How to Open and Close the Model Y Frunk — A Definitive Guide

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Operating a Tesla vehicle can be quite complicated sometimes for people who aren’t tech-savvy. 

Even basic processes like opening and closing the frunk can be fraught with complications because of Tesla’s indigenous tech alternatives for doing the same thing in multiple ways, thus leaving all in a fog.

Well, no need to fret as you’re about to read an in-depth guide on how to open and close the Model Y frunk that’ll solve this mystery once and for all.

Believe me, it’s as easy as shooting fish in a barrel! 

So without any further ado, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the subject matter.

How to Open the Model Y Frunk 

How to Open And Close the Model Y Frunk
Opening the Tesla Model Y Frunk. Credit to Tesla.

For opening the frunk (i.e., front trunk) of the Model Y, make sure that your vehicle is in parking mode and then opt for one of the following options before pulling the hood open:

  1. Locate the associated “Open” button on the Tesla touchscreen and tap it.
  2. Tap the key fob’s frunk button twice.
  3. In your Tesla mobile app, select the frunk 

How to Close the Model Y Frunk 

Closing the frunk of the Model Y. Credit to Tesla.  
  1. Lower down the hood and make sure that the striker comes into contact with the latches.
  2. Place your hands on green spots marked at the front of the hood and connect the latches by pressing them firmly.
  3. Lift the front edge of the hood gently to ensure that it is properly closed.

Things to Be Wary Of

The following measures should be adopted to prevent any possible damage:

  1. Put pressure on the green areas highlighted on the frunk. 
  2. Avoid applying pressure on the red regions as this may result in injury. 
  3. Use both hands to close the hood. Using only one hand results in a focused force on a single spot, which might create a dent or wrinkle. 
  4. Do not put force on the front edge of the hood; it can cause the edge to wrinkle.
  5. Avoid smashing or throwing down the hood. 
  6. Make sure your hands are free (there are no keys or jewelry). Scratches can also be caused by the jewelry.

Other Necessary Precautions

  1. Before you drive, make sure the hood is securely fastened in a completely closed position. Slightly lift the front edge of the hood upward and check if there’s no movement. 
  2. If the front trunk is not closed, a notification appears on the touchscreen. This means that your Tesla cannot be moved out of Park until the frunk is shut properly.

How to Open the Model Y Frunk Without Power

How to Open And Close the Model Y Frunk
Opening the Model Y Frunk without power. Credit to Tesla.

If your Tesla battery is completely drained, you will be unable to open the trunk using the Tesla screen, key fob, or mobile app. To open the frunk in unusual circumstances, you could apply the following procedure:

  1. Locate an external power supply that operates on low voltage, such as a portable jump starter.
  2. Gently pull the raised portion toward yourself until it rotates to the inside after pressing strongly on the top right edge of the tow eye cover. 
  3. Remove both wires from the tow-eye aperture, exposing the positive and negative terminals.
  4. Connect the supply’s red positive (+) line to the red positive (+) connector.
  5. Connect the supply’s black negative (-) line to the black negative (-) connector.
  6. The hood latches are readily removed, providing you access to the frunk region and opening the hood, as soon as you switch on the external power supply.
  7. Start with the black negative (-) line and disconnect both lines.
  8. Remove the tow eye cover if not pulling the car onto a flatbed truck.
  9. Install the tow eye cover if necessary by placing the wires into the tow eye aperture, aligning the tow eye cover, and snapping it into an appropriate place.

Things to Be Wary Of

  1. The frunk cannot be opened using these steps in case the Model Y is locked and has low-voltage power.
  2. Either positive or negative terminal lines can be connected with the tow-eye opening per the production date.
  3. Low-voltage batteries can’t be charged with the aid of these terminals. But to release the hood latches, applying external low-voltage power to these terminals is enough.

Model Y Power Frunk Upgrades

Consider yourself picking up heavy loads of grocery bags. Now if you want to open the frunk, you’ll have to put those bags down and pull the hood of the frunk upward manually. 

Now just assume if you have installed a power liftgate in the frunk, you’ll be able to open it up by passing your foot under the frunk or simply touching your finger on the hood.

Even though the Tesla Model Y comes with an automated rear trunk (i.e., a power liftgate), the availability of this facility for the front trunk is still in line. Anyhow, you can upgrade it at any time to increase its workability using aftermarket solutions.

Best Tesla Model Y Power Liftgate for Frunk: EV Offer (Previously Tesla Offer)

Tesla Offer makes a good product. The alignment will be slightly off after installation but hardly noticeable. I’m pretty picky and the benefit of having it automated is worth the cost of a few MM’s of misalignment.

Super responsive company and easy to install.



✅ 2-year warranty
✅ Compatible with all Model Y variants
✅ Video instructions for DIYers
✅ Waterproof design
✅ Adjustable opening/closing speed and force


❌ Risk of getting the alignment wrong for DIYers

Common Model Y Frunk Closing Issues and Solutions

My Model Y frunk won’t close. What to do?

Many Tesla owners reported having a hard time closing the frunk. Some even reported slightly injuring their Tesla hood while doing it. Here’s what a Tesla community member had to say about a related situation:

I put a dent in the frunk the first day I had it, despite watching all of the YouTube videos and speaking to others. $100 later and dent master the dent was out. Tesla service came out to the house to do an adjustment of the latching mechanism and put some lubricant on. Closes fine now. The Technician showed me how to close it with my hand spread out along the frunk and NOT to close it with my palms on it as they do in most of the YouTube videos. I did adjust the spacers originally as other people mentioned but noticed it caused a gap from the frunk top to the top of the fenders….adjusting back closed the gap.


You are advised to use necessary precautions to open or close the frunk or rear trunk to avoid any situation like this. The frunk is said to have hard latches at the beginning that make them difficult to open or close; however, they get buttery smooth with the passage of time. 

In case it’s been a hell lot of time and connectors are still hard and tough to lock, you’re advised to contact Tesla service providers. 

Tesla Front Trunk Open Warning

A Tesla community member claimed that a warning icon appears on their Tesla screen directing them that their frunk is not closed properly.

How to Open And Close the Model Y Frunk
Door or trunk/liftgate open warning icon. Credit to Tesla

Have had the car for about a week and nearly 500 miles. At least every other time I drive I get a warning that the frunk is open (even though it is not). I have a service appointment scheduled for this and a few other “new owner” issues next week. Has anyone else had this problem and what was the solution (ie, did a service visit take care of it?) 


Here’s what to do in case something happens like this.

If you have correctly closed all your vehicle’s doors and trunk and still see this warning icon on your screen, don’t worry, it might simply be a little glitch in the system, so keep driving.

To repair the ajar switch, check and tighten the screw. If the issue persists, try opening and relocking your doors or trunk again or applying a quick Tesla reboot. That’ll solve the problem.

Final Thoughts: How to Open and Close the Model Y Frunk

To summarize, you can open or close your Model Y frunk in various ways. Whatever suits you the best. 

Just keep in mind the precautions described in the article as any negligence can result in a dented frunk. Remember the thump rule: Always apply pressure using both hands at green spots to avoid any damage. 

And if your pocket allows you, do consider installing a power liftgate to your Model Y frunk as it can make your life a lot easier.

Happy driving!

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