Tesla Model 3 Delivery Checklist: Top 7 Things to Check Before Receiving Your Car

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 05/18/22 •  11 min read

Yay to you for ordering a Tesla! Are you excited? 

I’m excited for you too! Anyone who wants an incredible vehicle packed with cutting-edge technology would be!

I know you did your research about Teslas, which led you to buy one. The next step is to prepare for its arrival or delivery day. It’s vital that you know what to inspect to ensure that your Tesla Model 3 is in its best shape possible — inside and out — before taking it home.

That’s why we made this extensive Tesla Model 3 delivery checklist that you can use on D-Day. You can even literally tick the boxes!

7 Things to Check Before Taking Delivery

This Tesla Model 3 delivery checklist is categorized into seven main parts so it would be easier for you to inspect your car.

1. Before You Leave Your House

2. Meeting the Tesla Delivery Specialist

As prepared as you are for delivery day with this Tesla Model 3 delivery checklist, a delivery specialist will give you an introduction and a general walkthrough of your car.

You Should be Given or Informed About:

While Talking to the Delivery Specialist, Ask:

3. Everything on the Outside

Before trying out what it’s like to sit on your very own Tesla Model 3 while holding the steering wheel, walk around it to do an external check of the car. This is where your flashlight will come in handy. If you do find any problem, take a picture or video of it.

The Paint and Wheels

** If there’s a minor scrape visible due to transport, ask the delivery specialist if it can be buffed out.

The Panels

Windows and Doors

General Exterior Parts

4. Get the Feel of the Interior

The Seats

The Materials

The Display and Information

The Controls and Connections

The Glovebox

5. The Frunk and Trunk

6. While Driving Your Tesla Model 3 Home

7. Once Parked at Your House

Here’s a detailed video on charging a Tesla Model 3:

Learn about the indicators or what the lights mean when you charge your EV at 6:53.

Frequently Asked Questions on Delivery:

How much time do I have to inspect my car for delivery?

There’s really no specific time frame given by Tesla for you to inspect your Model 3 once it’s delivered. Other Tesla owners checked their vehicles from 30 minutes to 2 hours, but some said you won’t be able to examine the interior or the doors won’t unlock if you don’t accept the delivery first. All you have to do is talk to the delivery specialist and insist that you want to check everything first before signing anything.

Can I delay my Tesla delivery?

Yes, you can delay the delivery of your Model 3. However, Tesla’s order agreement requires buyers to take delivery of their car within 30 days of its availability. But many people have been delaying their Tesla delivery for too long that they eventually started sending ultimatums last year to those who won’t push through on the initial date of delivery.

How will I know my Tesla is ready for delivery?

After ordering your electric car, Tesla will inform you through SMS or email once the delivery date is set. You can also see this information on your Tesla account.

Does Tesla Model 3 come with chargers and charging adapters?

All Teslas did come with a charging kit before, but recently, Elon Musk decided to not include the mobile connector kit. He said that it seems wasteful since usage statistics are extremely low and recommended getting a Tesla wall connector installed before your EV gets delivered. If you want the mobile charging cable, you can get the level 1 charging for $275 and the level 2 for $400.

Does Tesla Model 3 come with floor mats?

The Standard Range Plus Model 3 or Rear-Wheel Drive Model 3 doesn’t come with floor mats. The Long Range and Performance Model 3 do come with fabric floor mats. It’s a Model 3 accessory that you would want to upgrade.

Does Tesla Model 3 have a spare tire?

All Tesla models don’t come with a spare tire so that owners can maximize the space of the interior and cargo area. Another thing that Tesla considered is practicality. Aside from the fact that 60% of people who own a car don’t know how to change a tire, about 85% of the time, spare tires aren’t even used at the end of a car’s life. You can always take precaution to avoid getting a flat tire; plus, there are spare tire options worth checking out.

Does Tesla Model 3 have heated seats?

Yes, the Tesla Model 3 includes heated seats, not only in the front, but also in the rear, which are very useful for Tesla owners who mostly spend their days driving in chilly weather. Knowing how to use it can even save you a few bucks.

Does Tesla Model 3 have a heated steering wheel?

Initially, the heated steering wheel is a standard feature for the Performance and Long Range models and is an optional upgrade for other variants. But based on the Tesla Model 3 Buyer’s Guide, all 2021 models now come with a heated steering wheel.

Does Tesla Model 3 have a cigarette lighter?

If you’re thinking about the usual cigarette lighter receptacle in ICE cars, the Tesla Model 3 doesn’t have that. What it has is a 12V power socket that you can use for a portable cigarette lighter.

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