Can You “Zoom” in a Tesla Model 3? Browser, Future App, and Alternatives

By Nicki Schill •  Updated: 10/10/22 •  4 min read

We’ve all heard about the luxury of not wearing pants for Zoom meeting calls that many employees working from home enjoyed over the last couple of years.

Now remote workers want to check off another Zoom meeting first and join calls from inside their Tesla Model 3.

And while Tesla hasn’t confirmed the availability of Zoom just yet inside their vehicles, there appears to be enough promising evidence that it’s the direction they’re heading.

Zoom App Coming Soon to Tesla?

There’s been mounting pressure from owners to add video conferencing capabilities in Teslas.

As workers continue to operate in home offices, the demand is there for conducting business on the road too. 

Video conferencing inside a Tesla seems to be weighing on Elon Musk’s mind as well.

Plus, it seems simple enough, considering there are already cameras in the Tesla Model 3 interior. What would it take to just repurpose the camera and the main screen for video calls?

It’s exactly what these users want to see.

Right now, Zoom is not an option as a built-in app in Tesla models, but leaked footage from a promo video showed the possibility in the V11 software update.

jump to 1:38 to check out the Zoom icon shown on the Applications panel

It tracks with other rumors that Tesla wants to up the ante and give owners the ability to select Zoom from among many other apps in the not-yet-announced Tesla App Store.

Tesla Model 3 owners can already customize their app arrangements, which might be a nod to the future development of expanded app libraries from third parties, including Zoom. 

For now, owners have to settle for using Zoom through the browser, not a built-in app.

Can I Use Zoom on the Tesla Browser?

With some caveats, yes, it’s possible to use Zoom on the Tesla browser.

Some users have said that they were able to use the in-vehicle browser to place Zoom calls but noted that they didn’t use the audio and that the app only works when the vehicle is in Park as Tesla has safety features that only allow streaming when the vehicle is not moving.

Zoom seems to have a Tesla-specific domain name ( for Tesla Model 3 owners to join or start a new meeting, so it definitely looks like it’s possible.

However, always keep safety your number 1 priority. A Zoom spokesperson pointed out in an email that making Zoom available in car infotainment systems is not the safest-to-use situation because people will inevitably find a way to use it while driving.

Alternatives to Consider

While the built-in Zoom app is not yet available (and the browser version seems to only work while parked), there are some other ways you can do Zoom meetings in your Tesla Model 3 on the go:

These options require some accessorizing to essentially set up a mini office in your vehicle.

1. Using a Phone Holder

Access Zoom on your personal phone and use a phone holder to hold your phone in sight safely without cluttering the interior. Phone mounts are not all built equal though. Check out our guide to the top phone holders on the market for your Tesla Model 3.

2. Using a Tablet Holder

Go one step bigger in screen size and use your tablet to hop on a Zoom call in the car. It’s a family staple for keeping the kids entertained in the back seat too! We’ve walked through the best choices for a tablet holder for the Tesla Model 3 as well.

3. Using a Steering Wheel Desk

For a true in-office feel, you can also set up your laptop in your vehicle using a steering wheel tray that can double as a place to eat. It provides a sturdy place to rest your laptop and take a Zoom call, while parked of course. Check out the five best Tesla steering wheel desks here.

These in-vehicle accessories make setting up a Zoom call inside your Tesla Model 3 a snap, and with the added stability to your mobile devices, it sure beats holding your phone for the entire call.

Final Thoughts

So while it is possible to Zoom in your Tesla Model 3 either through the in-car browser while in Park or using your own device, internet connection, and some accessories, we just want to remind you to be cautious when doing so.

The future of video calls in the car seems to be certain for Tesla, with plans to add a built-in Zoom app. And once autonomous driving really takes off, vehicle offices will pop up all over the place with video calls galore.

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