5 Tesla Model 3 Tail Light Tint Films to Match Your Chrome Delete & Tinted Windows

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 02/16/21 •  5 min read

There’s something about the subtle yet meaner look a dark Tesla Model 3 tail light tint provides…

Tesla Model 3 Tail Light Tint on Silver.
Credit to TM3noob.

Whether or not you have the chrome delete, black rims, or dark window tints to match the looks,

I compiled the 5 tail light tint products most highly-rated by the Tesla community.

Best Tesla Model 3 Tail Light Tint: Bogar Tech Designs

Best Tesla Model 3 Tail Light Tint by Bogar Tech Designs

Including not only tail lights but charging port markers, rear reflectors, headlight eyelids and fog lights,

This complete kit makes for a tremendous before-and-after look.

If you’re looking for an affordable and slick-looking tint, this kit offers that and so much more.

It comes with 2 sets for you to keep one as backup, give it to a fellow Model 3 owner, or make mistakes guilt-free.

Surprisingly, even those who said the overlays don’t fit perfectly…

Rated the product 5 stars — and admitted that they “look great” and are “a must have.”

At a reasonable price, considering you’re getting 4 in 1, the value is truly unbeatable.

No other individual product nor kit came even close.


Fits: all Model 3 years and trims.
May fit Model Y.

✅ Complete, 4-in-1 kit
✅ Easy to install
✅ Rated 4.3 stars out of 5
✅ Comes with 2 entire sets (one as extra)


❌ May not fit perfectly

Runner-Up Tesla Model 3 Tail Light Tint: TSolutions

TSolutions Tesla Model 3 Tail Light Tint

Installed in as little as 5 minutes, this pre-cut film eliminates the silver portion of the tail light, making for a black + red striking color combination.

Its 5% tint is as dark as it gets, but light still goes through —

And since it doesn’t not cover the entire tail light, it’s safe for the road without calling the police’s attention.

Many complained the overlays don’t truly provide a perfect fit.

During late 2019 in particular, it looks like the company had cutting issues as many negative reviews popped up during that period.

More recently, however, it has been mostly positive experiences from customers.

MSRP being $40 on TSolutions website, you actually get a sweet deal buying the product from Amazon.


Fits: all Model 3 / Y years and trims.

✅ Made in the USA
✅ Self-healing properties
✅ No cutting required
✅ Pre-cut. Easy, 5-min installation


❌ May not fit perfectly
❌ No overlay or alignment template

Best Tail Light Tint on a Budget: VViVid

If you’re willing to spend the time to cut film to size, this product can save you some money.

(Note that the brave soldiers that bought this product stated the word “patience” a couple hundred times… so expect to take your time.)

The unique proposition here is customization.

The product is available in cool colors like purple and pink.

It’s also sold in various black shades, including dark (20% transparency) and smoke black (35%).

The lighter tone provides a slick look without getting over the top — or impairing visibility.

The kicker? Long-term reviews of the product aren’t so positive.

The glue seems to get embedded into the headlight or tail light…

By the time you want to remove the tint, you may need a new part.

With a price that undercuts competitors by half, however,

There’s good value to be had for those who don’t mind these type of inconveniences.


Fits: Universal.

✅ Available in dozens of colors
✅ Universal. Fits any car.
✅ More than 3,000 positive ratings


❌ Requires cutting
❌ May not age well

Notable Mentions:

Head Light Protection Film »

If you prioritize protection over looks,

This 5-layer film mimics a paint protection film, protecting against scratches and rock chips while improving your car’s aesthetics.

Although a fairly new product as of this writing, the few people that have tested it have been happy.

If you’re interested in a headlight film that focuses on protection, this one is worth a look.

Cut-to-Fit Film for Tail Light & Reflectors »

Tesla Model 3 tail light tint & reflectors

Although the company claims a 10-minute installation, the common complaint of this film is ease of use (or lack thereof).

Experienced DIYers admit that although the film looks awesome —

With basic instructions and no guides or templates for alignment, you’ll have a hard time putting these in place.

Only consider them if you’ve got experience under your belt and are up for the challenge.

Frequent Buyer Concerns

A Tesla owner commented with this concern on Tesla Motors Club.

Haze coming through tinted headlights. Credit to TM3noob.

Here’s what 03DSG, someone who has tinted his lights, had to say:

“If you just had the headlight film installed recently and it’s a quality film, this is just residual moisture from the wet install.

Virtually impossible to squeegee it all out. It can take up to a month or even longer for this to completely disappear.”

Yes, there is a decrease in output.

The films suggested above, however, offer good transmission of light.

If you purchase 20-35% transparent film (described as dark and smoked black respectively),

Any decrease in performance should still be safe for the road.

Going below 20% may be dangerous, especially in the front headlights.

Stick to higher-transparency films if you drive often at night.

Consult with your insurance provider to verify.

You may be held liable for being rear-ended and/or rear-ending another vehicle due to your headlights and tail lights being tinted.

Our Tesla Model 3 Tail Light Tint of Choice

Bogar Tech Designs’ full kit offers the best value in this category.

I’m surprised other brands haven’t followed suit and offer similar kits.

If you’re interested in covering either the headlights, charging side markers, fog lights, or rear reflectors as well,

The choice between a $40 tail light tint film (or a complete, 4-in-1 kit for a little more) is fundamentally a no-brainer.

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