5 Best Seat Covers for Tesla Model 3 (Highly Rated by Owners)

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 10/28/21 •  8 min read

Spilled coffee, food stains, scratches on the seats…

Regardless of why you’re looking for Tesla Model 3 seat covers, this article lists out the best products for your needs.

After scrutinizing 100+ product reviews and reading through a dozen forum threads, I was able to identify the 5 best aftermarket seat covers the community recommends the most.

I’ll also discuss an alternative way of upgrading your Model 3 seats and why you should consider it.

Let’s dive right into it.

Best Seat Covers for Tesla Model 3 Overall: TAPTES

Best Seat Covers for Tesla Model 3 by Taptes

TAPTES seat covers enjoy an incredible reputation in the Tesla community. 

It’s because their prices are so reasonable, their quality is splendid, and they offer covers that perfectly fit every Tesla model.

The unique proposition they offer is customization; 15 colors and 2 different leather materials give a lot of choices to a potential customer.

If you can’t afford the premium Nappa leather, you can go with the standard litchi vegan leather that is equally as good as Nappa in aesthetics, but a little less in quality.

It’s also comforting to know that the company values the safety of its customers over anything.

With their covers installed, all the safety features still will work great (owners have tested and verified this).

If you want seat covers for your Model 3 that are comfortable, look great, clean up easily, and above all, don’t interfere with its safety features, TAPTES is your best bet.

Its installation process is quite straightforward too and can be done at home easily. To assist in the process, TAPTES made the following guide. Be sure to check it out:

It’s time-consuming, but in the end, it’ll be worth it.

It seems that the whole process, from scratch to the final touch, will not take you more than 2 or 3 hours.

In fact, this owner did it in under an hour. Check out his comments:

The TAPTES seat covers work and look great—clean up quick and easy when needed, and were simple install (by me) in under an hour. Plus unlike cloth covers do not retain any smell.

TAPTES (the company) was great to work with—very accommodating, and asked lots of questions to be sure to get it right.



The above review actually sums up the entire customers’ experience with TAPTES seat covers. And that’s the exact reason why they are at the first spot on my list: it’s a bargain.

If you want to know even more, I also wrote an exclusive in-depth review on the Taptes Model 3 seat covers.


✅ They look great and are comfortable.
✅ Premium Nappa leather is just as good as the OEM leather.
✅ All safety features (seat belts and airbags) work great.
✅ Easy to install
✅ Great customer service


❌ People find the premium Nappa leather a bit expensive.

Best Seat Covers for Tesla Model 3 On Amazon: Xipoo

Best Seat Covers for Tesla Model 3 by Xippo

Xipoo seat covers are popular for their looks. In fact, it is the single factor that compelled hundreds of owners to try these seat covers.

The covers are available in multiple colors: red for an aggressive vibe, white or black for an OEM look, and a very sporty black+white version.

If you want white OEM seats but are afraid of stains, Xipoo seat covers are the best solution to turn black OEM seats white.

“That’s all well and good, but aesthetics alone aren’t the only parameter to decide the worth of a product! What about the comfort, safety, and installation?”

You’re right. Let’s talk about these factors.

Xipoo seat covers are quite comfortable; I found no complaints in that department. If anything, the PU leather and soft fabric also add up a lot of comfort.

The company’s safety considerations are also on point; airbags, seat belts, heat function, all run smooth.

But when it comes to installation, this is where things go south — and this is going I detailed in our Xipoo seat covers review.

In a nutshell, it’s the hardest part and not advisable as a DIY project.

Apart from some owners not being able to install these covers, however, I didn’t find any major issues. Quality is good, safety is better, and aesthetics are the best! 

You only have to do the installation once, though. So if you persevere through the procedure, you’ll likely end up with a quality product that you’re happy with.


✅ Available on Amazon for fast shipping
✅ It looks awesome.
✅ Multiple color choices are available.
✅ Quite affordable
✅ Comfortable enough


❌ Very hard to install

Notable Mention: Wet Okole

One example of customized seat covers for the Model 3 from Wet Okole.

Though not limited to Tesla only, Wet Okole seat covers are largely appreciated by the Tesla community. 

The huge window of customization is the main reason for this brand’s popularity. They offer 5 designs and 26+ colors to choose from.

There’s a whole process that includes design selection, color selection, pockets selection, and whether you want lumbar support, sunglasses pouches, pet leash, etc.

It’s like you’re the designer of your seat covers; Wet Okole will only execute your design and deliver it to your front door.

These seat covers are manufactured using 100% waterproof neoprene material laminated with nylon on both sides to make the seat covers stronger and more comfortable.

Wet Okole also takes the safety of its customers quite seriously. They made sure that all the safety features of the Model 3 work great with their seat covers installed.

In fact, here’s an airbag test they performed to solidify their claim:

It’s comforting to know that the airbags work great, thus no safety concern whatsoever.

All in all, keeping the overall community trust in mind, Wet Okole seat covers are a good bang for your buck. 

Interesting Fact:

Evannex is a renowned brand in the Tesla community. They sell seat covers for the Model 3, and after a bit of research, I found out that their seat covers are manufactured by Wet Okole.

You can buy directly from Evannex too but,

❌ They have fewer customization options.
❌ People complained about the quality of their product.
❌ They are more expensive compared with the ones at Wet Okole.


✅ Huge customization opportunities
✅ Great quality, 100% waterproof material
✅ Airbags work great.
✅ Very affordable


❌ Subpar online shopping experience
❌ Not available on Amazon

Notable Mention: Inch Empire

Seat covers by Inch Empire are what we call “middling.” People fell in love with some of its aspects but absolutely hated others.

While it was given a 4.9-star rating for comfort, it only secured a 3.4-star rating in installation.

Customers said that the front seat covers fit like a glove, but the rear ones fit a little loose. They are also the most troublesome to install.

Aside from this factor, Inch Empire has a few things going for it too, with color choices being the most prominent feature. 

They have red, black, brown, beige, pink, grey, red+black (feels real sporty), and a very elegant eggshell blue color.

So if you want quality seat covers with a unique color combination at a very affordable price, Inch Empire is the way to go.

Premium Pick: TSportline Seat Upgrade Interior Kit

If you truly want to differentiate your interior, there’s no better choice than TSportline’s offering.

They go beyond “covers” and offer a complete upgrade instead. And they’re called upgrades for a reason.

Just look at these beauties:

Black Leather Seat Upgrade – Diamond Quilt Design »

Black Vegan Leather Seat Upgrade – Black Suede Insignia »

Luxurious Tesla Model 3 seat upgrades (Black Vegan Leather - Black Suede Insignia)

White Leather Seat Upgrade – Black Suede Insignia »

Red Leather Seat Upgrade – Black Suede Insignia »

Luxurious Tesla Model 3 Seat Upgrade (Red Leather - Black Suede Insignia)

Tan Leather Seat Upgrade – Black Suede Insignia »

With 6 colors (white, red, black, tan, cream, and brown) and 3 design choices (Insignia, Diamond Quilt, and Tesla Factory),

TSportline offers an infinitely customizable upholstery upgrade for your Tesla seats.

And though expensive, it’s the most elegant way to give an instant “WOW” factor to the interior of your car.


✅ Complete upholstery upgrade
✅ 6 colors and 3 design choices available
✅ Synthetic and original leather material available
✅ Premium aesthetics
✅ Quite comfortable


❌ The seat upgrade kit replaces the original Model 3 vegan interior.
❌ It can only be installed by TSportline authorized dealers.
❌ Very expensive

Frequent Buyer Concerns

Does Tesla prohibit the installation of aftermarket seat covers?

According to the Model 3’s owner manual, it’s prohibited to install aftermarket seat covers because they may interfere with the vehicle’s seat safety system (airbags deployment, etc.).

But as the aftermarket manufacturers on this list take safety considerations quite seriously (as we’ve seen in product reviews), you shouldn’t be concerned.

Our Tesla Model 3 Seat Covers of Choice

Ultimately, TAPTES seat covers fit the bill of most Model 3 owners.

Considering its quality, price point, and above all, customization opportunities, it’s no wonder Model 3 owners recommend it across the board.

It really ticks all the boxes.

If you have extra funds, though, the TSportline seat upgrade kit is definitely something to consider.

Though expensive, Model 3 owners who made this investment LOVED the final look of their cars.

It’s just a premium upgrade you won’t get with any other brand.

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