Detailed & Unbiased 3D Maxpider Model 3 Floor Mats Review

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 04/10/21 •  9 min read

If you’ve spent more than 10 minutes researching floor mats, you’ve probably seen 3D Maxpider Model 3 reviews.

Out of all the 16 floor mats I analyzed, 3D Maxpider mats came out as one of the best overall choice.

No product is perfect, though.

In this article, I’ll dive deeper into the various aspects of the product. You’ll walk away knowing:

Let’s start with one of the most important factors to consider:

Coverage & Fitment on the 3D Maxpider Model 3 Mats

The better the coverage and the fitment, the better the mats will protect your vehicle.

How do the 3D Maxpider Model 3 mats perform in this category?

The company claims a “high-precision laser scanning technology,” but what does this mean in real life?

Coverage, as described by LivingTesla in a comparison video recorded back in 2019, is “good enough though not the best.”

3D Maxpider Model 3 overview starts @ 2:03 – 3:17.

I’d say that’s accurate.

As you can see in the video above, the product does a pretty good job covering most areas both in the front and back.

The dead pedal area is mostly covered, too, which is an area many mats miss.

If you look more closely at @2:49 in the video, you’ll see lips that extend up ~2-3 inches into the sidewalls.

This is the main benefit of 3D floor mats.

You get to prevent dirt from getting underneath the carpet — and protect the sidewalls from kids kicking it around.

Overall, your vehicle’s interior will be virtually in factory condition if you get these 3D Maxpider Model 3 mats earlier on.

Although dead pedal coverage could be better and spots like the B pillar (between the front and rear seats) are left out,

Coverage is more than enough for thousands of Tesla owners to use (and recommend) the product.

How Easy Are These Mats to Clean?

Whether you have hairy pets, kids, or you live in an area with harsh winters,

At some point, you’ll bring a decent amount of snow, water, sand, or dirt into the car.

Some floor mats on the market can easily be cleaned through vacuuming or 5-minute water rising alone —

While others have to be deep cleaned every few months to stay in good condition.

Where does 3D Maxpider fall in this category?

Giving the material and all the protuberances, you won’t get away with vacuuming alone, which would be ideal.

However, you will be able to clean it in less than 5 minutes by simply taking them out and rising them.

Then rinse and repeat (no pun intended).

Wondering how this is done? Take a look @0:22. Notice they were clean 5 seconds in.

Make sure to do this at least once a month so no dirt gets embedded into the mats.

Five minutes a month can certainly be considered a low-maintenance item — and a little price to pay for all-weather, all-around protection.

Holding Up Long Term or Not?

Companies are able to pull off incredible feats in their advertising — and their claims may hold true when the product is new.

But how about after the product has several months of use? Will these mats hold up against all the slops you throw at them?

Here’s what Clivew, a Tesla Motors Club member, had to say when responding to a thread created by the company:

“I fitted your mats to my Model 3 before this winter, to give a bit more protection as I walk my dog in a muddy field every day.

They’re superb mats, they fit great, and due to the lip, keep all the dirt on the mat.

The best part though is how quick and easy to clean they are. I remove them, hose them down, and they’re pristine in 2 mins.

After 6 months of serious dirt and daily use, they are still like new. Thanks for designing them!”

This particular customer is confirming our 5-minute cleaning rule as well.

Many more customer and third-party reviews can be found with evidence of strong durability.

We’ll talk about such reviews separately below.

What Customer Have to Say

If you’re like me, you want to hear both positive and negative customer experiences.

Based on Amazon customer reviews, 95% of customers have rated the product positively.

On a feature-by-feature basis, here’s the overall customer rating:

In categories like Value for Money, the product is just rated at 4.4 stars.

This represents a number of customers who may find the product either fairly priced or slightly expensive.

Regarding the negatives, there are just 2 claims (out of 750 ratings) that the product didn’t hold up.

The first customer claims he started to experience a small unraveling of the material after 3 weeks of use.

Another claimed the product started to warp after 2 months of use.

No manufacturing process is perfect and a customer is bound to have a bad experience at some point.

These products may have been defective from the factory.

If we assumed this sample is representative, though, 2 out of 750 ratings is only 0.25%.

That’d imply 99.75% of happy customers — and products in great condition that hold up over time.

In fact, type in the word “months” into the Amazon search bar —

You’ll see customers quoting anywhere from 4 to 18 months of use with nothing but good things to say about the product.

Third-Party Reviews on the 3D Maxpider Model 3 Mats

For balance’s sake, I tried to find an overall negative third-party review of these mats.

Well… I couldn’t.

Although most reviewers are incentivized to say good things and it’s hard to find unbiased reviews,

The YouTube comments from users of the product are also positive overall.

Here are two of the most creative and honest 3D Maxpider Model 3 reviews I found:

Holding up to a gallon and a half of water… impressive.
Quick, 5-minute review by Matt Shumaher from Tech Forum. OEM WeatherTech comparison words @ 3:17.

Dislikes & Cons

There are two major things I (and many Tesla owners) dislike about the product.

Although details, they’re annoying enough for people to complain and take 1 star out of their rating.

  1. Creases: The rear 3D Maxpider Model 3 mats come folded in half. Although I understand the logistical reasons for doing that, creases appear right in the middle. Such creases may stay there for a while — in some cases, for months.
  2. The large, “3D” logo that’s fixed on the front floor mats. To me, it isn’t that big of a deal… but customers pull incredible feats to remove this logo. A no-logo version would be greatly appreciated by the Tesla community.

Another valid complaint I’ve heard about the product is its backing material.

Although it’s meant to avoid slippage (and it does so pretty well), it also makes an annoying, scratchy sound whenever you step on it.

Overall, the dislikes are minor.

None of them sounds like such a big deal to sway people away from considering the product.

Price Ranges & Where to Buy

3D Maxpider Model 3 review

This is a 3-piece set (driver, passenger, and rear mats) of their flagship “Kagu” lineup. This happens to be the only Model 3 set easily found on Amazon and the one most people look for.

The company is also sells front and rear trunk liners and floor mats compatible with other models years.

They offer 3D Maxpider mats compatible with 2017-2019, 2020, and 2021 models respectively — and you can buy individual liners separately.

A Questionable Warranty

According to the company’s website, the product has a 3-year, limited warranty for the original buyer.

To quote the legal jargon they highlight:

“3D U Ace guarantees products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship after retail purchase from an authorized 3D U Ace dealer.

This guarantee does not cover damages from improper installation, cosmetic conditions caused by normal wear and tear, operation, willful abuse, or modification.

In the event the product is deemed defective by 3D U Ace, a credit for the cost of the freight will be issued.

In plain English, warranties are processed through “authorized dealers” and cover only manufacturing defects.

Be warned: the few people I found online that tried to claim a warranty had a hard time doing so.

Most products will hold up well, though (99%+based on our estimations above).

So if you do decide to purchase the 3D Maxpider Model 3 mats, chances are you won’t ever have to worry about warranty claims.

It’s comforting to see a 3-year warranty is in place regardless.

Alternatives to Consider

The YouTube videos above mentioned other competitors and how they compared to the 3D Maxpider Model 3 mats.

If a friend were on the market today looking for some floor mats today, these are other products I’d suggest to him:

Budget-Friendly Alternative »

3D Maxpider Model 3 Alternative

Taptes released a clone of the 3D Maxpider Model 3 mats.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly product and don’t mind purchasing from a Chinese manufacturer, check these ones out.

Premium Alternative (More Coverage & Lifetime Warranty)

3D Maxpider Model 3 alternative on Tuxmat

Although not as aesthetically pleasing to some, Tuxmat provides better interior coverage, quality materials, and a lifetime warranty.

This is the highest-quality choice if you’re willing to pay a little more.

OEM Alternative »

OEM Alternative to 3D maxpider model 3

If you’re the type of person that buys OEM products whenever possible, Tesla sells their own floor mats (manufactured by WeatherTech).

It’s said they’re harder to clean and neither coverage nor quality feels as good. Regardless, they’re certainly good enough to get the job done.

Final Thoughts

Overall, 3D Maxpider offers the floor mats the Tesla community recommends most — and the one YouTubers have raved about for years.

They were one of the first products available — and today they benefit from that long track record of quality.

Although not the best in all the categories considered above,

If you want some good-looking floor mats that survives all the slops you throw at them and get cleaned in second,

3D Maxpider mats are the way to go.

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