Best Tesla Model 3 Frunk Organizers According to Enthusiastic Tesla Owners

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Whether you are going on a grocery trip or running some errands, a Tesla Model 3 frunk organizer will keep all your things in one tidy place. From goods and fresh produce to clothes and other personal items, you can fit all in the frunk without mixing them.

I went through a dozen threads on Tesla community forums, multiple posts on social media groups, and several YouTube videos to find the top frunk organizers used by Model 3 owners.

And in case you missed it, we also listed the best Tesla Model 3 frunk coolers and Tesla Model 3 frunk luggage if you need one.

Time to get your frunk organized!

Best Tesla Model 3 Frunk Organizers

Best Overall: RPM Tesla Model 3 Frunk Organizer

Soft-sided frunk organizer
Hard-sided frunk organizer

RPM Tesla is considered as one of the best manufacturers of Tesla aftermarket accessories, and the Model 3 frunk organizer is one of their top products.

They have two versions of frunk organizers: one is soft-sided and designed for 2020 Model 3s and older, while the other is hard-sided and designed for 2021 Model 3s and later. 

The soft-sided version has adjustable compartments, so it is easy to arrange things according to their shapes and sizes. It can also fit the newer versions as its top portion folds easily when full. 

“The compartments are adjustable so you can arrange your things pretty much easily. My wife won’t need to dig the frunk anymore just to get some stuff in the mix.”


Meanwhile, the hard-sided frunk organizer is made of high-quality ABS plastic and has handles on both sides. It can be removed from the frunk and carried easily. It is covered with a cargo net that holds its contents in place and is divided into several smaller compartments, so your things don’t mix.

The hard-sided version can fit in the Model S, X, and Y since they have bigger frunks than the Model 3.

Skip to 0:40 to see how the hard-sided frunk organizer fits in the Model 3. Credit to RPM Tesla


✅ 2 options for old and new Model 3 versions
✅ New version is made of high-quality ABS plastic and can be carried easily
✅ Old version has an adjustable compartment and can also fit later Model 3s
✅ Known and trusted brand


❌ Can only be bought on RPM Tesla’s official website

Runner-up: FORTEM Car Frunk/Trunk Organizer (Standard) 

The FORTEM car frunk/trunk organizer is by far the most popular and affordable organizer in this list as it is reviewed by more than 19,500 customers online and has 4.7 stars out of 5.

Similar to OxGord (which we will talk about more below), FORTEM is not specifically designed for Tesla, but its dimension makes it a perfect fit. 

This frunk organizer is available in two sizes: large and standard. The standard size best fits the Model 3 frunk. It measures 20 inches long, 14.5 inches wide, and 10 inches tall. 

Credit to Tesla Motors Club

This FORTEM organizer fits perfectly and accommodates much of my various electrical accessories including chargers, batteries, and extension cords during extended trips. It is a well-made product with a sealed top. It can be hooked securely to the frunk using its tiedown straps.


Aside from having handles for easy carry on both sides, the FORTEM trunk/frunk organizer has three internal compartments that can be adjusted to become one. 

It also has a removable lid, so you can either let it stay open all the time or close it to keep its content safe. The multiple outside pockets will keep your smaller belongings organized.

“The quality of this organizer is very good. It’s a perfect fit and the frunk closes nicely without any issue. It can also be used in sub trunks. I found it after measuring my Model 3 frunk and searching Amazon. I want to share this affordable option.”

Mod Y Guy


✅ 3 adjustable inside compartments
✅ Removable and detachable lid
✅ Side handles for easy carry
✅ One of the best sellers and highly popular


❌ Some customers say it leaks, so liquids that can spill are not recommended to put inside it

Best on Budget: OxGord Trunk/Frunk Organizer

The OxGord trunk/frunk organizer is not specifically designed for the Model 3, but it fits perfectly that’s why Model 3 owners love it. Due to its collapsible and adjustable feature, it can be used in either the frunk or the trunk.

It measures 21.2 inches long, 15.1 inches wide, and 10.1 inches tall. Although it is taller than the frunk by almost three inches, the top portion can be folded easily so the hood locks perfectly while having no issue with its storage capacity.

The OxGord trunk/frunk organizer has three adjustable internal compartments, allowing you to separate your stuff like groceries, fresh produce, electronic devices, and more. It also has five outside pockets that can hold smaller objects like your phone chargers, pens, books, and the like.

I find this OxGord organizer to be a perfect fit for my Model 3 frunk. The top portion bends easily so I have no problem closing the hood. 

Vinh Nguyen

When you have other things to store inside the frunk that don’t need to be put inside the organizer like your shoes or laundry, you still have enough space because the OxGord frunk organizer is foldable. You can use half of it while the other half is folded.

It has handles on both sides and can be lifted and carried easily even when full. 


✅ Flexible and can store a lot of stuff
✅ Very popular and highly rated, with more than 4,500 positive reviews online
✅ Has 5 outside pockets for smaller objects
✅ Highly affordable


❌ Might be too high for the 2021 Model 3 and later

Premium Pick: TUROAZ Front Trunk Organizer Tray

The TUROAZ front trunk organizer tray is a premium option for Model 3 owners who are in need of stylish frunk organizers. It is compatible with the 2021 and 2022 Tesla Model 3.

Made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, this frunk organizer is waterproof and scratch-resistant. It comes in two layers. The bottom can be used as a cooler, while the top can hold dry stuff. The inside is divided into three areas, so you don’t have to soak everything if you decide to use just one area as a cooler.

This leakproof organizer can not only protect your frunk but also help you find your stuff faster and easier.

It has a large capacity and measures 30.9 inches in length, 18.1 inches in width, and 5.9 inches in height. It does not touch the hood, so you still have enough space to put other things like your clothes and other soft stuff on top of its lid.


✅ Designed specifically to fit the 2021–2022 Model 3
✅ Made of high-quality ABS plastic which is water-resistant and scratch-proof
✅ Can also be used as a cooler


❌ Its low height limits its capacity (occupies only half of the height of the frunk)

Notable Mention: BASENOR 2021 Tesla Model 3 Frunk Organizer Tray

The BASENOR 2021 Tesla Model 3 frunk organizer tray is taking a market share among Tesla owners not just because of its custom design but also because of its proven and tested brand name. 

BASENOR is owned by Tesla and SpaceX investors, and it is very much focused on producing high-quality aftermarket Tesla accessories.

Their Model 3 frunk organizer stands out because it has a very distinct design that fits perfectly to the 2021 Model 3. 

The frunk organizer can store many items such as children’s toys, chargers, tools, and even fire extinguishers without mixing them, thanks to its multiple dividers that separate things and keep them in place. 

It is covered and secured by a net and can be held with ease on both ends.


✅ Made of waterproof ABS plastic
✅ From proven and trusted manufacturers of Tesla aftermarket accessories
✅ Designed specifically for the 2021 Model 3


❌ Limited stocks
❌ Might be difficult to carry out of the frunk

Things to Consider When Choosing a Frunk Organizer

1. Your Stuff

The first thing to consider when buying a Tesla Model 3 frunk organizer is the stuff that you are going to put in the frunk. Make a list of all the things you regularly carry inside your car.

If you determine that you need to store different types of things, then it might be necessary to choose a frunk organizer with lots of compartments and outside pockets. If, however, you want to store bigger things, then a frunk organizer with a removable inside divider may be a good fit.

Having a list of your stuff will help you select the best Model 3 frunk organizer for your needs.

When you create a list, consider the following:

2. Type of Frunk Organizer

There are two main types of frunk organizers: the soft-sided organizer (made of fabric) and the hard-sided organizer (made of hard plastic). Hard-sided organizers are also called ridged organizers or organizer trays.

Soft-sided frunk organizers usually have adjustable and movable inside dividers and multiple outside pockets. They are designed to fit even in irregular-shaped frunks like the Tesla Model 3. They can store many things because of their taller height, but they are lightweight and foldable, so they don’t occupy space when empty.

Hard-sided frunk organizer trays are usually made of ABC plastic that is molded to fit inside the frunk. They also have internal compartments, but with fixed dividers. They can hold wet stuff like ice and can also be used as a cooler for short drives. They have lesser capacity than the soft-sided ones due to their lower height but are more durable. 

3) Size

Always double-check the dimensions of your chosen product before purchasing to ensure that it fits perfectly to your frunk. Although hard-sided frunk organizers have fixed sizes, the soft-sided ones come in different expandable sizes so you can maximize its storage capacity when not inside the frunk. 

4) Compartments

The number of compartments is important especially if you don’t expect what to store inside the frunk. Having a big organizer with a single compartment may look fine and can get the job done, but when you have stuff that cannot be mixed with other things, this can turn into a mess. Therefore, the number of compartments is definitely something worth considering.

5) Materials 

Quality is always important, and if you ignore this consideration, you could end up damaging your stuff.

Make sure to look for these when choosing a frunk organizer:

Final Thoughts

A frunk organizer is definitely a must-have for Model 3 owners who want to keep their cars nice and tidy.

Whether you want a soft-sided or a hard-sided Tesla Model 3 frunk organizer, you’ll never go wrong with RPM Tesla with its perfect fit, versatility, and durable construction.

If you are looking for an affordable alternative, the OxGord trunk/frunk organizer is a very worthwhile option with adjustable compartments, plenty of side pockets, and handles.

If you have any experience with these products or if you know of other products that should be included in our list, let us know in the comment section below!

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