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5 Tesla Side Camera Covers To Match Your Chrome Delete and Carbon Fiber Accessories

What a horror story I just heard — one that can easily be avoided with a Tesla side camera cover.

According to Bellevue’s Tesla service center, your side camera (and the metal that holds it) are one piece.

Scratch, dent, or damage either and a $200 bill awaits to replace both.

Protect yourself with a side camera cover that cost 1/10th as much — while making your car look charming from all angles.

If your Tesla was manufactured after October 2016 (that is, it has Autopilot Hardware 2.0 or better),

I spent last weekend reading reviews and online forums to find the best Tesla side camera cover on the market.

Here are the ones that came out on top:

Best Tesla Side Camera Cover Overall: CoolKo

Tesla side camera cover by CoolKo.

With both silver and red “T” stickers, this product not only protects your side camera from dents and scratches,

But also offers an incredible look — with various finishes and carbon fiber variants for you to pick your favorite.

If you’re looking for an affordable cover that looks fantastic and adds a unique touch to your Tesla, CoolKo is the cover for you.

Their product choice is a mess, though.

Here’s the list of choices they have available — click on the one that interests you so you don’t have to decipher their confusing labels:

On another note, some customers complain that the stickers doesn’t fit 100% perfectly where they’re supposed to.

Whether the problem is the sticker itself or the mold remains unclear.

That aside, the cover actually fits great in all Teslas — with the exception of Model S with Autopilot 1.0 (pre-2016).

With customers claiming they were “done in 2 minutes,”  you should be able to easily install yours.

(I’d suggest you start by aligning the shorter end on the bottom first.)

With 37+ ratings @ 4.6 stars out of 5, CoolKo is your safest bet for an affordable, good-looking Tesla side camera cover that last years.


Fits: All Teslas built after Oct. 2016. Model S, 3, X, Y, etc.

✅ Available in black and multiple carbon fiber variants
✅ Affordable
✅ Easy to install. No tools needed.
✅ Cover comes with “T” logo mold & stickers
✅ Great match for chrome deleted Teslas


❌ Confusing buying experience
❌ “T” logo stickers may not fit the mold perfectly

Runner-Up Tesla Side Camera Cover: ROCCS

Also available in matte and glossy black.

Runner-up Tesla side camera cover by ROCCS

I couldn’t give this product the ‘best’ spot because it comes with no stickers and isn’t available in genuine carbon fiber.

(Although it does offer a plastic carbon fiber-like variant.)

It has a “cheaper feel” than the other products, too.

Many question the durability of the product but customers have yet to report any problems.

It appears to be an above-average product with below-average finish.

I was compelled by its 2-year support & a 45-day money-back guarantee — as well as its 135+ ratings @ 4.4-star average.

With gloss black, matte black, and ABS with carbon fiber pattern available,

You’ll have a great match if your Tesla has chrome delete. You can also get side mirror caps from this brand to complete the looks.


Fits: All Teslas built after Oct. 2016. Model S, 3, X, Y, etc.

✅ Most popular Tesla side camera cover
✅ Affordable
✅ Easy to install. No tools needed.
✅ Cover comes with “T” logo mold. No stickers, though.
✅ 2-year product support & 45-day money-back guarantee


❌ No genuine carbon fiber available
❌ Cheaper feel

Premium Pick (Genuine Carbon Fiber Covers): TOPlight

Carbon fiber Tesla side camera cover by TOPlight

If you happen to be looking for genuine carbon fiber with top-notch build quality, TOPlight is the only brand that stands behind their product with a 12-month quality guarantee.

If your Tesla has other carbon fiber accessories (like spoilers) and you’re concerned that the average plastic Tesla side camera cover will look cheap, puts those concerns to rest with this product.

It not only looks but it feels more premium than any other brand we reviewed.

Customers clam they tested the product at more than 100 mph while the product was relatively new — and have had no problems at all.

A minor few have had problems making 1 out of the 2 side covers. stick, though.

This often gets resolved fast by making use of the brand’s guarantee.

Customers confirm the service is responsive and sends over free replacements when needed — so you won’t be left in the lurch.


Fits: All Teslas built after Oct. 2016. Model S, 3, X, Y, etc.

✅ Genuine carbon fiber with gloss and matte variants available
✅ Easy to install. No tools needed.
✅ Great match for other carbon fiber accessories (e.g. spoilers)
✅ 12-month quality guarantee


❌ Expensive
❌ No “T” logo mold
❌ Adhesive may be weak. Consider budgeting for high-quality tape.

Best Tesla Side Camera Cover on a Budget: aspeike

Also available in visual carbon fiber.

Best Tesla side camera cover on a budget

Would you rather keep the carbon fiber looks but save the money?

For the price, this Tesla side camera cover set looks incredibly well — and surprisingly, there are very few complaints.

One such complaints is that the product “looks good but feels a little cheap.”

Durability remains to be seen as there are neither stories of lasting use nor stories or early failures.

One thing that bothers me is this:

The seller combined somewhat unrelated products into the same page in Amazon.

Since reviews get merged, it feels like the product have plenty of positive reviews when it only has a handful.

Still, the few reviews for this Tesla side camera cover kit are positive — so your final choice will depend on what you value most.

Fits: All Teslas built after 2016. Model S, 3, X, Y, etc.


Fits: All Teslas built after Oct. 2016. Model S, 3, X, Y, etc.

✅ Available in gloss black and carbon fiber.
✅ Very affordable
✅ Easy to install. No tools needed.


❌ Limited variants. Only glossy finish available & no genuine carbon fiber.
❌ No “T” logo mold
❌ Cheaper feel

Notable Mention: Zenix Premium ABS

I’m not sure if “premium ABS” is just a marketing buzzword… but customers seem to agree that this Tesla side camera cover set feels much higher quality than their ABS counterparts.

Despite its premium stance, it’s priced similarly.

The matte black looks sick, if I’m honest.

Glossy and matte carbon fiber variants are also available.

If covers above felt right for you, this may be what you’re looking for.

Our Tesla Side Camera Cover of Choice:

If you want to keep that logo visible from your car’s profile, protect your side camera, and make your Tesla look even better,

CoolKo gives you the best bang for your buck — while offering you many options to choose from, including genuine carbon fiber.

If you’re the type of Tesla owner that doesn’t care about real carbon fiber or the quality feel of the product (just the looks),

Then consider aspeike as it may fit your needs for nearly half the price.

By Zac Ludicrous

Mechanical engineer by profession. TSLA shareholder before the hype. EV enthusiast all day long. Zac enjoys learning about the future of battery technology, autonomy, and EVs. He considers Tesla Model 3 the most important vehicle of the 21st century -- and is in a quest to improve the ownership experience of every Model 3 owner he possibly can.

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