5 Best Tesla Model 3 Rim Protectors to Protect Your Wheels Without Sacrificing Style

By Muhammad Hassan •  Updated: 05/14/22 •  12 min read

Hitting a curb is inevitable, but you can protect your Model 3 rims from the possible rash.

You don’t want your $50K car’s look destroyed, do you?

Of course not!

That’s why I dove deep into the Model 3 owners’ discussions on the subject matter to pinpoint the best Tesla Model 3 rim protectors that worked for them and can work for you too.

But before we discuss the products, I’d like to address some questions that’ll put your mind at ease if you’re a bit skeptical about this purchase.

Do Rim Protectors Even Work?

Of course, rim protectors work like a charm. Your rims won’t even feel the usual hits to curbs, let alone get a rash.

But this is the point where most people get confused. 

While researching, I found so many owners talking bad about rim protectors and saying how they don’t work.

Like this person:

Those rim guards will be fine until you hit a curb. When you do hit a curb, you will find yourself going through a lot of trouble to remove all of them when you see the rim protector easily yielded and your rim got damaged anyway. That little strip of double sided tape holding on the thin plastic strip has zero ability to fight the forces of a 3-4k pound car hitting a curb. The tape will rip easily, like tape. Buying another set for $100+ won’t seem like a good idea to replace one since it didn’t do anything to help.



This product isn’t made to allow you to slam into a curb as hard as you wish. 

Of course, this will result in damage, and the rim protector will do nothing to prevent it. On the contrary, it’ll take some muscles to even remove them from the wheel. 

That owner is right.

Rim protectors will only work fine if a curb rash occurs due to a vehicle’s rim slightly brushing against a curb when parallel parking or making a fast turn. They will do their job and prevent the rash from happening.

This leads us to a very important point: Clear your expectations before you invest in this product!

Are Rim Protectors Hard to Install?

It depends on whether the rim protectors you’re buying use bond-on technology or tyre trap technology or they need to be mounted using a mounting hardware.

This difference in the technologies decides whether it’ll be a game of minutes or hours.

Per my research, rim protectors with tyre trap technology are the hardest to install. In fact, you have to seek professional help to get the job done.

On the other hand, bond-on technology lets you install the rim protectors in a matter of minutes. Just peel off the double-sided tape, place the wheel band properly on the wheel, and you’re done.

We’ve discussed the benefits of those later in the article; read on to understand what kind of rim protector will fulfill your purpose.

Best Model 3 Rim Protector Overall: Rimblades’ Rimsavers

Here is what I think about Rimblades’ Rimsavers: They give the Model 3 a crisp aesthetic while also protecting the rims from curb rash damage.

Let’s first address the “crisp aesthetics.”

The unique selling proposition of Rimblades’ Rimsavers is that they’re available in 12 different colors.

Whether you want a color that sticks out or one that gives your electric car a sporty look, you’ll have plenty of possibilities.

There are also neutral colors available if you just want to match your wheels, making the bands invisible.

Rimblades’ Rimsavers are also very practical and easy to install.

Shifting Lanes decided to put these rim protectors to test to see if they’re really worth their salt. Here’s what he found out:

Jump to 6:52 to see the “weapons” and how the product holds up through slicing and stabbing.

The result is quite impressive, don’t you think? If they can withstand a Swiss-grade knife, I think the curb will have a very hard time cutting through them.

There’s a downside though, that IMHO, I didn’t expect. 

Some owners complained that their wheel bands came off while driving, and some complained that they had a hard time removing them.

Both statements are the absolute opposite of each other. I suspect there must have been some installation mistake that led to these issues.

But considering the overall experience of the Tesla community, I’d say Rimblades rim protectors are worth a shot.


✅ Sturdy built
✅ Available in 12 different colors
✅ Easy to install
✅ Can withstand a light to medium impact easily


❌ Some owners’ wheel bands came off after installation
❌ Some owners had a hard time removing them after installation

Runner-Up Model 3 Rim Protector: AlloyGator

While Rimsavers use bond-on technology, AlloyGator rim protectors use tyre trap technology.

Tyre trap technology–based rim protectors are often more sturdy and better against heavy impacts — something that bond-on rim protectors like Rimsavers can’t provide.

However, there’s also a con associated with the tyre trap–based rim protectors; you’ll have to seek professional help to get them installed. 

The installation process will require special tools and a well-versed mechanic.

Any mistake, no matter how small, can cause the rim protectors to come off during the drive and heavily damage the wheel and car body.

Below is an almost one-hour long installation guide from the NCY STORE YouTube channel:

I wouldn’t go the DIY route.

Apart from the installation, AlloyGator rim protectors are hard to beat in any other department such as aesthetics, durability, and sturdiness.

A huge number of Model 3 owners have tried them and ended up in love with them. Here are some reviews from actual owners:

My alloygators worked perfectly.

Keep in mind that you have to remove ALL of the air out of the tire before removing the alloygators….otherwise you will tear up your tires and rims getting those things out of there.

Here is a pic of y Alloygators on my P3D+. ( almost invisible ). Over 1 year old.

Garlan Garner
tesla model 3 rim protector

AlloyGators are not the cheapest, but they work very well and are durable. I have been using them on my cars for the last six years.

These are very strong but they must be attached by someone who really knows how to do it. Otherwise they, or any other protectors, can come off. I have mine done by my detailer, who has worked on my Teslas as they depart from delivery.


All things considered, if your primary objective is to save your wheel from heavy impacts, you don’t need to read this article further. Go and make your purchase.


✅ Sturdy and can withstand heavy impacts
✅ Plenty of color choices available
✅ Highly durable
✅ Trusted by most Tesla owners


❌ Hard to install
❌ Can come off while driving and damage the wheel if not installed properly 

Best Budget Model 3 Rim Protectors: United Pacific

You don’t need anything sturdy and expensive, just some economical rim protectors that can save your wheel from slight curb impacts.

One Model 3 owner actually recommended these rim protectors from United Pacific for those who didn’t want anything fancy.

United Pacific calls them rim feelers. The reason is that when you get too close to the curb, these feelers start making a sound that alerts the driver that the rims are brushing against a curb.

After hearing the sound, the driver can stop, analyze the situation, and take further steps to ensure the curb doesn’t end up ruining the wheels.

I researched hard but couldn’t find much social proof, but considering their Amazon reviews and rating of 4.3 out of 5, I’d say these rim protectors are quite reasonable.

So if you want to save your Model 3 wheels from light to medium impacts at a cheaper rate, United Pacific is definitely the way to go.


✅ Makes a scratching sound when in contact with a curb, alerting the driver
✅ Save the wheel from light to medium curb impacts
✅ Come in a universal color that can work with any Model 3 color
✅ Quite economical


❌ Won’t save the wheel from heavy impacts
❌ No color choice available

Premium Pick: Evannex/RimPro-Tec

Don’t get deceived by the word “premium.” 

I mean they are absolutely a bit expensive, but when you look at the durability and longevity of these rim protectors, the price gets justified.

Many Model 3 owners have confirmed that both the Evannex and RimPro-Tec are selling the same product. You can buy it from either at almost the same rate.

The unique thing about these rim protectors is that they have multilayered construction. There is a “base” and an “interior” stripe.

It’s uncertain whether this multilayer construction gives further protection, but this setup appears to provide improved adherence and durability overall.

Here are some thoughts from actual Model 3 owners:

I put Wheelbands on my 22’s, they’ve been on a couple of months and remain perfectly tight and look great. As far as throwing off balance, they probably weigh a tenth of a pound I can’t see that being a problem.


I love Wheel Bands – had them on my S for 4 years and now on my 3…they do a great job, easy to apply, easy to repair – they win over the others for having both of those characteristics. And go directly to Wheelbands company to get a big discount on a whole second kit to use for repairs when you scrape stuff…some tire changers will break them off, but really caution them and they can do it without ruining the wheel bands…


While most of the reviews are highly positive, there is one small downside reported by owners: If you get your tires replaced, the tire bead breaking equipment will damage the wheel bands, and you’ll have to get new ones.

Apart from this issue, the functionality of these rim protectors is one to beat. Highly recommended!


✅ Different colors available
✅ Elevate aesthetics
✅ Durable
✅ Perform good per customers


❌ Tire bead breaking equipment will damage the wheel bands

Notable Mention: Abstract Ocean

tesla model 3 rim protector

I have the AO ones on my 20″ rims and love them. I have accidentally ran into a curb a couple times and they worked as advertised. I am sure they saved my rims from curb rash.

For anyone having adhesion problems, the Abstract Ocean instructions say:

It’s really important to use the supplied wipes to clean the application area. Also note that wheels with a protective coating (ceramic, Opticoat, after-market high-gloss coating etc) are not compatible, as the coating doesn’t allow for a good bond with the 3M tape. Apply when the temperature is warmer than 50f/15c.

joebruin 77

Wheel bands from Abstract Ocean are also quite expensive and a good competitor to the ones from RimPro-Tec or Evannex.

As stated, these rim protectors work well against curbs and may even save your wheels from heavy impacts.

However, this is one of the very few reviews I found on these wheel protectors. For some reason, Model 3 owners don’t seem to prefer these a lot as there is not much social proof available.

Want to give them a shot? Be my guest and let me know how your experience went in the comment section.

Curb Rash Already Happened? Here’s What to Do

First of all, stop worrying. It’s not that big of a deal if a curb rash happened as it’s easily repairable.

Don’t go about replacing the wheel or hiring professionals to fix it; you can do it yourself.

Below are step-by-step instructions (but if you want to dive deep into this topic, we have a great guide on how to fix curb rash on Tesla Model 3.)

✅ Thoroughly clean the damaged area using soap water.
✅ Then sand the damaged area properly until the wheel surface is evened out.
✅ Again, clean the sanded area and then cover the surrounding area with a plastic sheet.
✅ Apply two coats of touch-up paint.
✅ Finish off with applying a coat of clear cover.
✅ Your wheel repairing process is done.

Per my research, the best touch-up paint for this job currently available in the market is the one from Dupli-Color. It’s a budget option that does the job perfectly.

Our Tesla Model 3 Rim Protector of Choice

Ultimately, I’d say it’s a tie between the Model 3 rim protectors from AlloyGator and the ones from Rimblades. 

The only difference is the type of technology used in both of them. If heavy impacts seem to worry you, go with AlloyGator. Otherwise, Rimblades might prove to be a better choice as they’re easy to install and remove.

To be honest, I selected all the products in this buying guide quite carefully, and I’m quite confident that your experience with either one of them will go great.

Just pull the trigger and get your Model 3 rims some nice protectors.

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