Best Tesla Model 3 Dog Hammock & Other Handy Pet Accessories

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 11/03/21 •  11 min read

Not many products provide two big benefits at once, let alone benefits you’d singlehandedly pay hundreds for:

Keeping your car clean — and your puppies safe.

I dug deep into Tesla forums (21 threads total) to find out what’s the #1 Tesla Model 3 dog hammock the community recommends — plus alternatives to fit different needs.

See the top dog hammocks that resulted from my research in the table below. Later in this article, I’ll discuss alternative products you may also want to consider.

Best Overall
  • Designed for Teslas. Perfect fit.
  • Mesh for visibility and air circulation
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean. Machine washable
  • 30-day refund guarantee
Premium Pick
Orvis (Highest Quality)
Orvis (Highest Quality)
  • #1 recommendation in the Tesla community
  • Mesh for visibility and air circulation
  • Scratch and waterproof
  • Easy to clean. Machine washable
  • Highest quality materials
Best Budget
Duxe Dixie
Duxe Dixie
  • Very inexpensive
  • Reasonable quality and durability for the price
  • Includes seat belt lesh for free
  • Best bang for your buck

Best Tesla Model 3 Dog Hammock Overall: Tesmanian

Tesla Model 3 Dog Hammock by Tesmanian

Among the dog hammocks specifically designed for the Model 3, Tesmanian stands out as the best.

It has a perfect fit and a visible mesh to keep an eye on your dog (while allowing better air circulation for the back seats).

If you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality Model 3 dog hammock that Tesla owners are extremely happy with, this is it.

Customers write that this product is super easy to clean (and machine washable).

Your task after a trip with your puppy will be rinsing your hammock or simply making it part of your next laundry.

A fair complaint is that the material isn’t as grippy. Make sure to take sharp corners slowly to avoid your pet from slipping away.

Also, while the hammock mode prevents your puppy from weaseling his way into the front seats,

The hammock makes it hard for you to treat or calm your dog on the go.

Overall, with all the features you’d want from a dog hammock plus a very reasonable price,

I can see why Tesla owners keep this product at the top of their recommendation list.


Ideal for: long-term and regular use. Pets of all sizes.

✅ Designed for Teslas. Perfect fit.
✅ Mesh for better visibility and air circulation
✅ Waterproof
✅ Easy to clean. Machine washable.
✅ 30-day, refund guarantee


❌ Material may not be as grippy

Runner-Up Model 3 Dog Hammock: 4-in-1 URPOWER

If you like practicality, you’re going to love this multi-use dog hammock & seat cover.

It can function as a bench-style back seat cover, a hammock, a front seat cover, and even a trunk/cargo liner — while being easy to clean and waterproof.

Sure, “all-in-one” products tend to perform at an average level in each category — but they’re very practical nonetheless.

With 95% of positive ratings, you can tell customers are happy.

Some have updated their experience with the product after a year — and continue to be very satisfied.

Others have had issues with the zipper: it breaks down after a few months, especially with heavier dogs.

If your dog is on the heavier end (60+ pounds), I’d suggest you look elsewhere.

But if your pet isn’t as heavy, definitely consider this product with such a creative design  — and a track record of happy customers.


Ideal for: Occasional use. Small to medium pets.

✅ Practical, 4-in-1 design: hammock, bench, front covers & cargo liner.
✅ Small mesh for better air circulation
✅ Waterproof
✅ Easy to clean. Machine washable.


❌ Zipper may break easily
❌ Questionable durability

Every dog-related Tesla forum thread I read mentions “Orvis” at some point.

In fact, there are 14,500 Google results with the phrases “tesla model 3” & “Orvis” — all with positive things to say. Here, see for yourself.

If you plan on traveling with your dog on a regular basis and want a quality product that lasts, Orvis is your safest bet.

Some customers write that they’ve had the product for years and it holds up even against two dogs.

Despite being on the higher end price-wise, the consensus in the Tesla community is that the product is well worth the price —

Especially if you value longevity and high-quality materials.

Whether you own a Model 3 or Y, the Large size fits perfectly — and it’s available on Amazon as of this writing.

“+100 to the Orvis hammocks. I’ve had mine for a few years now and it holds up great against my two dogs.” Credit to PoitNarf.

(Although it doesn’t seem to have the same popularity within Amazon, where many customers are simply looking for the cheapest product.)

Given that this is a universal product, customers write that not all seat belt openings may align.

This minor inconvenience aside, the product has all the elements you’d expect from a dog hammock (and then some):

The list goes on.

If you want a product that you’ll have nothing to complain about for the next 5 years, Orvis is the way to go.


Ideal for: long-term and regular use. Pets of all sizes.

✅ #1 recommendation in the Tesla community
✅ Mesh for better visibility and air circulation
✅ Scratch and waterproof
✅ Easy to clean. Machine washable.
✅ Highest quality materials. Most durable choice.


❌ May not fit 100% perfectly as it’s a universal product
❌ Expensive

Budget Tesla Model 3 Dog Hammock: Duke Dixie

Budget Tesla Model 3 Dog Hammock by Duke Dixie

If you have playful dogs that like to jump around (and you plan on using dog hammocks on a regular basis),

I’d probably consider a higher-quality product.

But for a product that serves its purpose on a tight budget, this one is truly hard to beat.

It has seat belt openings for passengers which can also be used to attach a dog harness —

Although a fairly common complaint is that the velcro strips that seal this opening don’t hold up as they accumulate fur easily.

Despite its low price, this hammock has proven strong enough to hold up against both a 125-pound Saint Bernard & a 90-pound Retriever.

Whether it will continue to perform for years to come, remains a question.

For the price, however, even if it only holds up for a year or two…

You’d still be getting the best bang for your buck.


Ideal for: Occasional use. Pets of all sizes.

✅ Very reasonable price
✅ Waterproof
✅ Easy to clean. Machine washable.


❌ Velcro on seat belt openings accumulate fur and stop working
❌ Questionable durability
❌ No mesh for visibility & air circulation

Alternatives & Complementary Products to Consider

Best Front Seat Cover for Dogs: URPOWER

Best Front Seat Cover for Dogs by URPOWER

Proven reliable not only for pets but for gym enthusiasts after a sweaty workout,

This universal & affordable cover is ideal for those who travel with their puppies on the front seats.

Whether it’s only the two of you — or because you’re moving your spouse and kids to the back — doesn’t matter.

Your dog deserves it from time to time!

Keep in mind, however:

The product’s fabric is thick and sturdy enough to prevent your dog’s nails from ruining your seat.

But although the fabric is water-repellent, sweat-repellent, and possibly pee-repellent (hope you never test that one!)…

Customers complain that wet pets or people, over a long period of time, allow the humidity to soak through the fabric and into your seats.

So don’t count on that level of water resistance.

Best Dog Booster Seat: Snoozer

Just so… adorable. 🐶 Credit to Casteyanqui.

Although too soft to be protective as a standalone product,

This boost seat serves to further increase both your puppy’s comfort and safety.

Just look at the furry, little girl above, happily jumping into its seat on a Model 3.

If sleeping on the road is one of your pet’s favorite hobbies, you owe it to him and to yourself to provide the comfort he deserves.

2-in-1 Cover & Booster Seat for Small Dogs: Flow.month

Cover & Booster Seat for Small Dogs by Flow.month

Liked the idea of a booster seat?

This is a budget alternative to the previously mentioned product.

Regularly a front seat cover, it morphs into a booster seat simply by lifting up the material that folds down to the sides.

You may consider using a blanket inside to increase comfort further, just like many customers have done.

Being an affordable alternative, there are some inconveniences to expect:

The zippers may break easily.

The material, although water-resistant, isn’t 100% waterproof.

And this one in particular, even though it’s easy to clean, it isn’t machine washable.

Clearly, there’s nothing fancy about this product — but it’s great value for smaller dogs traveling right next to their “parents.”

Best Value Door Cover Protector: Plush Paws

Best Value Door Cover Protector by Plush Paws

Even if you keep your dog’s nails trimmed, doors remain a vulnerable car part — especially if your dog loves looking out the window.

Before you hit the accelerator, place these door cover protectors on (& lock up your windows and doors) to further protect your car and pet.

This particular door protector has 3 installation options, each with its own benefits.

Depending on your preference, you may use one method or the other:

Every option allows you to hang the protector easily — while the anchors and the strips make sure the protector stays in place even if you roll the windows up and down.

The protector may not cover your entire door as it has a universal fit,

But it’ll cover more than enough to protect your door from the claws of your lovely puppy.

Best Solution for Multiple Pets: Pet Tube

If you have multiple pets and they’re known for being escape artists,

Or they simply can’t stay quiet and you fear they may jump to the front seat, potentially distracting you,

Pet Tube is your solution.

It has a claw-proof fabric that will hold up for years.

The large size can be halved in size or flattened to store in the trunk.

And with the handles, it’ll become very easy to carry your pet around.

Customers with multiple pets (each with different needs) write how this is the best solution they’ve ever found.

Zip your playful pets and relax knowing they’ll enjoy a comfortable ride while you safely drive to your destination.

Frequent Buyer Concerns

After searching for terms like “tear,” “break,” and “scratch” on the reviews of the products on this list, I found very few people having issues with mesh tearing.

As an example, a customer of the URPOWER 4-in-1 had his hammock scratched pretty early on.

The seller ended up sending this customer a version without the mesh — and looks like this person had no more issues after this.

If you know your pet may try to break through the mesh, I’d lean towards buying a hammock without a mesh in the first place.

Although some of these meshes are very fine and small, it’s unlikely any of these products will have a mesh strong enough to withstand dog claws trying to tear through them.

Final Thoughts: Best Tesla Model 3 Dog Hammock & Other Handy Pet Accessories

There are so many dog hammocks on the market, but very few pack as much value as Tesmanian for Tesla owners.

It’ll keep your Tesla clean (and your dog safe) on even the longest of road trips.

And it will do all of it for cheap.

For long-term, frequent users of hammocks who want to have a long-lasting product, Orvis is the safest bet.

With it, you won’t have to be as cautious in corners due to its grippier material —

If your budget allows and you want to stick to the highest quality standards, order yours from Amazon.

(Or look deeper into Orvis’ prestige in the Tesla community.)

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