Tesla Model 3 Sunshades: Windshields and Glass Roofs Review

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 01/07/22 •  6 min read

The Model 3’s windshield and panoramic glass roof is magical to witness a sky full of stars.

But having to park your car or getting stuck in traffic on a sunny day with 100°F outside temperature?

Not so fun.

Even when you’ve got the AC cranked up and the glass roof heavily tinted, the amount of sunlight and heat that penetrates the cabin can become unbearable.

Flaming steering wheel, burning leather seats, and built-up heat in the cabin can make your life miserable.

For this reason, I analyzed 13 Model 3 glass roof and windshield sunshades and dove into 10+ videos and forum threads to find out what products the community is using to tackle this issue.

What the Tesla community had to say genuinely surprised me.

Let’s have a look.

Best Heat Reflective Model 3 Windshield Sunshades

Best Model 3 Windshield Sunshade Overall: AutoHeatshield

This is the product that popped up in almost every forum thread I opened.

It’s easily the best value windshield sunshade for Model 3 owners. Here is what the owners had to say about this product:

I had one of their windshield shades for my Civic and another one for the van. They’re very good, excellent quality and so much better than just about everything else on the market. I actually talked to the owner once and he was quite approachable. FWIW, they have a sale from time to time, like Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day IIRC

The shape is specific to the vehicle (which was important on a Civic, and obviously on the Y too), so there are no awkward gaps around the edge. The only difficulty with the Civic was that I was sometimes too lazy to install it, which obviously was my problem, and it became a little awkward once I installed a dashcam … not an issue with the Y

EVer Hopeful

I use Heat Shield as well. Bought the whole car package. Even covers the mini triangle window in back. Premium price, but excellent customer service. I lost a suction cup for my side window in a door by accident. I asked about ordering. They sent me a new one.

Edit add: No suction cups are required for windshields. Uses visors to hold.


The abovementioned quotes prove that this windshield sunshade is practical and does its job perfectly. 

However, I did find two negative points.

First, they’re not very attractive or as a Model 3 owner said and I quote: 

Good thing they work well, ’cause they sure are ugly!


And second, they’re pricey.

To summarize, ugly looks, pricey product, but efficient result.

My opinion? If it can save me from the scorching heat of the sun, aesthetics don’t matter to me. The unpleasantness of the heat takes precedence over the ugliness of the shades.

Give it a shot!


✅ Heat protection is on point
✅ Great customer service
✅ Pretty easy to install


❌ Aesthetics aren’t great

Runner-Up Model 3 Windshield Sunshade: Covercraft

Covercraft is a well-known brand in the sunshades industry. They manufacture custom sunshades for almost every car brand on the face of earth, including Tesla.

Their unique selling point is the triple laminate construction that reflects the damaging UV rays of the sun — and they look good.

The middle foam layer acts as an insulator that makes sure no heat penetrates inside the cabin.

Covercraft’s custom-made windshield sunshades for the Model 3 are largely liked by the community.

In fact, I found most of the Model 3 owners confused if they should go for the Heatshield sunshades or the ones from Covercraft.

Both are equally good in blocking the heat and fit perfectly well. Here is what Model 3 owners had to say about these sunshades:

I’ve had Covercraft sunscreens in multiple cars in the past — they last forever, and are the type one can effortlessly fold/unfold without passenger’s help.


I use the Covercraft UVS100 and recommend it because it fits perfectly and does the job.


I received my Model 3 Covercraft, and it fits perfectly in the MY. I’ve always used the roll-up weathertech ones, so this rigid one was new to me.

It’s actually kind of difficult to fit, because it’s so long. My poor passenger is always smacked in the face when I try to get it to open up. So it takes some skill to not smack everybody trying to get it to open up.


Except for the fitment issue, I didn’t find any other downside to Covercraft’s sunshades. Yes, they’re pricey too like the Heatshield ones, but both products are well-worth the money.


✅ Does the job well
✅ Looks good
✅ Quite durable


❌ Difficult to fit

Best Budget Windshield Sunshade: AUTOAMERICS

AUTOAMERICS sunshades have been carefully developed to assist in reducing the interior temperature of your Tesla on bright days.

I couldn’t find many Tesla owners using these sunshades; however, from a broader perspective, AUTOAMERICS is a trusted sunshade manufacturing company.

According to consumers, this is a cost-effective solution for price-conscious owners that does a decent job.

Because these sunshades are pretty thin, you may still feel some heat entering the cabin. Don’t expect it to block a lot of heat since it just does not.

One thing is certain, though: the leather seats will not be scorched by the sun’s rays.

All things considered, if you won’t be using the sunshades a lot, I’d say give AUTOAMERICS a shot. There is no reason to spend a lot of money on a product you won’t be using often.


✅ More economical option
✅ Keeps the leather seats relatively cool
✅ Good option for occasional use


❌ Does only a satisfactory job
❌ Material is fairly thin

Best Heat Reflective Model 3 Glass Roof Sunshades



✅ Works better than the OEM ones
✅ Heavier, more opaque material blocks heat better
✅ Can be installed under 5 minutes


❌ Not enough clips available
❌ Clips fall off easily



✅ Two-layer construction provides superior sun protection
✅ Each layer can be used separately
✅ Handy bag included for convenient storage


❌ Not a perfect fit
❌ Rear piece sags a bit
❌ Straps connecting both the layers break easily


tesla model 3 sunshades


✅ Includes shades for windows, windshield, and roof
✅ Best for extended parking time under the sun
✅ Provides good heat protection


❌ A bit ugly
❌ Reduces visibility; not viable while driving

Final Thoughts

If you live in an area where weather is mostly hot, investing in high-quality windshield and roof sunshades must be your foremost priority.

The heat can get on your nerves and destroy your whole mood, consequently destroying the productivity of your whole day.

I’d recommend going for Heatshield as it’s a proven solution by Tesla owners. You can prefer the OEM ones, but considering the overall community review, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Let us know in the comment section what sunshades you ended up picking and how your experience went with them.

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