Tesla Model Y Spare Tire: Options for Products, Storage, and Other Alternatives

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 07/09/22 •  14 min read

Spare tire? What is that? 

It’s so 90s. In this modern age of technology, we try to make everything simple.

And make every simple thing complicated.

The aftermath of all the crazy advancements is that we get rid of that ugly spare tire in the back because it takes too much space and isn’t used 85% of the time – not even once. 

So the people leading multi-billion dollars industries decide that putting a spare is not worth it. 

Well, my opinion is… I don’t have an opinion, I’m not a billionaire. Unfortunately.

However, having the spare could give you some relief from the overall anxiety. I mean, there’s range anxiety already. Do you really want flat tire anxiety on top?!

No way!

Thankfully, there are options that can help get rid of flat tire anxiety. Let’s go through them right now.

Aftermarket Model Y Spare Tire Options That Work

Tesla owners have several options to address the potential flat tire:

✅ A spare tire itself
✅ A tire repair kit (may not work on the OEM tires)
✅ A tire inflator 
✅ Tesla’s Roadside Assistance
✅ Shifting to high-profile tires and smaller wheels
✅ Not hitting curbs

The last one is the cheapest but harder than you think. Avoid the curb and potholes whenever possible. Even then, however, flat tires will happen at some point.

So let’s talk about all the remaining options. Starting from the cheapest options and then moving on to the expensive ones. 

Best Tire Inflator: AstroAI Air Compressor.

 With your tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), you will be informed by your car whether or not tire pressure is running low.

If you get such a warning, quickly find your way to a side of the road, and look at the tire for any visible damage. 

If no damage is seen (or the damage is small), you can use an inflator like this in order to reach the nearest tire shop. 

If you see a lot of damage, however, you’ll have to resort to the other options, some of which I’ll mention below.

Tesla owners have praised this product to the point where it feels wrong to not have it. 

In terms of efficiency, this Tesla owner wrote a review suggesting the inflator took 1% charge to inflate all four tires – and that her only regret of most Tesla owners is not buying this sooner!

Not only it can help you in emergencies, but it can also help you top up tire pressure regularly to optimize range and ride quality. 

In my other article, I mentioned in great detail how tire pressure can affect the range and others tips to increase the lifespan of your tires.

Tire pressure can also affect how the tires will wear. Abnormal pressure can lead to uneven tire wear, thus you‘d end up having to replace your tires much sooner than anticipated. 

Another plus of this product is that you can connect it to one of Model 3’s 12V ports (either the center console or the trunk one), and you’ll have the tires inflated in no time. 

The LCD screen that comes with the AstroAI compressor is bright enough that you can easily read all the information at night.

It also comes with a small torch that sheds light on the dark side. 

You simply have to set the tire pressure on the compressor, and it will automatically stop when it reaches such pressure.

The cable is long enough (3.05m) that you won’t have to fully untangle the wire all the time – so you should be able to inflate your tires with ease. 

It can pump 25psi of air in about 30s. So if your tire is at 15psi, you can fill it up to 40 within 30 seconds. That’s insane.

I’ve seen some that take several minutes to do the same. And there are also some air compressors that can’t pump beyond 30psi.  

I found the AstroAI compressor to have done a remarkable job as it delivers what we are looking for. 

The only downside that I found with this product is that shipping may get delayed from time to time.

Aside from that, it’s a solid choice Tesla owners like you are very happy with.


✅ Easy to use
✅ Inexpensive
✅ Tire pressure can be set 
✅ Can help avoid tire wear
✅ Great for emergency situations
✅ Pretty long wire
✅ Minimal energy consumption (< 1% of battery)
✅ Display is vivid
✅ Quick tire inflation


❌ Delivery time might be long

Best Tire Repair Kit for Model Y: AirMan ResQ Pro+

Your original tires come from the factory with acoustic foam as an inner lining.

Although this inner layer gives you a quieter ride, it quickly becomes a nightmare in case you hit a curb or pothole. 

It’s a topic of debate, but if your original tires are ever punctured, many owners suggest that you won’t be able to patch it due to this inner foam.

Others, however, refute this idea and argue that you can fix these tires just like any other.

In my view, It’d be strange for Tesla itself to offer a repair kit if it didn’t work on their tires. So I’d be willing to get a tire repair kit and test these arguments for myself.

Aftermarket kits offer the best value, however.  And my top pick for the tire repair kit is the AirMan ResQ Pro+.

A Tesla owner who purchased this product said that he prefers having a repair kit and not waiting hours for Roadside Assistance where you could have saved yourself by using a repair kit. 

This product can clearly make the flat tire anxiety go away and give you some relief.

Tesla’s roadside assistance is sometimes quite disappointing.

Here are just a few stories of Tesla owners really regretting not getting a repair kit sooner:

Another Tesla owner says:

Credit to Debra Ajrens from the Tesla Model Y Facebook community.

If you don’t want to be at the mercy of Roadside Assistance (and you want to keep your cargo space untouched), then this repair kit is your best choice.


✅ Repairs of small punctures are a piece of cake
✅ Connects to the 12V port
✅ Easy to use
✅ Great for emergencies


❌ Not easy to replace the gel
❌ It might not be a permanent fix

Tesla’s Roadside Assistance… If You’re Lucky

The cost may vary depending on the damage that your tires have taken.

The major cost would be the waiting time, though.

Don’t get me wrong. Tesla’s Roadside Assistance is not bad: you have 24/7 open service wherever you are. 

But unfortunately, it isn’t rare for Tesla owners to have to wait a long time for help to arrive.

Besides, there have been instances where roadside assistance did reach out but the service centers were either too far away or closed for the weekend. 

It’s completely free of cost when you have a warranty. However, in the case of tires, there’s no warranty. 

Your Model Y could be brand new, 1 hour old, and if a curb or pothole congratulates you with open arms—that’s $300+ right there. 

The cons of roadside assistance in case of a flat tire outweigh the pros to some extent. I’d personally not rely on this service, and instead, have it a plan B… or C.

It’s much better to have aftermarket tires with the tire repair kit and the air compressor to maintain that pressure—This is the setup that works like a charm 

If you want to go full commando and prepare yourself for the worst, you can add on the spare tire option – which we’ll talk about next.


✅ 24/7 availability
✅ Great initiative by Tesla


❌ Waiting times can be a gamble
❌ No warranty for tires
❌ Services centers may not be available

The #1 Tesla Model Y Spare Tire Option: Modern Spare 

This is the option that costs you close to the price of a new tire, but it can save you frustration in those emergency situations. 

Sometimes it’s worth to money to save all that time worrying and panicking. 

Having a spare tire will give you peace of mind and you won’t have to wait for roadside assistance or any other towing company. 

The plus factor for this spare is that it can handle highway speeds without a hitch. 

The width of the tire is a little thin, however, this smaller size means that it won’t take up much space. 

The design is specifically made for the Tesla Model Y, so it will fit without coming into contact with those big brakes, especially on the rear wheels. 

The only downside to the spare tire is the kit that comes with it— it’s not up to mark. The quality is subpar, and it’s best to go with other options. 

So the tire-only option would be perfect.

I’d recommend a jack and tools—bought separately. 

If you don’t have a Jack, the LEAD BRAND jack for your Tesla Model Y is a great choice.

For lifting your Model Y to replace the wheel, you’d also need a jack pad adapter that helps prevent battery damage due to the jack stand. 

Sure, changing a tire might take time and effort. But once you experience the convenience it gives you over other options, you’ll hold on to your spare for dear life.


✅ No flat tire anxiety
✅ Can handle highway speeds
✅ The thin design makes it easy to store
✅ The design does not interfere with the brakes


❌ Requires extra tools
❌ Time-consuming
❌ A little expensive
❌ The kit that comes with below-average tools

Is There Room for a Spare Tire? Analyzing Model Y Spare Tire Storage Options

Yes, there is room for a spare tire. 

There are a couple of options for storing a spare tire in your Tesla Model Y. Let’s start with the easiest options and then make our way to some modifications. 

Spare Tire in the Trunk of Tesla Model Y

There is ample space in the trunk of your Model Y, and you can utilize that space for the spare tire. 

There are two ways you can put your spare in the tunk.

Flat in the trunk: 

With plenty of room in the trunk, the spare tire can lie flat on either side and still have space to spare. (Pun totally intended,)

With this simple placement, you won’t have to make any kind of modifications. 

I like this method as there is zero effort involved. 

However, it will become a problem when it’s time for a long trip with loads of stuff in the back. 

Stood up—attached to the rear seats: 

If you need space and the spare tire lying flat in the trunk seems to hinder your adventures, this is the method for you.

You can either strap it to the middle seat.

Or you can cut a hole for the tire to drop into the subcompartment, as shown here.

The stood-up method would be a little problematic compared to the simple lie flat—as you would have to make some extra arrangements for it to work. 

Cutting the floor lowers the tire to give you better visibility— yup, simply attaching the spare to the rear seats could cause some rear view (mirror) hindrance. 

Spare Tire in the Sub-Trunk/Lower Compartment of Tesla Model Y

Trying to put a spare in the subcompartment of the trunk on a Tesla Model Y can be somewhat disappointing.

Even though you have so much space underneath, the sub-trunk’s floor prevents you from hiding a spare inside the compartment—or should I say, a small outgrowth on the floor.

Only if we could get rid of the bump on the floor underneath. 

Let’s get rid of that bump! 

Ah, unfortunately, it’s not my idea; it has been done already, and here’s how it goes. 

You can cut the foam underneath and get about 3 inches of extra space.

With this extra space, both the flaps on top will sit flush in your Model Y’s cargo while you hide a spare underneath. 

You would need a platform for the tire, which is nothing a piece of styrofoam lying around can’t handle.

You will also need a heat gun to soften the trim and get it to take the form you desire. 

And last but not least, you need a pair of scissors. 

You can refer to this video here to get a better idea of how it works.

I would 100% go with this method—the result is a seamless hidden spare, not affecting the cargo space.

Spare Tire in the Frunk of Tesla Model Y

Even Though the space of your Model Y’s trunk looks promising on paper, a spare tire is a little too much to ask. 

When you ask how wide a spare tire is, it’s an 18-inch wheel—straightforward.

The width of the frunk is about 14 inches, so if my math is correct…

18—is a lot more than 14.

Here’s the proof.

It means that the frunk option is out of the question. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Tesla Model Y Spare Tire

Will a Model 3 spare fit on the Model Y? 

No, the Model 3 spare tire is different from the Model Y spare and you can’t use it in the Model Y.

Model Y uses a T145/85R18 whereas the Model 3 uses a T135/80/R18. 

If you opt for Modern Spare, though, they have tires available for all Tesla models – and all have been proven to be high-quality based on community comments.

Can you fit a spare tire in a 7-seater Model Y? 

You can fit a spare tire in the trunk of a 7-seater Model Y, assuming you don’t need all the cargo space.

There is a way to make space in the lower compartment of the trunk, for which you would have to make some modifications that I have mentioned above.

Does the Tesla Model Y come with run-flat tires?

No, Tesla Model Y does not come with run-flat tires. Tesla recommends calling roadside assistance in case of a flat tire. 

If you don’t want to have flat tire anxiety, I’ve covered all the alternatives that give you peace of mind and help you solve any stressful situation with ease.

Final Thoughts: Tesla Model Y Spare Tire: Options for Products, Storage, and Other Alternatives

I’d recommend having a tire inflator with you at all times as it not only helps you in emergencies but will also keep your ride smooth and tire wear minimal.

The best value for Tesla owners right now is the AstroAI Air Compressor.

If you want to be prepared for a blowout or major tire damage, you need to have a spare tire. And Modern Spare is literally the only company (that I could find) with a great reputation for creating great spare tire options for Teslas. 

And although I’d personally stick with the two options above, you can also opt for having a tire repair kit as a way to deal with small punctures and save cargo space. 

Remember to do your best to drive carefully and avoid all the potholes and curbs so you don’t have to worry about flat tires.

Since we aren’t magicians and our roads aren’t perfect, though, we’ll have to resort to one (or multiple) of the alternatives above. 

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