A Thorough Guide To Tesla Model 3 Emblems (Different Types Explained)

By Muhammad Hassan •  Updated: 12/08/21 •  11 min read

While researching for the ultimate guide to Tesla Model 3 emblems, I was really amazed to see how a minor detail can make a huge difference in the aesthetics of the car! 

And to think the Model 3 doesn’t come with an OEM one already installed… It is bothersome! 

Luckily, many aftermarket emblems are available that you can rock on your Model 3. 

This ultimate guide will briefly cover all the options you have along with some valuable information to help you get the best out of your emblems. 

If that excites you, let’s hop into the details. 

What’s The Emblem/Badge On A Tesla? 

No, it’s not just a stylish “T” letter. There’s a deeper meaning to it. Let’s see what Tesla’s owner Elon Musk says on the subject matter: 

In the China version though, there’s an OEM “Model 3” badge on the trunk in addition to the Tesla logo. 

Tesla Model 3 Emblems
Image Credits: teslarati

Yours, most likely, don’t have it. 

In the next section of this article, I’ll share with you the common types of emblems available for Model 3 in the market. 

6 Types of Tesla Emblems And Where to Get Them 

There’s already a detailed article published on our website discussing all the coolest emblems for Model 3. 

I’ll just share the overview here with you. For in-depth details, you can visit this article. 

1. MS Auto: “T” Badge 

This badge, according to several Tesla owners, looks amazing on the front fenders, right below the side cameras. 

Because it’s constructed of chromium, you may anticipate corrosion resistance that even beats the resistance of aluminum. 

The vendor appears to be new though, as there is no thorough product description on the product page. 

But a few owners who tried it really liked the quality of this product. If you want an emblem replacement — or an add-on — you should consider it. 

2. EV Wraps: “Model 3” Emblem

This badge does what some argue Tesla should have done by default. 

Sure everyone knows what you’re driving but still, without this badge, the car looks incomplete.

Amazon customers appreciate this product a lot: it’s easy to install, quality as if it came from the factory, equipped with an alignment template so that nothing goes wrong. 

With an amazing warranty of 7 years, this emblem is absolutely a bang for your buck. 

3. Carbon Prestige: “T-E-S-L-A” Emblem

There aren’t many “T-E-S-L-A” emblems available in the market. 

Abstract Ocean used to sell these emblems but they too discontinued them. 

After some research, I found a brand “Carbon Prestige” offering the “T-E-S-L-A” emblem. Reviews look nice, specifications are good too, but how it’ll turn out in reality, I can’t say for sure. 

Should you decide to go with it, know that it’ll be at your own risk. They might turn out great—guess you’ll have to spend a few bucks to know. 

Do let’s know in the comments about your experience though. 

4. Abstract Ocean: “Dual Motor” Emblem

Abstract Ocean is a popular brand among the Tesla community and so is this sticker. 

It is manufactured using a very durable material called “ABS Plastic”. It’ll last you way longer than you’d expect. 

The red line underneath is optional. It is for the Performance version of Model 3. If you own one, you can include it in your order otherwise, just opt out of it while purchasing this emblem. 

Place it on the bottom right of your trunk and enjoy the wonderful aesthetics.

5. CARRUN: Tesla Shield Logo Badge 

This 3D Tesla shield is quite unique. 

Customers have said that it “looks costly and adds a seductive touch.” 

Just keep in mind that because of the zinc substance and thicker design, this symbol will be substantially heavier. 

However, I would not use this symbol on a Tesla car. It simply doesn’t seem to fit Tesla’s simple character to me. 

You on the other hand can definitely take a shot. It might turn out to your liking. 

6. GH: E Bars

This insignia looks wonderful in the center console, demonstrating its versatility. The bars might be used as door edge guards too. 

Alternatively, it might be used to replace the “3” on a “Model 3” badge. (Before Ford canceled ‘SEX,’ Tesla planned to name the automobile the Model E.) There are several approaches that may be used. Use your imagination! 

7 Interesting Locations To Place Your Tesla Emblem 

This can be best explained using real-life visual examples from the community itself. Let’s check them out:

1. “E Bars” On The Center Console

Tesla Model 3 Emblems
Image Credit: Headwind

2. “Model 3” On The Left Side Of The Trunk

Image Credit: EV Wraps

3. “T-E-S-L-A” On The Front Bumper

Tesla Model 3 Emblems
Image Credits: VoltageDrop 

4. “Model 3” Emblem’s “3” Replaced With “E Bars

Image Credits: teslarob

5. “T” Logo On The Center Console

Tesla Model 3 Emblems
Image Credits: VoltageDrop

6. “E Bars” On The Bottom Left Of The Trunk

Tesla Model 3 Emblems
Image Credits: VoltageDrop

7. “E Bars” On The Door Handles

Image Credits: TeslOz

How To Debadge The Tesla Logo Without Damaging The Paint? 

It’s quite an easy task. 

Ji Hoon Heo from TESBROS YouTube channel walks us through the whole DIY procedure of removing the Tesla logo in this video: 

0:38: Tools needed | 1:54: Debadging procedure | 11:10: Putting the emblem back on

With just a little bit of caution, you can definitely nail this job!

How To Change The Color Of A Tesla Badge? 

Tesla customers like personalizing their vehicles and one of the small elements that make a big impact are wrapping the Tesla emblems in your chosen color. 

Whether you prefer a bold red T, a matte black, traditional carbon fiber, or something different,

You can either paint your logo or put a wrap on it. Both are reliable options—you can choose whatever method you like better. 

Plasti Dip Emblem Quickstart Guide

TESBROS founder Ji Hoon Heo has a detailed YouTube video demonstrating the whole procedure: 

0:40: Tools needed | 01:05: Basic preparation | 03:30: The procedure

Again, a bit of caution is needed to pull this job off. Follow the procedure carefully and you’ll be all good. 

Affordable Tesla Model 3 Logo Wrap Kit to Consider (Reviewed)

Best Tesla Model 3 Logo Wrap Overall:

Custom Cut Graphics

Available in 24 colors.

Tesla Model 3 logo wrap by CCG.

This product is the most popular Tesla Model 3 logo wrap kit — and it’s easy to see why:

You get a variety of colors to choose from, all in a package with everything you need to install your wraps fast.

If you’re looking for something easy to install, inexpensive, and with dozens of colors available, these are the logo wraps for you.

The only complaint customers have is that, under periodic pressure from car washes, the exterior logo wraps may not stick for long.

However, there are a dozen stories of people emailing customer service to claim their 90-day warranty, getting a response within minutes — and a replacement on their door the next day.

The smaller logos may be somewhat tricky to install given their size,

But Custom Cut Graphics brings detailed installation instructions customers are happy with.

So much so that people experienced with wraps say these are “easiest decals I’ve ever applied.”

The brand also offers a 2-piece kit for the hood and trunk logos, if those happen to be the only logos you’re interested in covering.


Fits: All Model 3 years and trims.
Doesn’t fit Model Y.

✅ Comes with alcohol wipes and instructions

✅ Easy to install

✅ 3M automotive-grade vinyl wraps with 8-year warranty

✅ Includes 11 pieces (2 as extras)

✅ Seller’s 90-day warranty & free replacements


❌ May peel off prematurely under pressure (e.g. car washes)

Runner-Up Tesla Model 3 Logo Wrap Kit:

Nikola Pro
Nikola Pro logo wrap kit.

Not to discourage you…

Bu this Tesla Model 3 logo wrap kit fails to earn the ‘best’ spot for a few reasons:

(1) Some customers have trouble making their logo wraps stick.

(2) Others feel the color they bought is different than the pictures — although this happens more often with rare colors like “Gold.”

(As of this writing, the color choice is limited to 4 colors, but it’s evident they’ve offered other colors.)

And (3) a rather small number of customers say the product leaves tiny but visible gaps on the edges of the logos.

Don’t panic. There are good things to say about Nikola Pro.

Most people have a great experience with their products — and they’ve won the crown in some of our other reviews (like the Best Chrome Delete Kit for Tesla Model 3).

You’ll really appreciate their installation videos — which we’re more likely to pay attention to than a small piece of paper:

Their customer service is very responsive, sending replacements the same day if you find an imperfection.

And for most customers, the wraps hold up extremely well (despite sun exposure and car washes).

Take a look at our best choice first, but Nikola Pro also offers a high-quality product for Tesla owners (albeit with its own pros and cons).


Fits: All Model 3 years and trims.
Doesn’t fit Model Y.

✅ Comes with detailed video instructions

✅ Easy to install

✅ 3M automotive-grade vinyl wraps

✅ Outstanding customer service


❌ May leave visible gaps on the edges.

❌ Rare colors may not look as pictured.

❌ Adhesive may not be the best. Clean the surfaces thoroughly and consider a heat gun.

Best Tesla Model 3 Logo Wrap Kit On a Budget:


Only available in black and red.

Tesla Model 3 logo wrap kit on a budget by Magicalmai

Find other products overpriced?

Vinyl material is inexpensive so it’s up for debate whether labor/ machining costs — or excessive profit margins — make up for the rest.

Regardless of where this brand cut cost, they offer what appears to be the same product for 25% less.

People absolutely love their tone of red, admitting “it has been one of the best they’ve found.”

Durability remains to be seen as the product is fairly new,

But with 90+ ratings — and the brand’s 30-day return & 90-day replacements guarantee in place —

I’d give it a shot if you want to save a few bucks — and if you’re looking for the unique shade of red they offer.


Fits: All Model 3 years and trims.
Doesn’t fit Model Y.

✅ Includes 11 pieces (2 as extras)

✅ Easy to install

✅ 3M automotive-grade vinyl wraps

✅ Seller’s 30-day return & 90-day warranty


❌ Fairly new, untested product.

❌ No instructions provided.

❌ Limited color availability

Notable Mention:

EV Wraps

Available in 4 colors.

Tesla Model 3 logo wrap kits by EVWraps

As the name suggest, EV “wraps” anything from logos to center consoles and much more.

Like Nikola Pro, they have very detailed video instructions on their website — and the product just fit perfectly (without leaving gaps on the edges).

Tape quality seems mixed, though.

Some customers had a hard time making their wraps stick, especially to the wheel center cap,

Others have reported peeling off wraps after several weeks.

Yet others have used the products for more than a year without any issues at all.

Whether the issue lies in the tape itself or the way people are installing the wraps is anyone’s guess.

Make sure to follow the brand’s instructions — which requires you to prepare the surface correctly before wrapping your car’s logos.


Fits: All Model 3 years and trims.
Doesn’t fit Model Y.

✅ Comes with detailed video instructions

✅ Easy to install

✅ 3M automotive-grade vinyl wraps


❌ Adhesive may not be the best. Clean the surfaces thoroughly and consider a heat gun.

Final Thoughts: Tesla Model 3 Emblem Guide 

There are several Model 3 emblems available in the market that if used right, can give really sleek looks. 

I’m a fan of E Bars personally but this is more of a subjective matter; choose whatever emblem tickles your fancy. 

In the end, I did my best to explain everything there is to know about the Model 3’s emblems. 

Still, if you’ve any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment them down below and I’ll update the article with any additional information. 

Happy driving!

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