Best Model 3 Frunk Coolers to Take on Your Next Road Trip

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 02/26/22 •  13 min read

Say goodbye to spoiled food and warm drinks inside your frunk, especially during the summer!

Frunk coolers are a great way to keep your food fresh and your drinks cold while on the road.

But with hundreds of coolers to choose from, it is difficult to select which one will meet your space and quality requirements. 

After spending more than four hours of research on Tesla community forums and watching at least a dozen YouTube videos, I’m here to give you the five best Model 3 frunk coolers. 

But before we dive deep into our best choices, let us take a look at some of the basics first.

Frunk Cooler vs Frunk Organizer vs Frunk Luggage: What’s the Difference? 

The frunk of the Model 3 is designed not only for style and aerodynamics but also to accommodate different types of cargo, ranging from food and groceries to personal items and office supplies, gadgets, and other similar things. 

However, the frunk is not ideal to use alone. Using organizers, coolers, or luggage is recommended to put inside your frunk and hold cargo.

Frunk coolers will keep your food fresh and drinks cool, especially when you go outdoors and on long trips during the summer.

On the other hand, a frunk organizer is designed to keep your things from rolling around in the frunk and keep the frunk neat and clean. If you have dry goods, electronic gadgets, and other small things, you can store them separately using a frunk organizer.

Meanwhile, a frunk luggage is designed to hold a wide range of stuff, from clothes, shoes, and personal belongings to electronic gadgets.

Although frunk organizers and luggage can sometimes hold similar stuff depending on their size, frunk coolers are totally different because they need to maintain the coldness of your food and beverages and must be leakproof. 

In very few cases, a cooler and an organizer (or any two of the three) can be put together inside the frunk if they are small since the frunk has limited space.

Soft-Sided vs Hard-Sided Cooler

Frunk coolers come in different types and sizes, and the most common one is a soft-sided cooler. Hard-sided coolers are usually big, so there are only a few that can fit inside the frunk.

Soft-sided and hard-sided frunk coolers have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs.

Hard-sided frunk coolers are more durable and have a longer cooling time than soft-sided coolers. On the other hand, soft-sided coolers are more flexible and easy to store, especially when empty. They don’t require a large amount of space when not in use.

If your plan is to go outdoors for an extended time, a hard-sided cooler is the better option. However, if you need to store only a few beer cans and need extra space, go with a soft-sided cooler.

Best Tesla Model 3 Frunk Coolers

Whether you need a hard-sided or a soft-sided cooler, we have both in our list.

Best Overall:

Coleman 24-Can Party Stacker Portable Cooler

We picked the Coleman 24-Can Party Stacker Portable Cooler as the best Model 3 frunk cooler because, not only is it the favorite frunk cooler of the Tesla community, but also it fits perfectly in both the frunk and the lower portion of the trunk. So if you have something in your frunk, you can still put this cooler below the trunk without taking extra space inside the cargo bay.

Credit to Tesla Owners Online

I love this cooler because it leaves enough space for my other stuff like quick detailer, glass cleaner, and other cleaning materials on the side. It fits more stuff!


The Coleman 24-Can Party Stacker is a hard-sided cooler and measures 8.25″ (H) x 22.25″ (W) x 13.62″ (D). It can hold up to 24 cans of beverage plus ice and is wide enough to fit a 13″ x 9″ serving dish.

The Coleman 24 Can Party Stacker never failed me during my seven hours of travel to Niagara Falls, Canada. We had a mixture of bottles of water and Gatorade. After seven hours of travel almost half of the ice was melted which is good and not a big deal at all. After all, this cooler is a great buy! 

Nate Locutus Zee

My 2021 Model 3 has a heat pump but the Coleman Stacker 24 still fits perfectly and I can close the hood without any problem.

Nick Wally Soler

Coleman is considered to be the best cooler brand by many, and it is made in the USA, so you definitely can’t go wrong with this product.



✅ 100% American made
✅ Fits perfectly inside the Model 3 frunk and in the lower trunk
✅ The lids fit and snap perfectly
✅ Hard-sided and durable

❌ Needs the same space when empty


EVANNEX Model 3, X, and Y Frunk Cooler

If you are looking for a frunk cooler that is specifically designed to fit the Model 3 frunk, EVANNEX is your best choice. 

The EVANNEX frunk cooler is a soft-sided insulated cooler that is designed and handcrafted in South Florida, USA. 

EVANNEX is one of the leading manufacturers of aftermarket Tesla accessories, and their frunk cooler is one of their best sellers.

This double-stitched cooler can hold up to 36 12 oz. cans of beverage plus ice and can stay cold for 36 hours without leaking condensation inside your Model 3 frunk, thanks to its thick insulation.

tesla model 3 frunk cooler
Credit to EVANNEX

I bought two EVANNEX coolers, one for the frunk and one for the trunk, and turned it into an organizer. It fits perfectly!


Coolers are usually measured on how many cans they can accommodate, and EVANNEX can hold up to 54 cans without ice and without bulging the top cover. This capacity is surprisingly large for a cooler that does not have wheels.

Despite its larger capacity, the EVANNEX frunk cooler also fits into the frunk of the Model X and Y, making it one of the most flexible Tesla frunk coolers.

I use EVANNEX cooler from time to time and I’ve got no problem at all. It works well even the car is exposed to the summer sun until mid-day.




✅ Large capacity and can hold up to 36 cans with ice and 54 cans without ice
✅ No condensation to leak outside due to thick insulation
✅ Can be used in Models 3, X, and Y
✅ Can be compressed when empty, giving you more space

❌ Some Tesla owners noticed the slow response of EVANNEX’s customer service

Premium Option:

YETI Hopper Flip 18

One of the most mentioned frunk coolers in the Tesla community is the YETI Hopper Flip 18 soft cooler. At a glance, this cooler looks like a solid round handbag, but it is actually a portable cooler. 

The Hopper Flip 18 measures 15 ⅔ inches long, 10 ⅕ inches wide, and 12 ⅗ inches high and has an empty weight of 5.1 lbs, capable of holding up to 16 beverage cans with ice.

One of the most unique features of this cooler is the foam inside, which is not present in most soft-sided coolers. Aside from insulation, the foam has a superior cold-holding function that makes the cold stay for longer hours.

I use my Yeti cooler to buy ice cream, fits perfectly inside the frunk, and I came home with ice cream not turning into a milkshake in hot Arizona summer.


Unlike other frunk coolers that occupy almost the whole space because of their horizontal design, YETI gives you more space in the side with its vertical design. 

What I like about Yeti is the extra space on each side of the frunk which is enough for snacks and other stuff.


YETI Hopper Flip 18 is designed by people with camping in mind, which means that you can also carry it while hiking. It is durable and small enough to carry even in rugged terrains and extreme conditions.



✅ Can easily be carried by hand or shoulder
✅ Longer cooling period due to foam and insulation
✅ Can hold melted ice without releasing condensation
✅ Available in 6 colors

❌ Has a limited capacity which is not advisable for a family of at least four

Best on Budget:

GARDRIT 60-Can Large Cooler Bag

The GARDRIT 60-Can Large Cooler Bag has the biggest capacity among those in this list and is also the cheapest, but many Model 3 owners love it not only for its capacity and price but also for its quality.

Measuring 16.1″ x 12.6″ x 11.8″ and with 39 liters or 10 gallons of total volume, it can hold stuff equivalent to 60 beverage cans and can still be carried easily.

The GARDRIT frunk cooler bag is designed for several purposes. Although its inside is a cooler, it can also serve as a picnic bag capable of holding picnic and camping stuff like food, medicine, and other personal care items.

The cooler bag is made of nylon, but its interior is made of foam and high-quality insulation, making it leakproof when the ice melts.

I have a GARDRIT 60 Can Large Cooler Bag. I tried it with ice blocks which I bought from Amazon and it take 48 hours to totally melt. I am getting plenty of hours road trip!


Unlike many other soft-sided frunk coolers that have hard foam on the sides, the GARDRIT 60-Can Large Cooler Bag is totally collapsible when empty for easy storage. Its 8 mm EPE foam makes it easier to fold it flat and put it in your luggage.



✅ Highly affordable
✅ Totally collapsible and foldable for easy storage when empty
✅ Large capacity for a big family

❌ Heavy to carry when full due to its large capacity

Notable Mention:

Arctic Zone Titan Guide Series 40-Can Cooler

If one cooler is not enough to carry your food and drinks, then a pair of Arctic Zone Titan frunk coolers is the one for you. 

A single cooler can hold for up to 40 cans, leaving enough space for another 40-can cooler. This capacity is big enough compared with GARDRIT 60, but the beauty of the Titan is you don’t have to carry all 80 cans at once. 

The Arctic Zone Titan is a new product that is often mentioned in Tesla community forums because of its affordability, ease of handling, and large capacity.

I like this cooler because I can separate hot and cold storage and keep things separate. A pair of these fits perfectly side by side in the frunk and the price of two is still cheaper than most frunk coolers.


The Arctic Zone Titan cooler is a combination of quality and affordability, easily making it one of the favorites of the Tesla community. It can keep ice for two days and can be carried during camping and hiking.

Although far cheaper compared with premium brands, it can be mistaken as a premium product because of its luxurious looks and design.



✅ Can keep food and drinks cold in two days
✅ Can be carried easily
✅ Highly affordable
✅ Leakproof with high-performance insulation

❌ Not totally collapsible and foldable

Additional Cooler Worth Considering

Coleman 18-Can Collapsible Cooler

The Coleman 18-Can Collapsible Cooler is not included in the top 5 list because it belongs to a different category and is highly recommended for people who need a personal cooler while traveling; hence, it is small.

If you travel alone and need every space inside your car, including the trunk and frunk, the Coleman 18-Can Collapsible Cooler is your best friend. It is a soft-sided cooler and can hold up to 18 cans or a combination of 10 cans and some bottles or food.

Not all people need 20-plus cans of cooler space, so if you are saving ice, why not buy a small one from the best cooler manufacturer?

Tesla Model 3 Frunk Coolers Buying Guide and FAQs

Do coolers need electricity to maintain their inside temperature? Do I need to plug the frunk cooler?

Portable coolers don’t need electricity to maintain the coldness of the food and drink inside. All you have to do is put ice in all the available spaces.

What are the types of frunk coolers I can use in my Model 3?

There are several types of coolers in general, but we recommend only using the hard-sided and soft-sided coolers in your Model 3 frunk. Hard-sided coolers are made of industrial-grade plastic, while soft-sided coolers are made of nylon, vinyl, or polyester. We do not recommend using metal coolers.

How long does ice last inside the cooler?

There are several factors that contribute to the melting of the ice inside the cooler, including the outside temperature, amount of ice, content of the cooler, car’s movement, frequency of opening, and the type of cooler. 

Good-quality coolers can hold ice for up to 14 hours when the car is running and up to 24 hours when it is not moving or not opened frequently. If you put warm food or cans, it will also expedite the melting of ice. 

What size of cooler can fit the Model 3 frunk?

Size is one of the main factors you must consider when buying a frunk cooler, especially the height. The Model 3’s frunk is around 28 inches wide and 15.5 inches long (front to back), with a depth ranging from 8 to10 inches. You must find a cooler with the size that fits inside this dimension. 

All our choices above fit this dimension.

Do all frunk coolers have shoulder straps?

No. Although most of the soft-sided frunk coolers have shoulder straps and can be carried easily, hard-sided coolers don’t have them.

How do I clean a soft-sided cooler?

Cleaning a soft-sided frunk cooler should not be complicated. You need water, detergent, and a toothbrush. You can watch and follow this video on how to clean a soft-sided portable cooler.

Such simple and easy to follow guide!

Final Thoughts: Tesla Model 3 Funk Cooler

Having a high-quality Model 3 frunk cooler is a must when traveling.

We highly recommend the Coleman 24-Can Party Stacker Portable Cooler because of its proven quality, with the highest approval in the Tesla community.

However, if you don’t want a hard-sided frunk cooler, you can’t go wrong with the EVANNEX frunk cooler. This cooler is specifically designed for the Model 3, X, and Y.

If you have questions or any experience with the products above that you want to share, feel free to comment down below!

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