Top 7 Best Tesla Model 3 Lug Nut Covers & Aero Wheel Cap Kits

By Zac Ludicrous •  Updated: 04/04/21 •  7 min read

Avoid rust of your naked wheel nut — and give your car a better look instantly with some Tesla Model 3 lug nut covers.

That’s a decent improvement for a few bucks… Credit to Tsportline.

To save you time, I spent 9 hours researching the aftermarket products Tesla owners are most happy with.

Below are the products that came out on top:

Best Tesla Model 3 Lug Nut Covers Overall: KENPENRI

Best Tesla Model 3 Lug Nut Covers Overall by KENPENRI

This is the only product targeted towards Model 3 owners with more than 250 positive ratings.

Tesla owners love that they sell a complete aero wheel cap kit — and their center caps come in various colors combinations.

Made of rustproof aluminum and ABS, the product has proven it can stand the test of time, rough climates, and road debris.

If you’re looking a set of affordable Tesla Model 3 lug nut covers, this is the one to consider first.

Some caveats, though:

Customers write that the nut covers stay firmly in place after putting them on —

But for this very same reason, they’re hard to slip off when you need to remove them.

This is particularly true of the center caps this set includes which have a metal locking ring.

In some cases, customers end up damaging the piece itself in an attempt to remove them.

If you plan on removing the aero wheels for good, you’ll have no problem putting these on and keeping them there.

But consider using the included tool on the lug nut covers — and purchasing a small suction cup to remove the the center cap with no damage.

Another potential inconvenience is that the red paint may fade away after several months.

All in all, Tesla owners are happy with the product.

You can consider these as an add-on for your brand-new wheels or as a way to improve your car’s current look.

Runner-Up Model 3 Lug Nut Covers: ROCCS

Runner-Up Model 3 Lug Nut Covers by ROCCS

ROCCS bring a set of lug nut covers that you can install in minutes — with center caps that can be bought separately (for those interested in center caps only).

Like most products, however, the center caps may prove challenging to remove without damaging them unless a suction cup is used.

Although with limited color availability, the few color combinations available look fantastic on any Model 3.

One of the reasons this product wasn’t our top pick is that the center caps clips are made of plastic rather than metal.

Although they may make for an easier removal process, these plastic clips may also break more easily.

Fortunately, the company’s customer service is quick to respond to problems and sends over replacements when needed.

Premium Aero Wheel Cap Kit: KFZMAN

Premium Aero Wheel Cap Kit by KFZMAN

If you’re looking for something that closely matches Tesla’s aero wheels, this is your best bet.

Although not a perfect match, these grey, metallic center caps are the closest you can get.

The blackened chrome lug nut covers also stand out as high-quality, although customers are left desiring more color availability.

With higher-quality material, this product has a higher price tag —

But the seller offers lifetime technical support and a 30-day refund policy to differentiate itself from competitors.

Customers also write that the packaging is of superb quality, even recommending the product as a perfect gift for a Tesla owners.

If what you want is a set of Tesla Model lug nut covers with OEM-like quality & looks,

Order a set to make your vehicle look that much more attractive in as little as 10 minutes.

Budget Tesla Model 3 Lug Nut Covers: FiveEyes

Budget Tesla Model 3 Lug Nut Covers by FiveEyes

This pure set of lug nut covers (no center caps included) has a major advantage going for it: price.

At half the price of main competitors — and less than 80% compared to the OEM equivalent,

The product is hard to beat if you’re looking for a bargain.

As with anything affordable, though, some people think the product feels cheap.

And although Model 3/Y owners experience no fitment issues, Model S owners have published some complains.

The covers have a tight fit, which prevents you from losing them (or someone stealing them), but also makes these covers harder to remove.

Case in point: you can’t beat it on price.

And even though it’s a newer product, it has a developing and promising track record of happy customers.

By the time you’re reading this, it’ll probably have more than enough reviews to make you feel comfortable to pull the trigger.

Tesla’s Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit

A slightly different way to protect your lug nuts is to simply purchase Tesla’s aero wheel “mega caps,” as I like to call them.

Now, scroll down and comment below if you think I’m wrong…

But these caps just look horrific.

If they fit your tastes and you want to continue supporting a company doing good the world, then go ahead.

For the rest of you, here are a few more alternatives.

Notable Mention: RPMTesla

With some interesting personalization ideas, RPMTesla brings a unique logo I have yet to see elsewhere:

Other than the classic “T” logo, you can order center caps with the with a “3” or a “Y”.

Not only that, but the logo color can be white, red, or silver.

RPMTesla is a brand that has been in the space for a while, so if they have what you’re looking for, you can buy with confidence.

Make sure you double check the compatibility table on their product page as it only fits specific wheel sizes.

Namely, 18″ wheels for Model 3, 20″ wheels for Model Y, and 19″ wheels for Model S.

Notable Mention: EVANNEX

This is the only designed-for-Teslas product that sells red lug nut covers.

Just look at that…

Imagine these red nut covers on some black rims — coupled with a chrome delete & some side skirts.

**Heads turnings**

Keep in mind these don’t match Tesla’s Red Multi-Coat color, though.

Complementary Product to Consider

As described above, the single biggest complaint about these aero wheel cap kits is the inability to easily remove the center cap without damage.

To solve this problem, many ingenious Tesla owners purchase a suction cup set to keep them on their glovebox.

To save you time, I found a suction cup that will fit Tesla’s center caps that includes a hook to pull easily, and costs a few lattes.

Also, consider adding rimblades to protect your great-looking wheels from being damaged & curb rashed. You’ll thank me later.

Frequent Buyer Concerns

Once you get your hands on a cap puller (the tool all the products above include), the job will be straightforward.

Here’s a 1-min video that shows you how easily the Model 3 lug nut covers can be removed and installed:

Yes, lug nut covers size are virtually universal across Teslas (and many other brands).

So don’t worry about those not fitting your wheels’ lug nuts.

For the center caps, the story is different: they’ll only fit on the specific wheel sizes noted above.

Our Tesla Model 3 Lug Nut Covers Set of Choice

For a mix of value, considerable positive ratings, and many color combinations to choose from, KENPENRI’s set are the way to go.

If you like the silver-logo-on-silver-background to match your aero wheels more close, though,

You’ll be more happy with the higher-quality materials from KFZMAN.

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