Best Tesla Model Y Floor Mats in 2022 (All-Weather 3D Options Compared)

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 05/11/22 •  13 min read

Unlike Tesla seats, Tesla floor mats are not spillproof — or even weatherproof — which is why most owners would get aftermarket floor mats or liners first thing after they receive their Model Y. 

I would get floor mats because I hate those pesky stains and would rather avoid that pain if at all possible.

best tesla model y floor mats

I have had a fair share of coffee spills, so I would do everything I can to avoid that chaos. Now the problem with the factory ones is their lack of spillproof-ness, which I direly need.

Tesla does offer all-weather floor mats that will give you a fair deal of spillproof-ness for your Model Y.

However, these all-weather liners cost $225, and most people haven’t given them a very good rating, probably because you can get the same quality — if not better — at a lower price. 

Tesla also offers black carpet mats for $95. But who needs those stain-loving mats? 


Other "bloggers" and "influencers" will push the product that pays the most, not the one that help you the most. We find what has worked best for the Tesla community -- and recommend it. We may get compensated (and that keeps the lights on)... but if we don't, WHO CARES? If every Model 3/Y owner is recommending it, we will too!

For an SUV this expensive, the OEM carpets are clearly not up to the mark. Especially when there is a high probability of spills.

Although the OEM carpet mats look quite simplistic, which complements the overall design, they should have had a bit more premium touch to them (and the spillproof touch as well).

Now in search of the perfect protection for the Model Y, I went through so many aftermarket floor mats, scoured online forums and marketplaces, watched so many videos, and read countless reviews — I have lost count. 

(I might have been too critical about it, but it’s okay, might just be a little bit of OCD.)

But the good news is, I saved all those that went straight to my heart. 

I will give you all the pros and cons of each of the floormats that are the best bang for your buck for 2021–2022 (and some late 2020) Model Ys, along with some tips which will help you save both time and money.

So let’s get on the floor… mats for the Tesla Model Y. 

My Top 4 Picks for Your Model Y

  • Based on Canada
  • Extra clips included for seamless fit
  • Full coverage
  • Premium look
  • Primarily made of thermoplastic elastomer
  • It weighs 9.48 pounds, which is the second lightest on this list
  • Durable
  • No slippage
  • The design is pretty solid
  • Unique design
  • A little fireproofing
  • Hand-stitched

Before I dive deep into all the nooks and crannies of floor mats, I will give you a quick overview. 

After which, I will go full-on Sherlock mode and discuss everything you need to know about Tesla Model Y floor mats in great detail. 

If you opt for 2021 floor mats for your 2022 Model Y, you won’t have a problem with fitment. However, if you have a pre-2020 model, you would require a different fitment. 

Make sure that the ones you order are particular to your model year. 

If you want to find the best aftermarket floormats for your Model 3, we covered that in a different article.

Now it’s Sherlock time. Sherlock mode activating…

1. Overall Best Aftermarket Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y: TuxMat

So this company is based in Canada, and boy, do they know how to make quality products. 

TuxMat got my attention because it’s one of those things that give you a hard time choosing because it always interferes with your final call as you never know which of the two would be the better choice. 

So to make things easier, I have made a couple of comparisons to see where TuxMat essentially stands. 

best tesla model y floor mats
Credit to Ubuy

After a lot of deep thinking, TuxMat’s puffy grooves, even though they complement the grooves on the seats, look like there’s a bit too much going on.

I am not really a fan of it. 

However, the overall fitment and extra clips really make it a seamless fit. 

The thing that makes TuxMat stand out from the rest of the pack is its quality. I found that TuxMat offers the best-quality aftermarket floor mats for Tesla Model Y. 

The only problem with TuxMat floor mats is that the trunk mat feels a little out of place. The grooves in the center tend to stay upright, which can be addressed by using the clips that come with the mats. But they’re not the best looking. 

There are no two separate pieces for the trunk, so you won’t be able to access the rear compartment without having to pull the whole mat aside. 

On a side note, the front compartment in and of itself is hard to pull up. But you can make your life much easier by using a velcro strip; just put the sticky side to the bottom of the front trunk compartment and leave the bare side of the strip outside. 

In this way, you can pull it up without hurting your fingers. 

It weighs 13.82 pounds, which is a little on the heavier side, but it’s not that alarming.


✅ Based on Canada
✅ Extra clips included for seamless fit.
✅ Full coverage
✅ Material feels much quality & premium


❌ Too many grooves for my liking
❌ Trunk mat needs removed to access rear compartment

2. Best Budget Aftermarket Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y: TAPTES

I am the kind of guy who likes decent stuff. I prefer Teslas as they have the simplest interior design which is not too crowded. It’s just right.

Now for the floor mats, I found the TAPTES floor mats to be the best because of their simple yet premium-quality look, and it comes at the best price.

The most amazing thing about these mats is that they don’t even look aftermarket. There is no logo that looks tacky, and they feel home when put them in the Tesla Model Y.

best tesla model y floor mats
Credit to Ubuy

You get in, and you don’t see a logo (unless it’s Tesla); that is some decent stuff right there. 

If you’re the kind of person who likes to keep things stock, but the floor mats need to go out, TAPTES has got you covered. 

The coverage around the edges is also great. There are no gaps, and the fitment is great as well. Plus, the texture somewhat looks like carbon fiber-ish. 

Because of the high demand, you might find them on backorder, so you can either wait for them to restock or visit this other link.

As I mentioned, I like things to be simple. Even though TuxMat outperforms TAPTES, the looks, however, were the factor on which I made the final decision.

They’re the most inexpensive out of all the other available options. 

The material used in these mats is primarily thermoplastic elastomer, which is quite flexible and has a rubber touch to it. 

It weighs 9.48 pounds, which is the second lightest on this list, so it won’t affect the range as much as some other heavier competitors I mentioned here. 

This could have been the overall best in my list, if not because of this one negative — winter proof-ness.

I had to stop myself from putting it in the overall best category as I care about my Canadian brothers and sisters and all those who live where it snows a lot. 

But if you reside in the Bay Area, it won’t be a problem for you, but it’s still a point to consider. 


✅ Premium look 
✅ Best price


❌ Not suited for extreme winters

3. Most Popular Aftermarket Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y: MAXpider 

My personal favorite has to be it the MAXpider, as most of the desired elements are present in it at a reasonable cost.

MAXpider has been the pioneer and the go-to choice for most Model Y owners when it comes to aftermarket all-weather floor mats. 

My personal favorite, TAPTES, has been regarded as the copy of the MAXpider, but I like TAPTES as they don’t have a tacky logo that sticks out like a sore thumb.

Apart from the logo, it’s smooth sailing for the MAXpider.

best tesla model y floor mats
Credit to Ubuy

The design is pretty solid and somewhat similar to the puffed stitching on the seats. So the overall look is quite nice. 

The floor mats also come with this sticky material that helps keep the mats in place without damaging the floor carpet underneath.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the packing in which it comes. The box is too big to keep the rear piece flat, so it gets a bend in the middle.

These 3D MAXpiders are the lightest all-weather mats that you can get, weighing only 4.58 pounds. The rest of the competitors are heavier.

This bend is not a huge problem anyway as it goes away when you tuck it in its place.

The only major downside to these MAXpider mats is the squeaky noise that the material under the mats makes when your feet slide on them. 

Anothert con, in my opinion, is the logo design which sticks out. Again, it’s subjective, and some people might not have a problem with it at all. But I prefer the neat look.


✅ Durable
✅ No slippage


❌ Squeaky noise from the underside 
❌ Tacky logo

4. Unique Tesla Model Y Aftermarket Floormats: Autailors

This is the type of product that makes your life easier. 

It makes your life easier by giving you two separate pieces for your trunk, making it easy to get to stuff. 

best tesla model y floor mats
Credit to Ubuy
Credit to Ubuy

Other mats have a single piece for the whole trunk, which makes it difficult to access the rear storage compartment. 

best tesla model y floor mats
Credit to BrewersArcade

The design is quite unique, unlike the rest of the competitors. 

The drawback would be the fitment. The driver’s side mat tends to have this lip which would become an eyesore sooner or later.

You can get rid of the lip by using either velcro tape or some clips that would hold it in place. 

Other than this slight fitment issue, Autailors has done a great job in making these all-weather floor mats for your Model Y. 

A compound material, the first layer is a Textilene fabric, and the second layer is TPR. Another plus for Autailors is that they are hand-stitched. 

The aftermath of all these materials is that it weighs the most among its competitors at 24 pounds. 


✅ Unique design 
✅ A little fireproofing 


❌ Fitment issue
❌ They are not lightweight (can reduce range, about 15 miles) 

Honorable Mentions


This is the company that provides the aftermarket liners for Tesla. Their all-weather mats have a great quality feel to them. 

The material is also quite flexible, which makes it easy to install, and is held in place pretty well. 

The major drawback is less coverage. The dead pedal area is exposed, making it prone to dust and debris, thus pesky stains. The carpet underneath is not happy about this. 

They cost about $190, excluding shipping.

best tesla model y floor mats
Credit to Maksim Zadorskii 

However, I found Evannex giving a very lucrative discount and are selling it for $127.95


✅ Flexibility


❌ Overall fitment is not that great, especially the driver’s side mat. 
❌ Then there is this logo


It’s one of the most appreciated mats in the Tesla community. Its reviews are great. 

The only problem is the delayed shipment, which is expected because they often run out of stock. 

They cost about $290, including shipment in the United States, which makes them stand more on the expensive side of the floor mats spectrum. 

best tesla model y floor mats
Credit to Tesmanian

However, this is the cost for the complete set, which includes the trunk and two other pieces for the storage compartments. 

For other manufacturers, you would have to order the trunk piece and the storage pieces separately. 


✅ Good fitment 


❌ Plasticky look
❌ A little expensive 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all-weather floor mats lower range?

Yes, but not as much that can be noticed in most cases. Any added weight is going to contribute to the final range you would get. We conducted a thorough research and found that with every 21 pounds added, the range will decrease by about 15 miles. 

The only all-weather floor mats that come close to this value are Autailors. Their all-weather floor mats weigh 24 pounds, which means you will experience about 15-mile decrease in your range. The rest of the all-weather floor mats in our list came in either half of this weight or a quarter of this weight.

Does the Tesla Model Y come with floor mats?

Of course, they have floor mats. But since you asked, they are carpet floor mats. The all-weather floor mats are offered by Tesla as a separate accessory and would cost you $225, which is a lot more than the premium aftermarket floor mats that are more lucrative in their features and price tag. 

Do Tesla Model 3 floor mats fit the Tesla Model Y?

No, they don’t, end of the story. All right, all right. I will give you some statistics. The Model Y is two inches wider and two inches longer than the Model 3, which means that even if you can use Model 3 all-weather floor mats in the Model Y, the fitment will be terrible. And you don’t want to have terrible-looking floor mats in such an expensive EV. 

Are all-weather floor mats for the Tesla Model Y worth ot?

All-weather floor mats for the Tesla Model Y are definitely worth it. They would not only give you protection from weather damage but also protect your floor carpet underneath from spills. Plus, these mats are super easy to clean, and you wouldn’t have to worry about dirt and debris becoming pesky stains. Just wipe or rinse the mats, and they will look good as new. 

All-weather floor mats would be an awesome upgrade to an already-amazing SUV. The factory carpet mats are not that great, to begin with, so why not replace them with a better alternative. 

Final Thoughts 

After so much detective work on the best Tesla Model Y floor mats, I have come to the conclusion that TAPTES floor mats are the best, both in terms of looks and pricing. If you live in an area that does not see a lot of snow, then this is your best choice.

If you do, however, get a lot of snow, then TuxMat and 3D MAXpiders are both good options. 

Meanwhile, Autailors offers a unique style as they are very different from the rest. Its only major drawback is its weight.

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