT set offers an attractive look without the aggressive, in-your-face statement other diffusers make.

It’s perfect for Model 3 owners looking for a sportier appearance, but not wanting to draw too much attention.

No screws or tape are included with this product, but our recommendation is to always use alternative fasteners and extra tape nonetheless.

The kit comes with both a centered diffuser and two outer splitters, protecting your rear bumper and giving it a full “anchor” appearance.

If you want to add the splitters to a different diffuser or prefer the rear diffuser by itself, you can purchase them separately.

Like most rear diffusers, however, you’ll need to wait a couple of months to get your hands on it.

But as soon as you get it, install it and set your Model 3 apart from the rest.

The company has a 30-day money-back guarantee to back you up if you’re not satisfied with the product.


Fits: Model 3 2016–2021

✅ Sporty appearance without looking too aggressive

✅ Thinner design

✅ Comes with a diffuser and splitters (can be sold separately)

✅ 30-day money-back guarantee


❌ Shipped from overseas

❌ No installation tools included

Best-Looking Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser: JC Sportline B Style

tesla model 3 rear diffuser by JC Sportline

With much more pronounced and protruded ribs, the JC Sportline “B Style” variant is perfect for those looking to stand out with the most aggressive of looks.

With a more attention-grabbing design, it comes at a premium compared with the “A Style.”

But it’s still priced conservatively, especially being authentic 3K weave carbon fiber (with a UV coating for longer expected life).

The product comes with tape and plastic screws for installation out of the box, but again, you may consider additional tools for better results.

Expect long delivery times as well (2 months plus) with this product.

As this diffuser protrudes downward to be more visually noticeable, ground clearance may be lowered more than usual—but that’s a small price to pay for the style it adds to your vehicle.

The brand also offers other Model 3 modifications like front lips, side skirts, and rear spoilers for you to complete your vehicle’s look.


Fits: Model 3 2016–2021

✅ Aggressive look

✅ Great fitting

✅ Established brand

✅ Relatively easy installation


❌ May reduce ground clearance

❌ May require extra installation tools

❌ Shipped from overseas

Frequent Buyer Concerns

Can I install a rear diffuser myself?

If you’ve dealt with car modifications before, you should have no problem installing the products described above (Unplugged Performance being the exception).

If you haven’t dealt with car modifications in the past (and aren’t willing to mess up with your Tesla), professional help is advised.

Call a local shop and make sure they’re okay with third-party products, as some only install the products that they sell.

Does installing a rear diffuser require bumper removal?

As seen in VLADSWTF’s YouTube video, installation can be done without removing the bumper (with the exception of UP’s diffuser, which replaces the rear bumper).

The manufacturer’s advice, however, is to remove the bumper for “better installation results.”

If you hire a professional, they should handle this without an issue.

But if you’re installing it yourself, I suggest you try to install it without removing the bumper first. 

Chances are, you’ll install the diffuser without problems.

Should I be concerned about range decreasing?

No. In sports cars, the rear diffuser is used to increase downforce, improve grip, and make the vehicle more aerodynamic.

Carbon fiber rear diffusers like the ones above are also lightweight.

In theory, it should increase range, if anything, although too little to make a difference.

In practice, you won’t notice any range or efficiency differences, positive or negative.

Will a rear diffuser improve performance?

Unless you’re driving at illegal high speeds and very low to the ground, I wouldn’t expect any significant changes in performance (like 0 to 60 mph times) or handling.

Will a rear diffuser remove ground clearance?

Although rear bumpers usually sit higher up than front bumpers, a rear diffuser will decrease ground clearance by as much as an inch (or so).

Ground clearance in the rear area isn’t a big deal for most people, though, and scratches aren’t typically a concern.

Final Thoughts: Our Tesla Model 3 Rear Diffuser of Choice

The Maxton Rear Valence gives your vehicle an aggressive look without being too over the top.

And the price is too reasonable to ignore.

Visuals are subjective, but it looks pretty darn nice too. It will surely make your Model 3 stand out from similar models on the road.

And with a rear diffuser, you’ll have visual proof to back up how fun electric vehicles are to drive (despite being seen as a boring, eco-friendly technology by many car enthusiasts).

Get yourself a sporty-looking rear diffuser and prove those gas-guzzlers wrong.

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