5 Aggressive Tesla Model 3 Side Skirt Kits to Set Your Car Apart

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 01/19/21 •  13 min read

Complete the sleek, sporty look of your vehicle from all angles with a Tesla Model 3 side skirt set.

Model 3 with color-matched skirts and spoilers. Credit to TwoK4drSi.

You may have researched—or even bought—spoilers and diffusers at this point.

But great side skirts are harder to find.

We compiled the side skirt kits produced by brands worth their word and with happy customers who back them up.

Only five brands emerged as winners. We listed them all below.

Before Ordering or Installing Side Skirts, Consider This:


Side skirts are accessories added to the bottom of the car’s side panels just below the door sills. They extend the car’s side frames closer to the ground while reducing ground clearance.

The benefits of a side skirt depend on the type of side skirt attached to your Model 3. Full-length and bigger side skirts can reduce more drag than smaller and thinner ones. 

They are more than just for aesthetics. They help minimize the flow of wind entering underneath the chassis from the sides that can disrupt the low-pressure front. The closer the side skirts are to the ground, the more effective they are.

Smaller side skirts also protect the car paint under the door sills as this portion is often exposed to dirt, especially when the road is wet. With the blocking side skirts, dirt and water can’t reach the metal edge of the side frame, protecting it from possible corrosion.

Mudflaps interference

Side skirt kits are likely to interfere with any aftermarket mudflaps.

So consider the possibility of having to remove the front mud flaps/splash guards to properly install the side skirts.

Screw length

If the screws your set comes with are too long, consider ordering alternative fasteners as they may drill in too far.

You don’t want to fear indenting your Model 3 chassis—or even worse, its battery.

Ground clearance

Despite the “no ground clearance loss” claims many brands make, I’d expect to lose at least 0.25″ or so of ground clearance.

Better to be pleasantly surprised than greatly disappointed.

A quarter-of-an-inch loss on the side of a vehicle isn’t that big of a concern for most people.

Now with these quick considerations out of the way, let’s jump straight into the best products we’ve found so far.

Best Tesla Model 3 Side Skirt Pair Overall: Maier Racing

Maier Racing is a 41-year-old Californian tuner that designs and handcrafts carbon fiber accessories for Teslas.

You can have a full body kit, coupled with their similarly designed front lip and rear spoiler, that looks sick and is built for performance.

Their Model 3 side skirt kit isn’t the most budget-friendly, though.

All their products are designed and manufactured in the United States, and their side skirt set also comes with a marine-grade UV protectant for maximum durability as a $500 option.

At a glance, ground clearance does seem to be reduced a bit.

But the brand goes on to say that these side skirts hang as low as the floor but DO NOT go lower than the floor.

I just hope that this isn’t a joke and that they’re referring to the vehicle’s floor—not the ground! 

Maybe they should have specified.

Anyway, installing this Model 3 side skirt kit is straightforward.

It is bolted through the factory mounting holes and uses double-sided tape to secure the side skirts in place.

Drilling your vehicle isn’t required—but drilling each side skirt is.

YouTubers reviewed the product favorably.

Perry from Tesla DIY even installed a white vinyl wrap—cheaper and easier than paint!—on his Model 3 side skirt kit and spoilers.

If you want to do the same, you can easily find sufficient white vinyl wrap for both side skirts (and the tools to install them properly).


✅ All Model 3 years and trims


✅ Performance-focused brand
✅ Genuine carbon fiber
✅ OEM attachments
✅ No need to drill your vehicle
✅ No ground clearance reduction (or so the brand claims)


❌ Skirts need to be drilled
❌ Somewhat expensive

Runner-Up Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Side Skirt: JC Sportline

JC Sportline is a brand we’re familiar with as they produce some of the most affordable Tesla carbon-fiber accessories on the market.

Their lower price comes at a cost, though.

They’re a Chinese manufacturer that, like Tesla, only produces customer orders.

Expect your item to ship within two to three weeks—and to reach your hands in two months or more.

The product has an interesting asymmetric design, with one end extending outward and the other upward.

It is a small detail but makes the side skirt stand out.

The vast majority of customers have had an overall great experience with every JC Sportline product we’ve reviewed (rear spoilers, diffusers, etc.).

But some complaints can be found regarding the finish of their products (like small scratches or fingerprints), so you can say the brand’s quality control is at a B or B-.

As for installation, the company suggests having it done professionally.

At a reasonable price compared with others, though, this product is worth looking at, especially if you’re a price-conscious Tesla owner.


✅ All Model 3 years and trims


✅ Affordable
✅ Genuine carbon fiber
✅ OEM attachments
✅ Interesting asymmetric design


❌ B or B- quality control. Some products may come with scratches and fingerprints.
❌ Shipped from overseas

Premium Pick: Unplugged Performance

If you’re the type of Model 3 owner who likes top-notch quality and is concerned about range drops due to aftermarket products, Unplugged Performance may have the product for you.

They supposedly design with aerodynamics in mind. You’re right to be skeptical, but I have no association at all with Unplugged Performance.

A study published by the company suggests their suspension, front lip, and rear spoiler increase range by up to 13% at 70 mph.

Third-party real-world tests have found anything but negligible (although positive) results, though.

No efficiency claims can be found regarding this Model 3 side skirt kit in particular, but the user who reported the highest energy consumption improvement (10-15 Wh/mi) has the entire body kit.

The product requires no cutting or drilling at all and uses tape and OEM attachments to secure each side skirt in place.

Its tape quality seems great as I only found one story of adhesion problems on a Model S after a year of use.

Other users went on to reply to such a thread, pointing out they have had no problems at all.

One complaint out of potentially thousands of customers over the years is a very tiny percentage.

To sweeten the price tag, they offer this Model 3 side skirt as a “reinforced plastic” alternative, which costs $1,200 less.


✅ All Model 3 years and trims


✅ Performance-focused brand
✅ Available in genuine carbon fiber and reinforced plastic
✅ OEM attachments
✅ No cutting or drilling required
✅ No ground clearance reduction (or so the brand claims)


❌ Very expensive

Best Budget Tesla Model 3 Side Skirt Kit: Bomely

For folks looking to give their car a unique look while spending as little as possible, Bomely offers an ABS plastic side skirt with visual carbon fiber for much less than competitors.

Surprisingly, I was unable to find anything worth recommending that costs less.

Note that ABS is a rigid plastic, so this product may not be as durable and may crack under strong impact.

The product is also prone to paint damage if installed incorrectly. Make sure sufficient tape is placed between the car and each side skirt.

Considering also that its adhesive may not be as good (this is a common complaint on most aftermarket products), I’d certainly couple this product with heavy-duty, double-sided 3M tape just to be safe.

Although as of this writing no brave man (or woman) has reviewed this product, Bomely has great reviews from happy Tesla owners on many of their other products on Amazon, including Model 3 rear spoilers, fog light trim covers, and more.

Even with extra tape, the product offers great value for money as it is 1/5th the cost of the other options on this list while still looking sporty.


✅ All Model 3 years and trims


✅ Very affordable
✅ Easy to install
✅ No ground clearance reduction (or so the brand claims


❌ Seemingly new, untested product

Notable Mention: Mcarcar Kit

The Mcarcar Kit carbon fiber side skirt kit for the Model 3 is a cheap option that has almost similar looks and quality to expensive brands. 

This side skirt kit only needs a self-tapping screw that goes underneath to install, so there is no need to worry about having visible holes on the sides. 

The kit does not include the front bumper lip spoiler, but if you need a compatible one, the Mcarcar Kit has a separate product to offer that would give your Model 3 a new look. 

The Mcarcar Kit side skirts are available in two color options: gloss black and matte black. They are made of high-quality and lightweight wet 3K carbon fiber with a polished and shining surface. 

A Model 3 fitted with a Mcarcar side skirt kit will surely stand out on the street.


✅ 2017–2021 Model 3


✅ Very affordable
✅ Easy to install
✅ Available in 2 different finishes (matte and gloss)


❌ Shipping may take 10 days from China

Tesla Model 3 Side Skirt Buying Guide

You are attending a class reunion, and you are seeing your college classmates and friends after some time. Just imagine how they would react when you come in wearing a stylish and unique outfit that goes well beyond your normal looks and figure. Without a doubt, you’re going to attract attention from everyone who sees you. 

The same can be said with your Model 3 when it is fitted with the right set of body kit and other under-body frame accessories.

Side skirts and front lip spoilers are among the faster ways to enhance the look of your vehicle without removing or replacing anything.

Tesla Model 3 side skirts come in different sizes and designs, ranging from simple to race-inspired designas. You can also find fiberglass shops that customize side skirts to fit your special needs. 

Most side skirts come in a paintable finish, so you can repaint them after installation, depending on your choice of color.

Tesla Model 3 side skirts can be bought both online and offline, but make sure to take note of the following before buying:

Dos and Don’ts When Buying a Model 3 Side Skirt

  1. Choose a side skirt sold by a well-known or established brand, like the ones above. Most of the time, tried-and-tested side skirts fare better than new ones produced by unknown manufacturers.
  1. Make sure to buy a side skirt that fits the Model 3. Some side skirts, especially those labeled “Universal,” require cutting. Make sure to ask the seller or manufacturer if the side skirt really fits the Model 3.

    Although we already provided the best Model 3 side skirts above, doing extra research doesn’t hurt and can save you a lot of money. Who knows, there might be a shop in your neighborhood that builds custom side skirts for the Model 3. Try to ask around your area and do some due diligence.
  1. Avoid buying low-quality or second-hand accessories unless you have enough knowledge about the car where these accessories were installed.

    Buying scraps can not only affect your car’s physical condition but also compromise road safety as they can be easily detached while the vehicle is running.
  1.  Installation is not that hard. Some owners are scared to buy online because they don’t know how to install side skirts, but you can find a number of useful installation instructions online. You’ll find one in our FAQ section below.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tesla Model 3 Side Skirts

The following questions can help you understand more about side skirts.

Do side skirts lower your car?

Since side skirts are added at the edge of the side panels, they make your Model 3 look lower to the ground as they take a few inches of space between your car and the ground. This makes your Model 3 look similar to most sports cars.

How do side skirts reduce drag?

The air pressure entering the front side of the rear wheels is reduced because the side skirts are blocking the wind. Thus, the air pressure between the front and rear wheels is weakened.

Can side skirts prevent side panel damage?

When your car is running over wet pavement, chances are, the bottom of your car’s side panel will take all the dirt and mud, especially if your mudguards are not wide enough to block them.

With side skirts, however, the mud and water hitting the bottom part of the side panel will be eliminated because they will be blocked by the side skirts. 

The downside, however, is if you fail to clean the mud that is stuck in the gap where the panel and side skirt meet. This area should always be kept clean to avoid the accumulation of dirt and water that could cause corrosion to the panel.

Do side skirts improve aerodynamics?

Reducing drag and increasing downforce are some of the major reasons why cars are fitted with side skirts and front lip spoilers, aside from aesthetics. 

Model 3s that are equipped with these accessories can have better miles compared with those without because they have lesser wind resistance and lower drag for smooth sailing.

What are side skirts made of?

Side skirts are made of different materials like steel, aluminum, polyurethane, engineering plastic, and carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is the most common material for Tesla Model 3 side skirts because it is light and highly durable. 

How do you attach a side skirt to the Model 3?

Each side skirt product always comes with installation instructions, but sometimes, they are not clear enough. You can refer to the following video by Cf Tesla YouTube channel on how to install a side skirt on the Tesla Model 3.

Our Tesla Model 3 Side Skirt of Choice:

There aren’t many Tesla Model 3 side skirt sets worth recommending, hence our short and sweet list.

If you plan on keeping your car for long, Maier Racing offers great looks and high quality for a price not as off-putting as the side skirts by Unplugged Performance.

Sure, the budget-conscious Model 3 owner may opt to pay half as much, but Chinese and plastic products may not last for years to come.

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