5 Easy-To-Install Tesla Model 3 Front Plate Brackets That Require No Drilling

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 01/14/22 •  9 min read

Whether you travel to (or live in) California, Texas, or states that enforce front license plates,

You cringe at the idea of drilling your Tesla to satisfy such an annoying requirement.

After reading through 21 different forum threads, blogs, and videos, I compiled the drill-free front plate brackets with the highest community rating.

Avoid yourself a ticket — and read below for more details.

Best Overall
  • Mounted on the bumper, behind the upper/lower grills
  • Clever design to install / uninstall quickly (<10 sec)
  • Weatherproof plastic material
  • No sensor or airflow interference
  • Lifetime warranty


ThatGrin Metallic Bracket
ThatGrin Metallic Bracket
  • Mounted on vertical grills
  • Made of rust-proof aluminum. Outlasts plastic competitors
  • More stable at highway speeds
  • No sensor or airflow interference
  • Variants for Model X & Model Y also available
Most Eco-Friendly
  • Mounted on horizontal grills
  • 3D printed in a solar-powered U.S. facility
  • Clever design to install / uninstall quickly (<10 sec)
  • No sensor or airflow interference
  • Variants for Model S & Y also available

Best Tesla Model 3 Front Plate Bracket Overall: “Quick Bandit”

Tesla Model 3 Front Plate Bracket by Quick Bandit

This is the ideal product for those who live in an area that doesn’t enforce front licenses — but who travel to an area that does.

Or simply for those who hate ruining Model 3’s beautiful front bumper — and will end up removing the front mount often anyway.


The mount is called “quick” for a reason. It installs and uninstalls in 10 seconds, literally.

@2:30 watch the simple yet clever design behind this quick attachment. Notice how it doesn’t stress the individual grills either.

Although relatively expensive, the seller is confident enough to offer a lifetime warranty — so you know you’ll have support for as long as you own your Model 3.

Many prominent Youtubers say great things about the product:

Skip to 2:23 for a quick overview of i1Tesla’s review.

Most importantly, however…

Happy customers also comment impressed and satisfied by the product’s practicality and reliability.

If you want to take your license plate on and off easily, this is definitely the product to get.


Fits: All Model 3 years and trims
Mounted on:
Bumper, behind the upper/lower grills

✅ Clever design to install / uninstall quickly (<10 sec)
✅ Weatherproof plastic material
✅ No sensor or airflow interference
✅ Lifetime warranty


❌ Expensive compared to its plastic competitors

Runner-Up Tesla Model 3 Front Plate Bracket: ThatGrin Slipstream

Runner-Up Tesla Model 3 Front Plate Bracket by ThatGrin Slipstream

Although not as fast as QuickBandit, this 5-star product can be installed in less than 5 minutes with a simple L-key tool (included with purchase).

Given that it requires a tool to complete the installation process, however,

I’d recommend it as a fixed solution — as compared to QuickBandit which is ideal for frequent on/off use.

If you’re curious about how it works, I’d encourage you to watch Sean Mitchell’s 5-minute unboxing and installation video:

Installation starts @ 2:34. As usual with high-quality products, customers admit “this is the best license plate holder I’ve experienced” in the comments.

It’s certainly not the cheapest but is made of aircraft-grade aluminum with an industrial powder coating, I’d expect it to outlast competitors.

Customers have put the bracket to the test at 90-mph speeds with no reported rattles, looseness, or issues whatsoever.

I like that the bracket is flexible enough to have some leeway — but sturdy enough to prevent it from damaging the car’s paint.

A fair complaint is that the product doesn’t include washers to protect the contact between the screws and the bracket.

Regardless, customers admit that it was well worth the investment — and that it’s a huge upgrade over the OEM glued-on, plastic mount.

If you happen to be a family with other Teslas in your garage, variants are also available for Model X & Model Y.


Fits: All Model 3 years and trims
Model X & Y variants available.
Mounted on: Vertical grills

✅ Easy to install / uninstall (<5 min)
✅ Made of rust-proof aluminum
✅ No sensor or airflow interference
✅ More stable at highway speeds
✅ May outlast plastic competitors


❌ Expensive
❌ More involved installation process. No drilling required, though.

Most Eco-Friendly License Plate Mount: SnapPlate

Eco-friendly Tesla Model 3 Front Plate Bracket by SnapPlate

Most EV owners enjoy knowing the brands they support are doing the right thing for the environment.

The following patented product was created by Matthew, the YouTuber behind EveryAmp (previously LivingTesla) who decided to turn his home into a 3D-printing facility for his product.

Since Tesla Solar and Powerwalls are used as the energy source, you’ll know for certain the product manufacturing is emissions-free.

Owner-made products tend to be of higher quality — and this one is no exception:

“The Ultimate Plate Mount,” as the creator described it.

The attachment mechanism is similar to “Quick Bandit.”

It can be installed and removed in a blink of an eye — and leaves nothing behind once it’s gone.

Unlike other front plate mounts, this one has the ability to accommodate different frames (like European frames and others).

If you want a more affordable, non-permanent front plate solution that brings all the features you need — and helps the environment in the process,

Give SnapPlate serious consideration.


Fits: All Model 3 years and trims
Model Y & S variants available.
Mounted on:
Horizontal grills

✅ Clever design to install / uninstall quickly (<10 sec)
✅ No sensor or airflow interference
✅ Available for US, EU, and many other license plate standards


❌ Expensive, although more competitively priced
❌ Seems more flimsy at first glance (plastic, not metal)

Tesla Model 3 Front Plate Bracket on a Budget: OttoPlate

OttoPlate’s easy installation process.

If the prices above sound outrageous for an add-on you won’t really enjoy — and it’s just a requirement,

Ottostick offers the Model 3 front plate bracket you’re looking for.

The product has a magnetic attachment, making it unique in that it doesn’t stress the physical components of the grills as much.

Seemingly a newer product (or not as popular), it undercuts its main competitors by one-third.

Despite this, it’s a tougher sell because the product is more flimsy — and as far as I know, it offers no warranty.

For those looking to fulfill the front license requirement while protecting their Tesla and their waller, it’s one worth checking out.

Notable Mention: RPMTesla

RPMTesla created a product that’s compatible with both Model 3 & Model Y despite being slightly taller.

The amount of screws & nuts required to assemble the product is insane, though — and you’re the one responsible for putting the pieces together.

No idea why the end-user has to assemble the product in the first place when it’s so time-consuming…

I do like that the product is flexible enough to be installed with a license plate alone or with a frame of your choosing —

And that its “touchless” design prevents the bracket from ever touching your Tesla’s paint.

If you’ve had good experiences with RPMTesla and are willing to spend time assembling the product, then check this one out.

If not, you’re probably better off elsewhere.

License Plate Frames to Consider

If you decide that our top pick fits your needs — or any other bracket from this list,

Then you may also be interested in protecting your license plate with a frame.

To save you the effort, I included a quality frame that goes together nicely with any of the front plate brackets we discussed.

Best-Selling License Plate Frame / Holder »

✅ Made of high-quality, rust-proof silicone
✅ Eliminates rattles
✅ Installs easily in minutes
✅ Fits nicely on U.S & Canadian plates
✅ Stylish way to protect your plate and paint
❌ No screws are included
❌ May tear easily if not careful

Frequent Buyer Concerns

Not really. Tesla may mail you a stick-on front plate bracket after purchase.

The problem? Under certain circumstances, such bracket could remove any wrap or paint protection film your vehicle has.

Also, as Tesla’s bracket isn’t meant to be removed, it may accumulate dirt, damaging your paint in the long term.

If the state you live in (or travel to) doesn’t enforce it, then there’s no reason to have a front license plate.

According to Insurance.com, 19 states are currently free from this requirement:

If yours isn’t on this list, a front license plate is required to be in order.

As seen above, different products use different attachment mechanisms to avoid having to drill your Tesla.

Usually, products will attach physically to the front grills — or be adhered directly to the bumper.

Hard plastic isn’t as sturdy as some may like but usually gets the job done.

Metal may prove more durable in long term — although it may rust if not properly coated.

I usually lean one way or the other…

For this type of product, though, I’m indifferent. Either will get the job done.

Beyond that, it’s truly personal preference.

Our Tesla Model 3 Front Plate Bracket of Choice

“The Quick Bandit,” although not cheap, offers everything you’d want in a Model 3 front plate mount:

Extremely fast installation & removal, proof that it works by trusted Tesla owners, and a lifetime warranty.

Order yours and get the flexibility to remove your license plate in seconds — and the peace of mind of knowing cops will have no reason to put you a ticket.

(Unless you’re, understandably so, surpassing the speed limits. 😉)

If you’d feel more comfortable having a metallic front license plate holder, however, then ThatGrin is the product for you.

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