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5 Tesla Model 3 Door Handle Wrap Kits to Match (or Contrast) Your Paint

Look at this Tesla Model 3 from the unveiling event:

Tesla Model 3 door handle wrap kit at the unveiling evevnt
Where are the door handles?

Weird, right?

Its door handles are color-matched and its window trims blacked out.

The 2016 to 2020 production Model 3 had chrome instead (until the design was updated in Model 3’s late-2020 refresh).

Regardless of the year model you own, some Tesla Model 3 door handle wrap kits available help you change its color to your liking — and I compiled the best of the pack after reviewing all the brands I could find.

Why Use Door Handle Wraps?

Tesla owners wrap their door handles for different reasons — and many don’t even realize some of side benefits it provides.

Allow us to explain:

Less costly than paint jobs

If you wanted to replicate a vinyl wrap with a paint job,

It’d either be much more expensive (2-5 times as much),

Or it’d be impossible as some vinyl wraps come with unique textures and styles.

If you have a leased car, vinyl wraps are also easily removable (unlike paint).

As such, wraps are a cost-effective way to give your door handles a unique look without compromising your lease agreement or resale value.

Talking about paint…

The vinyl wraps also protect the OEM handles from wear.

Use vinyl wraps for years and by the time you remove them, your door handles will look brand new.

Great looks

Just like the handkerchief on a suit’s pocket square, little details can make a big difference.

Wrapping your door handles is one of those little touches that can make your Model 3 look much more handsome.

Sure, looks are subjective.

But you’ll customize things to your liking with the dozens of colors, materials, and textures we’ll be discussing right now.

Best Tesla Model 3 Door Handle Wrap Kit: Full-Coverage Custom Cut Graphics

Available in 23 colors.

Tesla Model 3 doorr handle wrap kit by Custom Cut Graphics.

This product addresses a BIG problem others have yet to solve:

Visible gaps.

Most wraps are cut to measure.

This wrap, however, offers an extra inch around the edges to leave no visible gap, making them look professional even if you don’t install them perfectly.

Available in many colors (from matte black to neon yellow to “silver rainbow”),

You can choose to black out, dramatically contrast, or color-match your handles as you see fit.

Keep in mind: wraps may not provide a perfect color match for all Tesla models.

Black Model 3 owners seem happy with their Gloss Black wrap, claiming they look “close enough” or match “almost perfectly.”

The brand discloses a “95% match” on its Pearl White and a “slightly darker” color on its Midnight Silver wrap.

Neutral colors have proven a good enough match for customers.

Don’t expect blue or red variants to match as well, though.

Following the brand’s percentage measure, they look like a 70-80% match at best, which might be enough for some Model 3 owners.

Virtually every brand will fail to match Tesla colors 100%, though, as most brands use 3M automotive vinyl wrap — and they don’t have Tesla’s exact colors available.

At just a few bucks extra from the regular version, the extra 1/8″ of material is worth paying for if you’re concerned about leaving visible gaps on the edges of your door handles.

This Tesla Model 3 door handle wrap kit also includes 6 individual pieces (3 for each side), virtually including 1 future replacement for free.


Fits: All Model 3 and Model Y years and trims.

✅ No visible gaps on the edges

✅ Easy to install

✅ 3M automotive-grade vinyl wraps with 8-year warranty

✅ Includes 6 pieces (2 as extras)

✅ 90-day warranty & free replacements


❌ May not provide a perfect color match. Particularly true for non-neutral colors like blue or red.

Runner-Up Tesla Model 3 Door Handle Wrap Kit: Nikola Pro

Available in 7 colors.

Tesla Model 3 door handle wrap by Nikola Pro

Nikola Pro wins the second spot for a few reasons:

(1) The product is cut to measure and may still leave visible gaps on the edges.

And (2) for that very reason, it’s possible that under pressure (e.g. car washes) the wrap peels off prematurely.

A handful of cases were reported regarding this — something to consider if you wash you car very often.

On the positive side,

People do seem to have an easier time installing this product, with customers confirming it takes 5-10 minutes total for all 4 handles.

Black, silver and black Model 3 owners are happy with their wrap — not 100% perfect, but a good enough match.

And whenever buyers have problems, the brand is responsive and sends replacements right away if needed.


Fits: All Model 3 and Model Y years and trims.

✅ Easy to install

✅ 3M automotive-grade vinyl wraps

✅ Outstanding customer service


❌ May leave visible gaps on the edges

❌ May not provide a perfect color match. Particularly true for non-neutral colors like blue or red.

❌ May peel off prematurely under pressure (e.g. car washes)

Genuine Carbon Fiber Door Handle Wraps: CoolKo

Carbon Fiber Tesla Model 3 door handle wrap by CoolKo

If you’re a carbon fiber aficionado, CoolKo offers genuine carbon fiber door handle wraps to match your style.

This kit is equally easy to install but the brand offers no videos or instructions, which some customers would appreciate.

(Follow these tips for clarity on how to install handle wraps properly.)

Tiny visible gaps may be present, which is the case for most pre-cut vinyl wraps.

And as any real carbon fiber product, the kit comes at a premium…

But an ABS plastic with carbon fiber texture is available — if you’d rather keep the looks and save the money.


Fits: All Model 3 and Model Y years and trims.

✅ Easy to install

✅ Genuine carbon fiber

✅ Great match for cars with other carbon fiber accessories


❌ May leave visible gaps on the edges

❌ No installation instructions

❌ Limited color availability

Visual Carbon Fiber Door Handle Wraps with Tesla Letters: KFZMAN

Pay attention Tesla fans.

This door handle wrap kit comes in a carbon fiber texture with TESLA letter printed on its center.

It definitely adds a unique touch to Model 3’s profile. Besides, now no one will wonder the brand of thee car you’re driving, regardless of the angle.

It’s a fairly new, untested products as of this writng…

But it does had enough positive reviews to recommend — and the brand offers 30-day money-back guarantee to provide some comfort.


Fits: All Model 3 and Model Y years and trims.

✅ Includes Tesla letters

✅ Unique design & style

✅ 30-day money-back guarantee


❌ Fairly new, untested product

❌ Limited color availability

❌ May leave visible gaps on the edges

Visual Carbon Fiber Door Handle Wraps with Tesla Logo: IPG Wrap Kit

Available in 16 colors.

A more popular product (with 120+ ratings @ 4.2 star average) comes from IPG. And with a more subtle logo for the fan boys and girls.

With just the ‘T’ logo on the edges of the door handles, it’s a great alternative if the product above just seem too much for you.

The product is also available in many colors, not just carbon fiber.

And they all comes with a 3D textured surface, which makes the product feel more premium to the touch than flat surfaces.

The product mat leave visible gaps (and it may peel prematurely, which seems to be problems that go hand in hand).

And IPG claims 2-4 years of lifespan — much less than 3M’s 6- to 8-year warranty.

Regardless, with a 3D texture and vibrant colors, this kit is a great alternative to make your Tesla Model 3 door handles stand out.


Fits: All Model 3 and Model Y years and trims.

✅ Includes Tesla logo

✅ 3D textured surface. Feels premium to the touch.

✅ Available in dozens of cool-looking colors.


❌ May leave visible gaps on the edges

❌ Not ideal for color-matching.

❌ May peel off prematurely under pressure (e.g. car washes)

Other Tools & Products to Consider:

Unless you have a powerful hair dyer or a heat gun (useful for removing bubbles after installing),

You may wonder which heat gun to purchase — as none of these products includes one.

You may also want to consider covering other pieces of your car (window trims, logos, etc.)

To save you time, we’re including those alternatives below.

Best Value Heat Gun: SEEKONE

Best Value heat gun by Seekonee

✅ #1 Best Seller on the Heat Guns category
✅ 50 – 650 °C (120 – 1200 °F) temperature control.
✅ Useful for many heating purposes — including installing vinyl wraps, car bumper restoration, removing paint or floor tiles, softening adhesive, bending plastic or thin metal, and more.
✅ 95% of reviewers rated this heat gun favorably.
❌ Heat gun may take some time to reach the desired temperature
❌ Plastic body may deteriorate fast under higher operating temperatures

Tesla Model 3 Chrome Delete Kit: Nikola Pro

Tesla Model 3 chrome delete kit by Nikola Pro.

✅ 2 full kits with one purchase
✅ Very reasonable price
✅ Detailed installation instructions
✅ Comes with heat gun and 2 squeegees
✅ Outstanding customer service
❌ Takes patience and precision to install. Little leeway for error.

See more choices »

Tesla Model 3 Logo Decals: Custom Cut Graphics Logo Decals

✅ Easy to install (in minutes)
✅ Decals cover exterior and interior logos: side cameras, front logo, trunk logo, steering wheel and all 4 wheel center cap.
✅ An extra side mirror and wheel center cap decal
✅ 3M automotive-grade vinyl wrap
✅ 90-day warranty and free replacements
❌ Exterior logo decals may crack and peel prematurely after multiple car washes
❌ May not fit refreshed Model 3 (which has slightly bigger hood and trunk logos, as well as no side camera logos).

See more choices »

Our Tesla Model 3 Door Handle Wrap Kit of Choice:

Custom Cut Graphics has solved the “gaps on the edges” problems, which present both an aesthetic annoyance and potentially a premature failure of the wrap.

The simple fact that, as of this writing, they’re the only brand that has paid enough attention to customer feedback to create this product makes them a notable brand.

Priced similarly than products (plus the great customer experience all their customers have had),

We’d encourage to consider their color-matched variants for neutral colors (black, white, silver) — or the color that suits you best.

By Zac Ludicrous

Mechanical engineer by profession. TSLA shareholder before the hype. EV enthusiast all day long. Zac enjoys learning about the future of battery technology, autonomy, and EVs. He considers Tesla Model 3 the most important vehicle of the 21st century -- and is in a quest to improve the ownership experience of every Model 3 owner he possibly can.

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