Best Tesla Model 3 Sub-Trunk Organizers

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 09/19/22 •  9 min read

That extra space in the trunk should be utilized wisely — and what better way to do it than investing in the best Tesla Model 3 sub-trunk organizers?

They’re neat, clean, and functional as hell. No more scattered tools or cables around the trunk!

After investigating the subject for more than a day, I’ve pinpointed the top sub-trunk organizers for your Model 3 that’ll do the job perfectly.

Without further ado, let’s hop into it.

Best Tesla Model 3 Sub-Trunk Organizer Overall: RPM Tesla

Tesla model 3 sub trunk organizers

Product Overview:

I picked these up last Friday from RPM Tesla. It definitely helps to be able to put things so you know where they are and can get to them easily. The compartments are adjustable with velcro tabs so you can arrange based on what you plan to keep in the trunk/frunk. 


There are several advantages to this trunk organizer. Hence, it’s the overall best!

First off, it was created especially for the Model 3’s sub-trunk.

In addition to being well-made and fitting snugly, this trunk organizer’s design greatly increases its usability.

You’re not constrained by the dimensional limits because of the changeable compartments. You may set up the compartments any way you wish depending on what you intend to put in them. 

The velcro strips on the bottom make sure the sub-trunk organizer remains secure in its place. You may completely compress it when not in use.

Here’s a quick installation video from the RPM Tesla YouTube channel:

Fits snugly in the Model 3 sub-trunk.

While the product quality is excellent, the quality of the customer service is far lower than you might expect.

Despite the fact that RPM Tesla is a well-known name in the Tesla aftermarket business, several consumers complained about their lack of response.

However, even with the bad customer service, RPM Tesla has been one of the most talked about brands on Tesla forums when the topic is trunk or sub-trunk organizers. Just trust the community and invest in it!


✅ Custom made for the Model 3
✅ Fits perfectly
✅ Adjustable compartments


❌ Unresponsive customer service
❌ Not built for sturdy tools

Runner-Up Tesla Model 3 Sub-Trunk Organizer: Evannex

I think I’ll go with the EVannex one since it looks like a perfect fit for the sub trunk. Looks like a better fit than the RPM Tesla one I was eyeing. Thanks for the heads up.


Many Tesla owners, including him, have vouched for the incredible quality and functionality of this soft-sided trunk/sub-trunk organizer for the Model 3.

It fits snugly and has adjustable dividers that allow you to tweak the storage area according to your needs.

For decluttering the trunk space or just putting the groceries away, I’d highly recommend this sub-trunk organizer.

It isn’t too different from the RPM Tesla one from the utility point of view. But it falls short in two departments. Unlike the RPM Tesla sub-trunk organizer, it can’t be collapsed fully, and secondly, it’s a lot more expensive.

If any discount isn’t running, you can expect to pay close to $100 for this organizer. So yes, it’s a premium product.

But aside from the price point, I don’t see any major reason why you shouldn’t consider this organizer for your Model 3 sub-trunk. If you can afford it, go for it!


✅ Fits snugly, custom made for the Model 3
✅ Adjustable dividers
✅ Sturdy built


❌ Can’t be collapsed fully
❌ Expensive

Best Adjustable Tesla Model 3 Sub-Trunk Organizer: FORTEM

Product Overview:

I can confirm the quality is very good. It nestles in the frunk quite nicely, the frunk closes without issue, and it even has a velcro top that can go off/on with ease (nice for keeping that takeout warm on the ride back home). You can obviously use it for the trunk/sub trunk as well. I’m getting absolutely nothing from this posting, I just thought some might like to know that there’s a nice, affordable option out there if you want an organizer for the frunk and/or trunk.

Mod Y Guy

With 19,614 total reviewers and a 4.7-star average rating as of this writing, it’s clearly one of the most popular trunk/sub-trunk organizers on Amazon.

FORTEM’s trunk organizer has all the qualities a good organizer must have. For instance, it’s economical, sturdily built, and impressive in the eyes of its customers.

You can also collapse it into fewer compartments. You may either fold it in half or, if you don’t intend to put anything inside it, completely collapse it. 

Maximum portability! 

Additionally, you will receive a one-year warranty as the cherry on top. Even after extensive investigation, I was unable to identify any significant drawback to this product.

Only a small number of consumers had complaints about the smell, but the vast majority expressed perfect satisfaction.

So if you want a trunk organizer that can be stored in the trunk, as well as in the sub-trunk (after collapsing it), FORTEM is your go-to product.


✅ An affordable option
✅ Fits snugly
✅ Appreciated by customers
✅ Offers plenty of space
✅ One-year warranty


❌ Some didn’t like the smell

Notable Mention

Handy Laundry

It can’t get more budget-friendly than this. For owners who don’t want to spend much on this accessory, I’d recommend they order this sub-trunk organizer with their eyes closed.

It has an awesome reputation and customer base on Amazon. With an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars and 2,300+ reviews, this sub-trunk organizer is a steal.

But yes, being budget-friendly does come with some drawbacks. Some owners complained about the velcro strip at the bottom. It’s so powerful that it ripped the trunk carpet off when owners tried to remove it from the carpet.

So it’s advisable to keep a cloth underneath before placing it in the sub-trunk.

Apart from that, this organizer has all the qualities you can possibly think of. It is collapsible, has mesh pockets to store tools, has two big compartments for goods storage, and more.

If budget-friendly is your choice, go for it!


BASENOR is a well-established brand in the Tesla market. It’s backed by Tesla and SpaceX investors, so doubting its products isn’t a good idea.

The same is the case with its custom-made Model 3/Y sub-trunk organizer. 

I didn’t place it in the above section because it is more of an emerging product and doesn’t have much social proof yet.

But considering its Amazon rating (4.7 out of 5 stars, 200+ total ratings), I’m quite optimistic about its future.

The best part of this product is its sturdy build. It’s waterproof and abrasion-proof; hence, cleaning it will be a walk in the park. No more worries about spilled cans or melted ice cream.

All in all, it’s a great product with a little expensive price tag. So if you can afford it and aren’t worried about experimenting a bit with a new product, I’d highly encourage you to go for it.

What Sub-Trunk Organizer Should You Choose: A Buying Guide

#1: The Stuff You’ll Store

The Tesla Model 3 sub-trunk organizer is an excellent way to arrange all of your car’s stuff. 

To select the ideal Model 3 sub-trunk organizer for your requirements, making a list of your stuff can really come in handy. 

If you determine that you need to keep different sorts of objects in distinct sections, a multi-compartment organizer may be essential. 

On the other hand, if you need to store larger items, an organizer with a removable internal divider will be the way to go.

#2: Material

Trunk/frunk/sub-trunk organizers come in two basic varieties: hard-sided and soft-sided.

ABC plastic is typically used to make hard-sided organizer trays, which are then molded to fit inside the trunk, frunk, or sub-trunk. Soft-sided organizers typically contain adjustable and movable inside partitions and several outer pockets.

The benefit of hard-sided sub-trunk organizers is that they can double as a cooler for short rides and can hold wet items like ice. However, soft-sided trunk organizers can be used to hold nearly anything—with the obvious exception of wet items.

So consider carefully what items exactly will you be putting in your sub-trunk organizer before making a final purchase.

#3: Size

Before making a purchase, always check the product’s dimensions to make sure it will fit your sub-trunk perfectly. 

While hard-sided organizers come in fixed sizes, soft-sided ones have a variety of expandable sizes so you can make the most of their storage space while they’re not in the sub-trunk or frunk.

Final Thoughts: Tesla Model 3 Sub-Trunk Organizer

Ultimately, I’d put my bet on RPM Tesla’s sub-trunk organizer for the Model 3 because it’s an established brand with an immense amount of social proof.

I’d also like to give a shot to the BASENOR one even though it’s an emerging organizer, because have you seen its stats on Amazon? It’s treading in a very positive direction as of this writing.

Anyhow, rest assured, I’ve carefully vetted all the suggestions made in this article, so I’m confident that whatever product you choose, it’ll be well-worth your money. 

Just make sure to keep in mind the points I made in the buying guide before purchasing and you’ll be all good.

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