Do Teslas Come With Tinted Windows? (Model 3, Y, S, & X) Debate Explained

By Muhammad Hassan •  Updated: 06/23/22 •  8 min read

Is that the tint? Or Teslas just have slightly dark windows?

Tough nut to crack, right? Credit to InsideEVs

While Tesla has never given the direct answer to this question, I took it upon myself to solve this mystery once and for all.

My verdict: Teslas don’t come with tinted windows.

And to the right wing who thinks Tesla windows are tinted… Don’t underestimate me; I’ve come armed with undeniable proof.

Whaa . . . Whaattt … You think you know everything! Pull out those proofs or feel our wrath!

Right away. Let’s dive straight into the details.

Why Do People Think Tesla’s Windows Are Tinted?

The right wing who believes Tesla car windows are tinted base their claim on three fundamentals:

Well, these are some solid pointers. But let’s dissect each fact calmly.

Even though it’s still confusing, one thing is certain: The glass used in Tesla’s windows and windshield comes with an ultimate UV protection

A stretchy UV reflective layer is placed in Tesla glass panels that absorbs almost 98% UVA and UVB rays from the sun — which makes it reflect back the uncomfortable heat and provide you with glorious sunshine and a genial ambience in the cabin.

Thus the reason it is dark and blocks heat.

Some staunch believers went further on this debate and actually bought some tint measuring device to prove it. They conducted multiple tests which showed 24% CXT in the glass windows.

A CXT of 24% means glass windows allow 76% VLT (visible light transmission), and that’s really convincing! Almost made me want to join the right wing.

But as I found, there’s more weight in the claim of the other side, i.e. the left wing.

Why Do People Think Tesla’s Windows Are NOT Tinted, Just Colored?

The left wing — and me — who believes Tesla windows are not tinted bases the claim on following three fundamentals:

If you were to get yourself a customized Tesla and thus check into Tesla’s website, you’d see several things related to car tinting and protection. 

Assuming you are to buy their best sellers, the Model 3 or Y, customized. Once you get into their website and check into the interior features list, you’d see they have highlighted the glass roof. 

You’d see several things revolving around car tinting and protection. Further, if you check into their latest Model X, you’ll notice “Optimized solar tinting and obstruction free view” there as part of their Panoramic Windshield feature. 

If you dig further into the Model X’s features, you’d see they mention the UV and IR protection on all glass, but there is not even a clear hint of tinting.

So per these deets, people who claim that Tesla windows are not tinted argue that as far as Tesla is concerned, they are providing protection from harmful UV and IR rays. If there had been any tinting, they should have highlighted it in bold letters.

Consequently, they further rebut the claim of 24% CXT because there is no such official evidence or documentation by Tesla itself in this regard.

They conclude their point with a really convincing logic that it’s not possible for Tesla to tint their cars generally because of legal complications

Keeping in view the variance of laws regarding car window tinting in every state, it’s not possible for them to launch cars with a unique tint percentage in every state. 

With the verdict given, I feel I should discuss if there is any need of further tinting your Tesla’s windows. Let’s see some important pointers.

Should You Tint Your Windows Further?

If your state allows, I’d say 100%. You must understand what million-dollar benefits are on the deck if you get your windows tinted.

An Armor for Harmful UV Rays

As sunlight is the sole source from which we can replenish our vitamin D deficiency, even a small amount of exposure to sunlight is critical. But it’s not all good!

Too much direct sunlight can be quite harmful. It can cause a variety of health issues.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) states unequivocally, “Most skin cancers are caused by exposure to UV radiation in sunshine.”

So, at the very least, when driving your Tesla, a high-quality window tint can provide a sun-blocking protective barrier.

Prevents Weathering of Tesla’s Interior

Do you remember how the harsh sunshine faded your furniture, carpets, or those expensive chairs you placed in your yard to spend the evening while drinking tea?

Yes! You are not alone in your feelings. Bombardment of sun rays over time can severely harm any item.

Do you realize the same thing may happen to your Tesla?

Constant exposure to sunlight not only severely destroys the upholstery of your Tesla seats but also causes the steering wheel and dashboard to lose its charm and attraction.

Consequently, Tesla’s eye-catching cabin will gradually lose its shine.

A one-time application of window tint can prevent your Tesla from the damaging effects of sun rays, and you can cruise this beauty on the road in broad sunlight without any worry.

Increases Privacy in Cabin

With all its luxury amenities such as a touch screen, amazing stereos, a pleasant ambiance, and a royal interior, Tesla seems like a home on wheels.

But what sort of home is it if no one has any privacy?

Window tint conceals the inside of your vehicle and takes you to incognito mode. As a result, you can keep your in-car actions to yourself. 

Adds Value to the Aesthetic

To be honest, the only thing that distinguishes Tesla on the road is Tesla itself. Elegant design, contemporary features, and a high-quality interior.

Tesla is so stunning that one cannot take his gaze away from her. And let’s be honest, you’re not the only one who owns a Tesla these days.

It’s not only growing more popular by the day but also causing your Tesla to lose its individuality in the clan.

But everything’s not lost! Window tinting might help you reclaim your Tesla’s lost grandeur and make it stand out from the crowd.

A window tint that matches the color of your car may make it look more appealing and create a more coherent appearance.

Extends the Battery Range

According to estimates, your Tesla’s efficiency drops by at least 10% on a very hot summer day.

Because, when driving, the cabin control instantly begins working to manage the temperature, preventing you from feeling the severity of summer! 

Even if you park it anywhere, its AI will start cooling the inside, thus causing a tremendous battery drain.

Luxury has a price; huge windshields and back windows provide for more space in vast and breezy cabins, but they also allow the “mighty sun” to heat things up inside!

However, you can simply fix the situation by tinting your Tesla’s windows.

The logic is simple: the lower the heating sun radiations entering the cabin, the less heat created in the cabin, resulting in lesser working of climate control features and perseverance of battery power.

What If You Want Your Windows Lighter?

There is no such option available in the market. Extreme climate conditions and excessive exposure to sunlight seem to be the only way that could fade away the tint in car windows.

Are Tesla’s Sunroof and Windshield Tinted?

Credit to Electrek

Tesla’s glass roof and windshield aren’t exactly tinted in the factory versions. They do have UV and IR (like their windows) resistant layers used in their double glazed glass panels to avoid transmission of harmful solar radiations and heating agents. 

But tinted? Tesla never used this word anywhere.

Here is something interesting though! 

Tesla has patented designs for “Electrical Tint Lighting Systems.” Courtesy of this innovative technique, passengers would be able to control the level of brightness within the cabin. 

Despite conventional tinting techniques, Tesla users will now decide what amount of lighting they require or how much sunlight can pass into the cabin.

All this with just a few taps on their touch screen or mobile app. 

It’s just in the process right now. We don’t know when it’ll be officially launched.

Final Thoughts: Do Teslas Come With Tinted Windows? 

I would have asked you to trust me in the verdict (just like I’ve been pushing throughout the article,) but hey, I’d rather let you decide it by yourself…

As far as the heat blocking feature of the windows is concerned, it’s basically due to Tesla’s premium UV reflection layer in their glass panel, which apparently makes it look a bit dark.

To be honest, it’s indeed a very intriguing confusion, and I really enjoyed clearing it up.

If you’d like to add something to this discussion, feel free to comment down below.

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