4 Best Tesla Model 3 Heads-Up Displays That Blend in With Its Interior

By Muhammad Hassan •  Updated: 01/09/23 •  9 min read

Although Tesla’s HUD-less interior has become the new normal for many people, some old-school guys like me just don’t want to move on.

Since Tesla has no plans to introduce a heads-up display in their Model 3, the only option is to go for aftermarket upgrades.

While researching, I found several owners complaining about how aftermarket HUDs don’t blend well with the Model 3 interior… That’s why I took special care and only picked those that won’t leave you making the same complaints as those owners.

With that aside, let’s dive into the details.  

Why Don’t Teslas Come With a Heads-Up Display?

While there are numerous reasons why Elon doesn’t want a heads-up display in his Teslas, a few of them are as follows:

This takes us to another query: “Will the Tesla Model 3 ever have a HUD?” 

The answer is a straight no! Not from me, but from Elon Musk himself!

Best Tesla Model 3 Heads-Up Display Overall: HANSSHOW Tesla Heads-Up Display for Model 3

HANSSHOW’s HUD blends the best with the Model 3 interior. People won’t even notice it’s there.

It’s a rectangular-shaped 9-inch ultra-wide HUD display, particularly designed for the Model 3, with a large screen-to-body ratio and high screen resolution so you don’t have to bother looking at the vehicle’s center console for basic HUD info. 

This is the info it shows:

In addition, HANSSHOW’s heads-up display features multiple display modes, including day mode and night mode, to provide a suitable view according to the surroundings for added comfort to your driving. 

If you want your display modes to switch automatically, an auto-mode allows your HUD to integrate with your Model 3 main console from where it can be easily automated.  

In terms of connectivity, the HUD supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB, allowing you to navigate between its various features via the touchscreen, mobile phone, or steering wheel. 

You can also use voice commands via Siri or Google Assistant to answer calls, navigate through maps, and play music on your Model 3. 

The only disadvantage of this HUD is that it mounts on the dashboard, a little higher above the steering wheel, blocking the air coming from the vent. However, it doesn’t choke the vent, and you’ll still have airflow from the sides.

Check out this review from the DaxM YouTube channel.

If you’re stuck in deciding between getting a HUD or keeping Tesla’s minimal interior intact, you can now do both with HANSSHOW’s heads-up display for the Model 3. It’s worth the investment!

✅ 9-inch high-resolution display
✅ Displays basic driving data
✅ Day/Night Mode
✅ Allows voice command
✅ Looks like Model 3 main touchscreen

❌ Blocks the airflow
❌ Highly priced

Runner-Up HUD for Tesla Model 3: Plugear Model 3/Y LCD Dashboard Display  

tesla model 3 heads up display
Credit to Plugear

If you’re looking for something that is basic and feels more like a typical old-school car HUD, the Plugear LCD display is your ultimate answer.

Specially engineered to fit both LHD and RHD Tesla Model 3 versions, this HUD provides maximum safety as you don’t have to look elsewhere for driving data when you’re behind the wheel.         

Basic driving data displayed by this HUD includes:

With a high-resolution projector to eliminate unwanted reflections and display vibrant colors for a vivid look, the HUD also switches automatically between day and night mode by syncing with the main touchscreen on your Model 3.

In addition, it has display modes, including simple and classic modes, allowing you to switch between a digital and an analog speedometer. 

The HUD supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to navigate through its features via your Model 3’s touchscreen and steering wheel buttons or your smartphone. 

Regarding its cons, you’re sure to experience blockage in airflow, but to my surprise, many Tesla owners don’t mind it. 

Just look at this quick conversation:

How does it affect the airflow from the vents?


It does restrict airflow a bit, but it’s much better than the larger square displays. It mounts on the steering column, not the vent – which helps a lot since it’s further away and doesn’t restrict any of the outlets directly. 


Another problem with the Plugear HUD is that a part of the display remains invisible because of the steering wheel, but I don’t count it as a major drawback as it doesn’t compromise the HUD’s key functions. 


✅ Works with both LHD and RHD Teslas
✅ High-resolution projector
✅ Multiple display modes
✅ Displays basic driving data
✅ Day/Night mode


❌ Blocks the airflow
❌ Part of the HUD remains invisible behind the steering 

Best Budget Tesla Model 3 Heads-Up Display: AUTOSONUS Hidden HUD for Tesla Model 3

tesla model 3 heads up display

Just look at how stealthy this HUD is… Barely noticeable!

Made with precise dimensions to fit in the air vent, this tiny HUD provides basic driving data while keeping a low profile. 

The accessible HUD info includes:

To promote driver safety, the HUD features a photosensitive sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness and prevents eye fatigue so you can easily drive for hours.

Furthermore, it provides a waterproof and anti-fog finish to avoid circuit damage and ensure a clear data display. 

Looks like a good position and looks tidy


Defo not a HUD but I do quite like it.


Installation is super easy too! All you need to do is follow this YouTube tutorial by AUTOSONUS:

Shouldn’t take more than five minutes!

Although this little HUD sits right in your Model 3’s vents, it surprisingly doesn’t block the airflow unlike all the other HUDs I’ve discussed because it’s way smaller in size.

The only con we have with AUTOSONUS is the absence of features like multimedia, navigation, and Autopilot, which isn’t a big deal if you’re nailing the basics for a fraction of the price. 


✅ Minimalist design
✅ Easy installation
✅ Displays basic driving info
✅ Waterproof and anti-fog finish
✅ Economical price


❌ No multimedia options
❌ No navigation and Autopilot 

Most Stylish Tesla Model 3 Heads-Up Display: HUDWAY Drive Model 3/Y  Edition

tesla model 3 heads up display
Credit to HUDWAY

Ever imagined driving a future car like the ones from Cyberpunk 2077? That still gives me goosebumps!     

Luckily, if you’re a Model 3 owner, now is the time to turn that imagination into reality by using the HUDWAY heads-up display.

It consists of a built-in projector to project the image and a transparent lens that acts as a display to show the HUD info, allowing you to access various driving details, including:

This is made possible with a highly efficient operation engine that processes the data received from your smartphone or your Model 3’s touchscreen to visualize it in front of your eyes while you’re driving. 

In addition, you can use your favorite navigation apps like Google Maps or Waze besides Tesla’s in-built app for map services. 

Another cool feature of HUDWAY is its ease of access, which allows you to control it through voice commands using Siri or Google Assistant for answering calls, navigating multimedia, setting map destinations, and much more. 

However, the image isn’t stable because of constant projection while the vehicle is moving.

This might not seem like a real problem to many Tesla owners, but it’s an expensive purchase, and from that point of view, it gets 50-50 responses from the community.


✅ Transparent display
✅ Displays basic driving data
✅ Allows voice command
✅ Allows multiple navigation apps


❌ Unstable image
❌ Expensive price

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a smartphone as a heads-up display in the Tesla Model 3?

Yes, you can, but for that, you’ll have to compromise your phone’s battery life and some of the HUD’s features. 

How do you connect the heads-up display to the Model 3?

The heads-up display supports both wireless and wired connections. Pairing them with the Model 3 touchscreen requires Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB connectivity. 

Will Teslas get a heads-up display? 

Although Tesla has faced criticism for this, the company doesn’t seem to care about that, and they don’t plan to introduce a HUD in their vehicles.  

Final Thoughts: Best Tesla Model 3 Heads-Up Display

Ultimately, if you want a full-fledged heads-up display for your Model 3, I’ll recommend you go for HANSSHOW as it blends in with the Model 3 interior and provides complete HUD features. 

For those who want to make an old-school statement, Plugear is a good option with its round shape and analog speedometer option. 

Lastly, those who’d like to remain on budget should look for AUTOSONUS as it’s small in terms of both price and size.    

To conclude, whatever product you choose to go with, I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed — all of them are carefully chosen after extensive research.

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